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Written: Written on May 25, 1921
Published: Published in full in 1928 in Zapishi Instituta Lenina, Vol. III. First published, but not in full, in 1924 in the book: G. M. Krzhizhanovsky, Tovaroobmen i planovaya rabota, Moscow. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1976], Moscow, Volume 35, pages 495-496.
Translated: Andrew Rothstein
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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May 25

Comrade Krzhizhanovsky,

You should have been sent the draft “Instructions of the Council of Labour and Defence”.[1]

Think it over yourself (and the Presidium too—and all members of the State Planning Commission should be informed) from two points of view:

(a) it includes problems concerning your “department”: electrification and the local bodies of the State Planning Commission. What is needed in this case is a detailed analysis and study by all of you, in order to verify and supplement (resp. alter) the list of detailed problems;

(b) the remainder does not come under the jurisdiction of the State Planning Commission, but much of it in essence affects the Commission. The opinion of the latter is desirable (not obligatory).


P.S. Do you not think that it will be necessary to appoint a group of members of the State Planning Commission to study the uyezd reports, and all economic reports in general? Or should all members of the Commission be given several reports each, with the obligation to read and study them?

By the way: the study of current economic plans (for 1921) must definitely be individualised. Each member of   the State Planning Commission answers for such-and-such a side or part of this work. And vice versa: for every side or part of economic activities in 1921, from the point of view of the current plan, so-and-so answers, in the sense of studying the results. Send this to me without fail.


[1] See present edition, Vol. 32, pp. 375–98.—Ed.

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