Marxists Internet Archive:   Uyghur Section  ئۇيغۇر بۆلۈمى

ئۇيغۇر بۆلۈمى


With the The Marxists Internet Archive we want to give an easy access to the works of especially the "classic" Marxists. Already a substantial part of these are available in English and other languages.   This section in the Uyghur language is just at its very start - and will probably be for some time. It takes time to locate translations and transfer texts into an electronic medium.

If you want to contribute – much or just a little – to building the archive please contact the MIA. This also applies if you find errors of any sort or if you have suggestions etc.





ئىشلەتكىلى بولىدىغان ئاپتورلار


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