V. I.   Lenin

The Fifth (All-Russian) Conference of the R.S.D.L.P.

December 21–27, 1908 (January 3–9, 1909)


Statement by the Bolsheviks[1]


With reference to Dan’s statement about agreements between groups within the ’Bolsheviks’ ranks, we place on record that our agreements are between Party people working within the Party and writing in the Party organs, whereas the Mensheviks, both in their resolution and in all their’ activities, enter into agreements between Party people and non-Party people who secretly work against the Party, liquidate it and carry on a policy of opportunism without precedent in any European Social-Democratic Party.

Written on December 26, 1908 (January 8, 1909)
First published in 1933 in Lenin Miscellany XXV
Published according to the manuscript


[1] This heading has been given by the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.

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