Marxist Writers



E. Sylvia Pankhurst




1915: Force Feeding of a Suffragette
1916: Thoughts on Easter Week
1917: An anti-Jewish pogrom in London
1918: Housing & the Workers’ Revolution, Housing in Capitalist Britain and Bolshevik Russia
1918: Education of the Masses
1919: The New War
1919: The British Workers and Soviet Russia
1920: The Communist Party: Provisional Resolutions towards a Programme
1920: Letter to Lenin
1921: The forgotten Keir Hardie
1921: On Entry into the Labour Party at the 2nd Congress of the Comintern
1921-3: Communism and its Tactics
1922: The Truth about the Oil War
1922: Communism versus Reform in Ireland
1923: The Future Society
1923: Socialism
1955: Ethiopia: A Cultural History (selections from the book)


See also Lenin’s letter to Sylvia Pankhurst, 1919.

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