Olive Schreiner's

(Ralph Iron)

The Story of an African Farm

First Published: 1883.
Transcribed: Sue Asscher for Project Gutenberg.
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan for marxists.org in 2000.




Part I.

Chapter 1. I. Shadows From Child Life.
Chapter 1.II. Plans and Bushman Paintings.
Chapter 1.III. I Was A Stranger, and Ye Took Me In.
Chapter 1.IV. Blessed is He That Believeth.
Chapter 1.V. Sunday Services.
Chapter 1.VI. Bonaparte Blenkins Makes His Nest.
Chapter 1.VII. He Sets His Trap.
Chapter 1.VIII. He Catches the Old Bird.
Chapter 1.IX. He Sees A Ghost.
Chapter 1.X. He Shows His Teeth.
Chapter 1.XI. He Snaps.
Chapter 1.XII. He Bites.
Chapter 1.XIII. He Makes Love.

Part II.

Chapter 2.I. Times and Seasons.
Chapter 2.II. Waldo's Stranger.
Chapter 2.III. Gregory Rose Finds His Affinity.
Chapter 2.IV. Lyndall.
Chapter 2.V. Tant Sannie Holds An Upsitting, and Gregory Writes A Letter.
Chapter 2.VI. A Boer-wedding.
Chapter 2.VII. Waldo Goes Out to Taste Life, and Em Stays At Home and Tastes It.
Chapter 2.VIII. The Kopje.
Chapter 2.IX. Lyndall's Stranger.
Chapter 2.X. Gregory Rose Has An Idea.
Chapter 2.XI. An Unfinished Letter.
Chapter 2.XII. Gregory's Womanhood.
Chapter 2.XIII. Dreams.
Chapter 2.XIV. Waldo Goes Out to Sit in the Sunshine.