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Marx and Engels
On the British Ruling Class
and Colonialism

Marx on China in the New York Tribune, 1853-1860

Also in the New-York Herald Tribune

The Elections in England.-Tories and Whigs, Marx 1852
Corruption at Elections, 1852
The British Rule in India, 1853
The Future Results of British Rule in India, 1853
The War Question-Financial Matters-Strikes, 1853
Forced Emigration, 1853

James Mill

The First Indian War of Independence, July 1857-October 1858

The East India Company and British exploitation, July 1853-August 1853

The Crimean War 1853 - 1855

On the Crimean War, New York Tribune, 7 April 1853 - 27 April 1855
Panslavism and the Crimean War – I, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 21 1855
Panslavism and the Crimean War – II, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 24 1855

The English Elections, Engels 1874


The German Ideology
On the question of free trade
Afghanistan by Frederick Engels
Engels' Review of Critique of Political Economy
Inaugural Address of the International
Capital Vol. I. Chapter Thirty-One
Theories of Surplus-Value, Chapter 8
Theories of Surplus-Value, Chapter 11
Anti-Duhring - Theory of Force
The French Commercial Treaty
Preface to the Second German Edition by Frederick Engels

From the Marx-Engels Correspondence

Engels to Marx 1857
Marx to Engels 1858
Marx to Engels 1862
Marx to Nikolai Danielson 1881
Engels to Conrad Schmidt 1890

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