Lenin Collected Works: Volume 6: Preface by Progress Publishers

Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 6

Preface by Progress Publishers

Volume Six contains works by V. I. Lenin written between January 1902 and August 1903.

The volume includes Material for the Preparation of the Programme of the R.S.D.L.P., which reflects the struggle waged by Lenin in the Editorial Board of Iskra for the working out of a revolutionary programme for the party of the working class.

A considerable part of the volume consists of works dealing with the question of agrarian relations and the peasantry, the theory of the alliance of the working class with the peasantry: “The Agrarian Programme of Russian Social Democracy,"the pamphlet, To the Rural Poor, and other works.

The national question and the struggle against bourgeois and petty-bourgeois nationalism are dealt with in the articles, “The National Question in Our Programme," “Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an 'Independent Political Party'?", and other writings.

The present volume contains the following works directed against the Socialist-Revolutionaries: “Revolutionary Adventurism," “The Basic Thesis Against the Socialist-Revolutionaries," “Why the Social-Democrats Must Declare a Determined and Relentless War on the Socialist-Revolutionaries," and others.

Lenin's struggle against bourgeois liberalism is reflected in the articles, “The Autocracy is Wavering...", “Mr. Struve Exposed by His Colleague," and “Political Struggle and Political Chicanery."

"A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organisational Tasks," and “Draft Rules of the R.S.D.L.P." are devoted to an elaboration of the organisational principles of a Marxist party.

The volume includes “On the Subject of Reports by Committees and Groups of the R.S.D.L.P. to the General Party Congress," as well as draft resolutions and speeches at the Second 'Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. which give an idea of Lenin's work in preparation for and during the Party Congress.

The present volume includes the following works by V. I. Lenin published for the first time in his Collected Works:

"Concerning Demonstrations," “On the Tasks of the Social-Democratic Movement," “The Basic Thesis Against the Socialist-Revolutionaries," “To Secondary School Students," “Extract from an Article Against the Socialist-Revolutionaries," “Draft Appeal of the Russian Organising Committee to the League of Russian Revolutionary Social-Democracy, the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad, and the Foreign Committee of the Bund," “Marxist Views on the Agrarian Question in Europe and in Russia," “Outline of an Article Against the Socialist-Revolutionaries," “First Speech in the Discussion on the Party Rules," “Speech on the Attitude Towards the Student Youth," and “The Latest Word in Bundist Nationalism."

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