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All-Russian Conference of Bolsheviks

Seventh Conference (April 24-29, 1917)


All-Russia Conference of Menshevik and Affiliated Organisations

May 7-12, 1917


All-Russia Conference of Soviets

First Conference (March 29 - April 3, 1917)


All-Russian Congress of Co-operative Associations

March 25-28, 1917


All-Russian Congress of Peasants' Deputies

First Congress (May 4 -28, 1917)


All-Russian Congress of the Soviet

First Congress (June 3 - 24, 1917)
Second Congress (October 25-26, 1917)

See description also in the Glossary of Organisations: Congress of the Soviet.



The All-Russia Democratic Conference was held in Petrograd between September 14 and 22 (September 27-October 5), 1917. It was called by the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries to stem the rising tide of the revolution. The delegates represented petty-buorgeois parties, the compromising Soviets, the trade unions, Zemstvos, commercial and industrial circles, and troop units. The Bolsheviks attended with the aim of exposing the designs of the Mensheviks and S.R.s. The conference elected a pre-parliament (Provisional Council of the Republic) through which the Mensheviks and S.R.s hoped to check the revolution and divert the country on to the track of a bourgeois parliamentary system.

On Lenin's proposal, the Central Committee of the Party decided that the Bolsheviks should withdraw from the pre-parliament. Only the capitulators Kamenev, Rykov and Ryazanov, who were against the Party's course for the socialist revolution, insisted on participation in the pre-parliament. The Bolsheviks exposed the treacherous activity of the pre-parliament as they trained the people for an armed uprising.


All-Ukraine Army Congress (June 5-12, 1917)

Although Kerensky, the Provisional Government's War Minister, declared a prohibition that made it illegal for the Congress to meet, the Congress sat from June 5-12 (18-25), 1917, in Kiev. It was attended by some 2,000 delegates. It passed the "Universal Act" on the autonomy of the Ukraine, published by the Ukrainian Central Rada.