Marxists Internet Archive Cross Language Section

Volunteer Translators

The Marxists Internet Archive is always in need of translators, especially translation into English of writers whose works are not known outside their own language community, or translation of works into languages which are represented on the MIA, but are spoken in just one country. We also need Italian-English translators to work on our Gramsci Archive or Polish-English translators to work on Rosa Luxemburg. Contact our Admin Committee to offer your assistance, if you are an experienced translator, fluent in both languages and willing to offer your services for free, and with access to documents in an appropriate language.

Please note that we are not interested in amateur translations. If you are not sure of your fluency in both languages and your ability to translate please volunteer for other work, such as proof reading.


VolunteerFrom LanguageInto Language
Mitchell AbidorFrench, Italian, Portuguese or EsperantoEnglish and Esperanto
Daniel GaidoEnglish, German or SpanishEnglish and Spanish
Rob LucasFrenchEnglish
Ted CrawfordFrenchEnglish
Einde O'CallaghanGermanEnglish
Ben LewisEnglish or GermanGerman and English
Jaume LópezEnglish, French or ItalianCatalan and Spanish
José André Lôpes GonçâlezSpanish, French, Euskera and Catalan Portuguese Galego
KavehEnglish, German, French or FarsiFarsi, English and French
Zdravko SaveskiEnglish, Serbian, Croat, BulgarianEnglish, Macedonian and Serbian
Adrien VerleeEnglishDutch
Sam BernerEnglish or ArabicArabic and English
Kaj HenrikssonRussianFinnish
Michael SchauerteJapanese, FrenchEnglish
Deniz MuratlıEnglishTurkish

Index of Volunteers with access to major archives and public libraries of world status

Mitchell AbidorResearch libraries of New York and Montreal, and on-line version of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France
Ted CrawfordBritish Library, University of London Library, LSE Library, the Society of Genealogists Library, the Bodleian and Cambridge Library, and other libraries in Britain
Tim DavenportPersonal collection of several thousand pamphlets plus books and microfilm, especially early 20th Century America, material collected from UWisconsin, Pittsburg State, and Hoover Institution (Stanford), NYC
David WaltersHolt Labor Library, California