Eugene Kamenka 1962

The Ethical Foundations of Marxism

Published: by Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1962;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.


Preliminaries: Marx, Marxism and Ethics

Part 1: The Primitive Ethic of Karl Marx

  1 The Philosophy of the Concept
  2 The Free Individual
  3 The Natural Law of Freedom
  4 The ‘Truly Human’ Society

Part II: Karl Marx’s Road to Communism

  5 The New Social Dialectic
  6 The Critique of Politics
  7 The Critique of Economics
  8 Communism and the Complete, Unalienated Man

Part III: Critical Resume: Ethics and the Young Marx

  9 Ethics — Positive of Normative?
10 The Rejection of Moralism, of ‘Rights’ and of Normative Law
11 Ethics and the ‘Truly Human’ Society

Part IV: Ethics and the Mature Marx

12 The New Edifice: Historical Materialism and the Rejection of ‘Philosophy’
13 The Materialist Interpretation of History and Marx’s Critique of Moralities
14 Historical Materialism and the Overcoming of Alienation

Part V: Communism and Ethics

15 Ethics and the Communist Party
16 Law and Morality in Soviet Society


  Citations and Abreviations