Vladimir Ilyich Lenin


Chapter V. The First Stages of Capitalism in Industry

Written: 1896-1899.
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 4th Edition, Moscow, 1964, Volume 3, pp. 331-383
Publisher: Progress Publishers
First Published: First printed in book form at the end of March 1899. Published according to the text of the second edition, 1908.
Original Transcription & Markup: R. Cymbala (2000)
Re-Marked up by: Kevin Goins (2008)
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I. Domestic Industry And Handicrafts  331
II. Small Commodity-Producers In Industry. The Craft Spirit In The Small Industries  334
III. The Growth of Small Industries After the Reform. Two Forces of This Process and its Significance  338
IV. The Differentiation Of The Small Commodity-Producers. Data On House-To-House Censuses Of Handicraftsmen In Moscow Gubernia  344
V. Capitalist Simple Co-Operation  356
VI. Merchant’s Capital in the Small Industries  360
VII. “Industry And Agriculture”  369
VIII. “The Combination Of Industry With Agriculture”  378
IX. Some Remarks on the Pre-Capitalist Economy of Our Countryside  380


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