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All-Russia Congress of Co-operative Associations


March 25-28, 1917

Held in Moscow. The Congress was attended by nearly 800 delegates and dealt with the questions of organising an All-Russia Co-operative Union, preparing for the elections to the Constituent Assembly, participation of the co-operative organisations in the business of food supply, and other questions.

The dominate parties at the Congress were the Mensheviks and SRs. The Congress declared in favour of support to the Provisional Government and the continuation of the war, but demanded the transfer of all the land to the working people, the democratisation of the system of government and self-government.

The Congress's attitude to the Soviets of Peasants' Deputies, as the best form of peasants' mass organisation – an attitude which drew Lenin's attention – was expressed in the resolution on the report concerning "Participation of the Co-operatives in the Country's Regeneration".