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Voices of Revolt:

Speeches of Ferdinand Lassalle

Written: In German as political speeches, delivered in 1862 and 1863.
Appeared in print as contemporary political pamphlets.
Published in English: 1927.
Translated by: Jakob Altmaier (presumed). [note]
Source: Voices of Revolt: Speeches of Ferdinand Lassalle. International Publishers, first edition, 1927, New York, USA. 94 pages.
Transcription and Markup: Bill Wright for marxists.org, February, 2023

Introduction by Jakob Altmaier

To the German Workers

Be Not Deceived

Starvation and Starvation

The Unclear Thinkers

The Press

The Artificers of the Constitution

The Deliverers of the Constitution

No Compromise

Coalition or Revolution?

Spartacus or Saturnalia

The Class Struggle

Lassalle a Reactionary!

Black, Red and Gold, or Black, White and Red?

The Sunrise of the Future

The Right to Revolution; The Duty of the Workers

To the Supreme Court


Transcriber’s Note

Note: The translator of the speeches in this volume was not formally named; I have assumed that they were translated by Jakob Altmaier, the author of the 1927 Introduction.

Likewise, I suspect that the titles of the excerpts were created by the editor for this 1927 collection; they are nowhere to be seen in the German-language original texts. It might be possible that the excerpts were published as leaflets and newspaper articles under these titles by Lassalle’s posthumous followers, but I can find no direct evidence of this theory.

For this MIA online edition, the original footnotes have been linked with numbers, while explanatory footnotes created for the glossary of this 1927 collection have been linked with letters. I have also added a few extra explanatory footnotes of my own, which will be identified as such in the text.

Last updated on 26 February 2023