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Young Comrade

Young Comrade: 1923 - 1928. Representing the Junior Section of the Young Workers League this publication was oriented toward younger than older teenagers and young adults of the Young Worker’s audience: children 8 through 12, often the children of older Communist Party members. There are contributions in the journal by children as young as 8 years old.

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Young Worker, The

1922-1927. The Young Worker was the organ of the Young Workers League, the first youth group of the early American Communist Party. Running through at least 1927, this monthly was initially edited by later-Trotskyist Max Shachtman, the YWL’ss first General Sectretary. Unlike it’s parent organization, the Communist Party, the YWL was a legal outlet for communist work among the youth.


Young Socialist, The (1957 - 1964 and again briefly in the early 1970s)

The Young Socialist is the magazine of the Young Socialist Alliance, associated with the Socialist Workers Party in the U.S. The early years of the YS however, reflected a regroupment of revolutionary socialist forces among young people and radicals in the 1950s that was beginning to take place around the various events of the era, most notably the Khrushchev revelations from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s 20th Party Congress in 1956 along with the Soviet invasion to crush the Hungarian workers revolution that year had a profound effect on Marxists across the board. The ending in that decade with the victory of the Cuban Revolution capped this new world situation that socialists were reacting too. Domestically the progressive and socialist back-lash to McCarthyist-era repression against the Left dovetailing with the rise of the new Civil Rights movement started drawing young people from the enforced cultural and political lethargy into active political action around these issues.


Young Spartacus (1931-1934)

New York. Newspaper of the Spartacus Youth League, National Youth Committee of the Communist League of America. First Trotskyist youth organization in the U.S.

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Young Spartacus (1972-1986)

Organ of the Spartacus Youth League, youth section of the Spartacist League/U.S. Continuance from the Revolutionary Communist Youth Newsletter.

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