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The Great Strike on the Railroads of Holland, 1903

Imperialism, the World War and Social Democracy, 1914

The World Revolution, 1918

The Opportunism of the Communist Party of the Netherlands, 1919

One Communist Party, 1920

Ireland: The Achilles' Heel of England, 1920

Opportunism and Dogmatism, 1920

Dogmatism and Opportunism, 1920

Open Letter to Comrade Lenin, 1920

Historical Materialism with a Preface by Karl Kautsky

The Organisation of the Proletariat's Class Struggle, 1921

Why we need the Fourth Communist Workers’ International, October 1921

The Lessons of the "March Action", Gorter's Last Letter to Lenin

The Communist Workers' International, 1923

The World Revolution, 1923


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