Dr. Alex Bebler

Peace and Greece


Monarcho-Fascist Courage

We must ask, how is it possible that a small country like Greece dares to pursue such a foreign policy toward its neighbours and even toward a great power like the U.S.S.R., and to organize provocations on the borders of Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania, in an even more insolent manner, demanding territorial expansion at the expense of these countries? It is perfectly clear that without incitement and instigation from abroad the Athens Government, which is maintained in power only by foreign bayonets, could not dare to pursue such a course. Therefore, such an attitude can only mean that the real masters of Greece wish to maintain in the Balkans permanent tension and friction, to justify American and British military intervention in Greece and the transformation of Greece into a strategic base of the United States of America.

Such must be the reasons why neither the Athens Government nor its foreign masters wish to see correct, normal and good-neighbourly relations established between Greece and her Northern neighbours. Such reasons alone plausibly explain the sending of the Anti-Balkan Commission to Greece which, in fact, has not contributed to improvement of relations between Greece and the other Balkan countries, but on the contrary has worsened them. Quite naturally such a policy has transformed Greece into a hotbed of chronic international complications and war-like conflicts which seriously endanger world peace and international security.


This policy of the actual and apparent masters of Greece is not only contrary to the elementary interests of the neighboring peoples and of world peace, but also, for the same reasons, contrary to the interests of the Greek people themselves. Therefore, the question arises whether the Greek people approve and support this policy and, if they do, to what extent?

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