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1958 August: The 4th International : what it is, what it aims at

1958 November: The Arab Revolution

1972 August: Self-management in the struggle for socialism


1945 January: The Policy of the Stalinist Parties During the War (as Spero)

1945 May: For a Clear and Consistent Policy on the USSR and on Stalinism (as Gabriel)

1946 April: On Comrade Morrow’s Reply

1946 May: On the Slogan of “Workers’ and Farmers’ Government”

1948 March: The Marshall Plan – I. Its History and Development

1948 March: The Marshall Plan – II. An Analysis of Its Aims and Limitations

1948 August: The Yugoslav Affair

1949 January: “People’s Democracy” and “Dictatorship of Proletariat”

1949 September: Crisis In The Marshall Plan

1949 October: Evolution of Yugoslav Centrism

1950 January: Yugoslavia and Permanent Revolution

1950 September: Korea and the “Cold War”

1951 January: Where Are We Going?

1951 May: Capitalist Economy and the Atlantic Pact

1951 June: On the Duration and the Nature of the Period of Transition from Capitalism to Socialism

 1951: World Trotskyism Rearms

1952 March: Disunited Europe – The Balance Sheet of the Marshall Plan

1952 September: Rift in French Communist Party; Behind the Marty-Tillon Case

1952 December: The 19th Congress of the Russian CP

1953 July: The Post-Stalin “New Course”

1960 May: The Liberation of Women

1961 November: Declaration of Michel Raptis at the Amsterdam Trial

Polemics and Letters

1953 May: Letter from Michel Pablo to George Novack

1953 October: Letter from Michel Pablo to George Novack

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