Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Chapter III. The Landowners’ Transition from Corvée to Capitalist Economy

Written: 1896-1899.
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 4th Edition, Moscow, 1964, Volume 3, pp. 189-251
Publisher: Progress Publishers
First Published: First printed in book form at the end of March 1899. Published according to the text of the second edition, 1908.
Original Transcription & Markup: R. Cymbala (2000)
Re-Marked up by: Kevin Goins (2008)
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I. The Main Features of Corvée Economy  191
II. The Combination of the Corvée and the Capitalist Systems of Economy  193
III. Description of the Labour-Service System  198
IV. The Decline of the Labour-Service System  205
V. The Narodnik Attitude to the Problem  210
VI. The Story of Engelhardt’s Farm  215
VII. The Employment of Machinery in Agriculture  219
VIII. The Significance of Machinery in Agriculture  228
IX. Wage-Labour in Agriculture  237
X. The Significance of Hired Labour in Agriculture  242



The first six sections of this chapter originally appeared as an article in the journal Nachalo (Beginning ), Issue No. 3, March 1899 (pp. 96-117) under the title of “The Dislodgement of Corvée by Capitalist Economy in Contemporary Russian Agriculture.” The article was accompanied by the following editorial note: “This article is an extract from the author’s considerable investigation of the development of capitalism in Russia.” [p. 191]

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