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Young Spartacus Newspaper.
Journal of the Spartacus Youth League

1973 through 1986

Issues 19 – 134

Publishing these online is due to the work of the Riazanov Library

Table of Contents Volume 1 Subject Index in Word format
Table of Contents Volume 2 Subject Index in Word format

Special August 1973 Supplement on expulsions form YSA [From the Revolutionary Communist Youth Newseltter]

19 Sept/Oct 1973

1 The 1930's and Today
Fight Special Oppression of Young Workers!
Introducing Young Spartacus

2 Editorial Notes-
The Reactionary New Drug Laws in N.Y. State
SL/RCY Summer Camp
Defend the Attica Inmates!
Letter – The Draft and the Bourgeois Army
(With Editor's Reply)

3 ACWM(M-L)-RCY Exchange on Black Question
The "Anti-Imperialist Unites Front" in Ceylon--
The "Progressive" Bourgeoisie vs. the Proletariat

8 Black Oppression and Proletarian Revolution
1/ The Material Basis for Black Oppression in the U.S.
(The first in a series of articles on the black question in the U.S.)

20 Nov-Dec 1973

1 Near East--
Not Jew Against Arab,
But Class Against Class!
For Class-Struggle Defense of the UFW!

2 Editorial Notes
SDS Outdoes Itself
Attica Brigade, SDS "Fight Back" for Pacifism
"Here Comes the RCY
--Help! Call the Cops!"
Plante Wants "Grass-" Roots Campaign

3 Youth Opportunities" at McDonald's-
Nixon's Subminimum Wage
Defend Class-War Prisoners in Chile!

4 City University Threatened by Budget Cuts--
Black Nationalists Oppose United Struggle

6 Puerto Rico:
National Independence and the Class Struggle 12 Black Oppression and Proletarian Revolution
2/ Jim Crow vs. Integrated Unionism
(Part 2 in the series)

21 Jan-Feb 1974

1 Indochina War Goes On
Military Victory to the NLF, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao!
RCY Conferences Plan Campaign Activities, Black Work;
Traditions of Communist Youth Work Discussed

2 Editorial Notes-
Free Karl Armstrong!
Defend Shelton McCrainey! Oppose RU Gangsterism!
YSA Stooges for Chavez Bureaucracy
U. of Ill. Dismantles Puerto Rican Recruitment Program

3 Calf. State U. Teach-In Protests Greek Events

(Untitled, concerns collaboration prior to and during WWII between
Zionists and Nazis, with editor's reply)

4 City College RCY Supports N.Y.C. 1199 Strike

5 Gov't Attacks Black Education in South

6 Black Oppression and Proletarian Revolution
3/ Early Communist Work Among Blacks
(Part 3 in the Series) 12 Youth-Party Relations in the
Communist Youth International
Lessons from History

22 Mar-Apr 1974

1 In Britain and the U.S.--
Who Shall Rule?
How to Defeat Shockley,
Fight Racial Oppression
Shouting Him Down Not the Answer

2 Editorial Notes-
Gangsterism and New Left Nonsense:
Attica Brigade At Work
Woodcock Talks to the Students
No Real Gains In Barnard Strike
Shadows of the Chavez Bureaucracy
Ethnic Student Centers Closed at Madison

3 Solidarity Demonstrations With British Miners
Boston's Columbia Point:
Capitalist Anarchy Threatens Housing, Education

5 Progressive Labor Party Split
The "Shockley Question" at Yale

6 The Spartacus Youth League and the Student Upsurge of the 1930's
Lessons from History

7 Young Spartacus Subscription Drive

11 RCY Events

12 What Strategy for Black Liberation:
Pan-Africanism or Communism?
(Black Oppression and Proletarian Revolution/Part 4)

May-Jun 1974

1 "Democratic" Coup in Portugal
Beware the Military!
Toward a Workers Government!
Independence for Portuguese Colonies!
Reactionaries Oppose Boston School Busing

2 Editorial Notes-
Attica Brigade and the Statue:
Infantile (Senile?) New Leftism
(Discusses the storming of the Statue of Liberty
demanding Nixon be impeached for "crimes against the people.")
Reinstate U. of Chi. SDS!
Cops Riot at U. of Maryland
(Hundreds clash with cops in the aftermath of mid-April drug arrests)
Defend U. of Conn. Students
Sub-Drive Over the Top!

3 After Shockley-Rusher "Debate"--
Defend Yale Students!
RCY United Front Defense Proposal Gains Adherents

4 Vietnamese Stalinists Cancel Offensive

5 RCY Runs in Campus Elections
U.C. Berkeley

6 Lenin on the Student Movement
Lessons From History

8 "Negro Self-Determination in the Black Belt":
Reactionary/Utopian Theory for Black Liberation
Black Oppression and Proletarian Revolution/Part 5 12 Terrorism No Strategy for Revolution
Why We Defended Weatherman But Do Not Defend the SLA

24 Jul-Aug 1974

1 Strike Wave!
How Communist Youth Support the Workers Struggles
Berkeley "Crim School" Struggle
Cops and Cop Training Off Campus!
Fight Administration Repression!
No Faculty Firings!

2 Editorial Notes-
New Left Memorial Service at Kent State
Liberalism Dominates Anti-Ford/Nixon Rally at U. of Mich.
(Commenting on "Vietnamese Stalinists Cancel Offensive"
from YSp 23 May-June 1974))

3 Printers Strike at Harvard-
Administration Blocks Organizing Drive

5 CCNY: Eight Percent Vote Communist
Vote RCY! Vote 4 Communism

8 Wayne State and U. of Chicago RCY
Lead United-Front Defense of SDS
SDS-YSA Sectarianism Undermines Defense

25 Sept 1974

1 Who Elected Gerald Ford?
Ford Pardons Nixon--Extradite Nixon to Hanoi!
National Conference Consolidates Growth
RCY Becomes Spartacus Youth League

2 Editorial Notes-
Exclusions by Boston "Socialist"-Feminists
No to the Violence Center!
James P. Cannon 1890-1974

3 SYL Fights Discriminatory Student Election Rules
Defend the Attica Brothers!

4 "Revolutionary" Student Brigade Holds Conference
Maoists Exhume New Left

6. Anti-Busing Forces Must Be Defeated!

8 Bay Area--
Seven Week Transit Strike Ends 12 The CP and Black Struggles in the Depression
(Black Oppression & Proletarian Revolution/Part6)

26 Nov 1974

1 Stop Racist Terror in Boston!
Implement and Extend the Busing Plan!
Not Federal Troops, But Labor/Black Defense!
RU Calls for Smashing Busing
CP, SWP Demand Federal Troops

2 Editorial Notes-
PL "Crushes" Bosses' Party
Leary Finks on Weathermen
Hundreds Demonstrate at SYL Rallies to "Jail Nixon"

3 Scopes Affair Revisited
The Dark Side of Moon
(Discusses Sun Myung Moon)
SYL Protests Cop Terror

4 SYL Demonstrates in Defense of Attica Brothers

5 RU on Homosexuals:
Malicious Maoist Bigotry

6 Workers Strike at U. of Chicago--
SYL Builds Support, Fake Lefts Scab!

8 Iranian Students Protest Shah's Butchery of Workers

9 SYL Builds Support for Chile Cargo Boycott
Australian Spartacists Run in Student Election
10 Stop Feinstein Amendment!
11 Cops Attack Boston University Demonstration
12 How CP's Popular Front Betrayed Black Masses
Black Oppression & Proletarian Revolution/Part 7

27 Dec 1974

1 War Danger Looms in Near East
PLO Calls For Palestinian Mini-State

2 Ediorial Notes-
The Truth About Ma'alot...
(The place where 24 Israeli schoolchildren were killed
by an Israeli Army assault on terrorists holed up in the school)
...and Beit Shean
(Beit Shean is where three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation
of Palestine were killed along with three Israeli settlers, accounts differ
on exactly what happened.)

Student Strike, Sit-In At Brooklyn College

3 Free the Houston 12!
(They demonstrated against U.S. involvement in the October War in the
Middle East and face charges of "assaulting a police officer)
Fight Tuition Hikes at Cornell!

4 Marxism & the American Indian Question
(Part 1)

5 Miners' Strike Continues

6 SWP/YSA Defends Liberals' Call for Troops Into Boston
Not Federal Troops, But Labor-Black Defense!

7 From the Augean Stables:
Workers League "Answers" SWP on Troops

9 Defend Anti-Junta Demonstrators!
(The junta referred to is the Chilean junta.) 12 Maoist Fusion Fizzles

28 Jan 1975

1 NLF Advances, Rightist Opposition Mounts:
Turmoil Engulfs Thieu Regime

2 Editorial Notes-
Fasting at Yale:
Naivete, with a Vengeance
Dimitrov and the YMCA

3 CIA/FBI Must Be Smashed!
Students' Rights and the "Buckley Amendment"
Kicking 'Em While They're Down?
(Relates to Nixon's resignation and China's stance)

4 Marxism & the American Indian Question
(Part 2)

5 SYL Routs October League in Debate
Southern Tour Completed

6 Sham Anti-Racism Demonstration No Answer
For Labor/Black Defense in Boston!

7 YSA Convention:
11 East Coast Educational a Success
12 As Opposition to Deportations Grows in UFW and Support Committees
Chavez Bureaucracy Purges Dissidents

29 Feb 1975

1 Capitalist Economic Crisis Deepens

2 Editorial Notes-
YSA's "Ivy League Socialism" at Yale
Nailing a Slander
Resignation from the Wisconsin Alliance
(Letter from a student who has since joined the SYL.)

3 SYL Initiates Berkeley Demonstration
Students Say: "ROTC Must Go!"
Canadian Spartacists Demonstrate Against Deportations
SYL "Keeps the Bums on the Run"
CIA Recruiter Cancels Yale Visit
Michigan Teachers Face Union-Busting Drive

4 French Psuedo-Trotskyists Campaign to Reform Army

5 Wisconsin Indians Demand Hospital,
Resort to Building Occupation

6 Rape and Bourgeois Justice

8 Skits, Effigies and NLF Flags:
RSB Kent State Memorial Demonstration

9 "National Student Conference Against Racism"--
Dead-end Liberal Detour 11 YAWF Rejects United-Front Defense Actions for Houston 12
12 Canadian RMG's "Sexual Liberation" Strategy:
Pabloism at Puberty

30 Mar 1975

1 From Berkeley to Columbia-
ROTC Off Campus!

2 Editorial Notes
RSB Exclusionism Backfires
(SYL member excluded from class at U.C. Berkeley for voicing her opinions)
'Nuff Said
(Daily Cal's appraisal of the campus left
and specifically the YSA and SYL)

3 "Red Tide" in Swamp
International Socialists Comes by a Youth Group

4 "Prairie Fire"--
Weather Underground's "Greening of Amerika"

6 RMG Tap Dances to Oblivion
"Trotskyist" Impostors Unmasked by Canadian Spartacists

7 Fig-leaf Orthodoxy to Cover Call for Troops
YSA "Discovers" Cops at Berkeley

8 Juliet Mitchell on Freus and Marx
"Psychoanalysis and Feminism"
(Book Review)

9 International Women's Day
(Listing of cities, dates and topics) 10 Boston NASCAR Conference
NAACP and "Left" Entourage Push Impotent Liberalism
12 Strike and Sit-In Oppose Discrimination at Ann Arbor

31 Apr 1975

1 All Indochina Must Go Communist!
Military Victory to the NLF and FALN!
Take Saigon and Phnom Penh!

2 Editorial Notes-
Radicals Arrested--Defend the Left!
SYL Protests Against Thug Kahane
Resignations From Yale Caucus For Radical Politics
Indian Peasants, Trotskyist Leader Persecuted
Defend Jagadish Jha!

3 SYL Confronts Administration at ROTC Hearings
(At Berkeley)
Demonstrate Against Imperialist Chief Gerald Ford!
(At Yale Law School)

4 Marxism and the American Indian Question
Part 3/Conclusion

5 The Quiet Demise of the "Energy Crisis"

6 Eritrean Independence Struggle Intensifies

9 NYC Antiwar Demonstration
RU/RSB Excludes Communists, Provokes Cop Intervention
Subscription Drive a Success
12 No Platform for Fascist Scum!
SYL Builds Anti-Nazi Demonstration

32 May 1975

1 Indochinese Insurgents Smash Capitalist Rule!
Forward to a Communist Vietnam and Cambodia
Through Workers' Political Revolution!
Extend the Revolution! Not Stalinist Bureaucratic Rule,
but Workers Democracy!

2 Editorial Note-
Oppose RU/RSB Thuggery!

3 February First Movement--
Between Black Nationalism and Marxism

4 Dhofar Revolt Pounded by Shah, Betrayed by Mao

6 Red Papers
Revolutionary Union's "United Front" with NATO
12 Hundreds at SYL Demonstration Against Ford
SYL Fights Administration Witchhunt at S.F. State

33 Jun 1975

1 Laotian Rightists Collapse
Pathet Lao Consolidates Power
For Labor-Student Mobilizations
Against Cutbacks and Layoffs!

2 Editorial Notes-
SYL Participates in Black Student Conferences
YSA Invites Reprisals Against PL Thuggery
Reformists Move to Curb SYL Activities

3 May 17 Boston March
NAACP/SWP Fiddles While Racists Burn Homes

4 For United-Front Defense Action Against Rightist Terrorism!

6 Campus Student Elections:
SYL Campaigns As Communist Alternative

8 Union-Busting Demagogues Demand "Racist Unions Off Campus"
Construction Workers, Unemployed Clash at CCNY
11 Canadian Spartacists Champion Proletarian
Line in Women's Liberation March
12 SYL Fights Back, Administration Retreats
Defense of Anti-Nazi Demonstrators Scores Victory!

34 Jul-Aug 1975

1 Draw Lessons of Indochinese Victories!
Portuguese Military Strikes at Maoist Militants
SL/SYL Builds Defense Demonstrations
U.S. Maoists Silent

2 Editorial Note-
No Troops to Boston!
(Untitled with Editor's reply, concerns coverage in YS #33 of the
May 10 Women's Liberation demonstration in Toronto and which slogans
were or were not chanted by the RMG and the merits of the various slogans)

3 Leftist Professors Axed, SYL Protests

4 Budget Cuts, Tuition Hike Ignite Student Protests at Wayne State

5 "Anti-Terrorist" Repression Sweeps West Germany
Stop Star-Chamber "Trial" of Bader-Meinhof!

6 Fake Trotskyists Scab on Indochinese Revolutions

9 Defend Ethnic Studies at UCLA!
10 At Wayne State
YSA-Attempted Purge of PL Strengthens Repression
12 In Toronto and Vancouver
Canadian Spartacists Protest Deportations

35 Sept 1975

1 Labor/Black Defense Critically Needed in Boston
Racial Violence Intensifies
Civil War in Angola

2 Editorial Notes-
Buckley Goes to Pot
It's Mr. Hayden Now, If You Please
China Attacks "Poisonous Weeds of Revisionism"
...Salutes Nixon

3 Philadelphia Busing Postponed
Parochial Schools Conciliated

4 Mao Sacrifices Guerillas on Detente Alter

5 Cleveland Killer Cops Gun Down Black Youth

6 SWP/YSA Defends "Right" of Free Speech for Fascist Scum!
A Short History of Liberalism
C.P. Recipe For Fighting Fascism!

7 Letter-
Resignation From the Young Socialist Alliance

8 At Fourth National Conference
SYL Plans Political Offensives 10 Setback for Integration In Detroit
11 Confrontation Over the "Paris Hotel"
CCNY Students Fight Cutbacks
12 Hunger Strike at Univ. of Houston
Iranian Students Protest Shah's Repression

36 Oct 1975

1 Banker Barons Slam New York City
For Labor/Student Mobilizations Against Cutbacks and Layoffs!
Cancel the City Debt! Expropriate the Banks!
Portuguese Workers Must Take Power!

2 Defend Iranian Students Busted in Houston!

3 As Cops Swarm Over Boston
NSCAR Preaches "Law Is On Our Side"

4 How Maoist Strategy Sabotaged Indonesian Revolution
First of Two Parts

5 Suppressed Trotskist Greetings to Eritrean Gathering
"Student-Power" Coalitions No Answer to Cutbacks!

6 SWP/YSA Pushes "New Civil Rights Movement"
Ex-Trotskyists Tail Uncle Toms

9 Pat Swinton Acquitted
Abolish All Conspiracy Laws!
11 Victory to the Berkeley Teachers' Strike!
Chicago Teachers Tangle With Boss Daley, Courts
12 "Chicago Boys" Implicated in Planned Starvation
Protest Barbaric Chilean Junta's Collaborators!

37 Nov 1975

1 After Franco, what?
For Workers' Revolution in Spain!
SYL campaigns against Chilean junta's collaborators
Univ. of Chicago economists engineer starvation

2 Editorial Note-
Eldridge Cleaver: A Political Obituary
Ann Arbor demo hits repression in Spain

3 Only labor/black defense can protect black students!
NSCAR Demands More Cops in Boston
SYL pickets anti-busing candidates

4 Maoists bow to U.S. imperialists in UN
China withholds support for Puerto Rican independence

5 Peking promotes Ethiopian junta

6 How Maoist strategy sabotaged Indonesian revolution
(Part two of two)

7 Liberals and reformists stage cutback follies
(New York City, Chicago, Kent and Boston)

8 New Left antiques at Berkeley bazaar

9 SWP/YSA and cops assault leftists to
protect platform for racists
11 Victory to Penn. campus workers' strike!
12 Framed-up L.A. student has bail revoked
Free Philip Allen Now!
LACC administration attacks SYL

38 Dec 1975

1 Bankers Doom Open Admissions, Threaten Campus Closures
For a NYC General Strike Against Cutbacks, Layoffs!
California Demonstrations Demand:
Stop CIA/NSA Recruitment on Campus!

2 Editorial Note-
Schlesinger Sacking Upsets Maoists
Kent Rally Supports Philip Allen Defense

3 UN Den of Thieves "Debates" Zionism, Political Prisoners

4 Campaign Puts Heat on Pinochet's "Chicago Boys"

5 KKK Swine Gets Hostile Reception at Univ. of Houston
YSA Lectures Protesters on "Rights for Fascists"

7 Protest Spinola Tour!
(Spinola is or was a right wing Portuguese general.)

9 The Unspeakable Remains Unspoken-
Maoists Trumpet Formation of Ethiopian Party
10 NSCAR Local Actions Flop
11 Confronted with Militant Protest at Columbia
Iranian Royalty Runs Amok
Stop Administration Purge of Leftist Professor!
12 RSB: Going Nowhere
Bureaucratic Charade at Second National Conference

39 Jan 1976

1 Maoists Cover For Peking/So.Africa/CIA Bloc in Angola--
For Military Victory to MLPA Against Imperialist-Led Forces!
NYC Bosses' Verdict: Exclude 1000's of Minority Youth from CUNY
Save Open Admissions!

2 Editorial Note-
Pinochet: "China Has Behaved Well"

3 Smash Imperialist-Led Forces in Angola!
(Untitled, with Editor's reply, differing views on whether or not Peter Camejo,
the SWP presidential candidate requested police and/or Secret Service protection.)

4 "Today's Radical Realism"
Renegade Hayden Fronts for Militarism, Racial Oppression

6 Omani Rebels Betrayed-
Iranian Students Balk at Mao-Shah Detente

8 For Workers Revolution in Portugal!

9 Pickets Rap Repression in India
10 Fake Militants Scab on U. of Penn Strike 11 Defense of Frame-up Victim Scores Victory-
Philip Allen Granted Bail
12 SYL Debates YSA on Labor/Black Defense--
Revolutionary Trotskyism vs. Reformism

40 Feb 1976

1 Angola:
Cubans Turn Tide Against Imperialist-Led Forces

2 Soares Lectures Yale:
"Mensheviks Can Also Beat Bolsheviks"
Pickets Protest Milton Friedman:
Collaborator of the Chilean Junta

4 Budget Cuts Spark Militant Actions At Kent State
Stop Racist Dragnet at UCLA!

5 How Progressive Labor Party "Supports" Open Admissions
Defend Victim of Nazi Attack!

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Buonarrati and Babouvist Heritage
11 Union Bureaucrats Betray Ranks
Chicago Strike Defeated Despite Support
12 At National Convention:
YSA Revels in Respectable "Radicalism"

41 Mar 1976

1 Boston Busing Foes Riot
Defeat Racist Offensive Through Labor/Black Defense!

2 Editorial Note-
Maoists Muddled by Teng Purge, Nixon Visit
"S-1" Draws Fire at Stanford Actions
Braintrusters for Chilean dictators whitewashed by pals in "Business Week"

3 Celebrate International Women's Day!
Forums (A listing of cities, dates and topics.)
Students Occupy Wisconsin State House,
Protest Cop Killing of Indians

4 For a Campus-wide Union to Recruit Women and Minorities!
"Affirmative Action" Fraud at Harvard
Defend Victimized Harvard Worker!

5 Chicago Pickets Assail "Washington Post" Union Buster

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Part 2/Blanquism
10 Madison Demo Demands:
Killer Spies Off Campus!
11 Sub Drive a success!
12 Frenzied Maoists on Gangster Binge
Halt RSB Hooliganism!

42 Apr 1976

1 Sit-Ins and Demos Against Cutbacks Sweep New York State
No Cuts! No Closures! No Cops!

2 Editorial Note-
Boston, April 24--
March With Us For Labor/Black Defense!

3 At Chicago, Madison, Berkeley...
Protests Continue to Lash Braintrusters For Chilean Junta
FBI Agent Met By Militant Pickets At Harvard

4 If You Liked Norman Thomas You'll Love Peter Camejo!

5 "Affirmative Action" Won't Attack Harvard Discrimination
Fight For Open Admissions!

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Part 3/Chartism

8 Bay Area "Socialist"-Feminists Purge Reds
FBI Raid on SWP Offices Exposed
International Women's Day Forums

9 Repeal All Anti-Homosexual Laws!
11 Univ. of Chicago Students Protest--
King Rockefeller Knights His Knave
12 Boston University Demonstration Raises Call:
Support Busing! Stop The Racist Terror!

43 May 1976

1 Boston: Racist Onslaught Must Be Defeated!
For Labor/Black Defense! Cops Out of the Ghetto!
Enforce Desegregation--
Extend Busing to the Suburbs!
For a San Francisco General Strike!

2 Salute May Day!

3 Madison Campus Work Stoppage Sabotaged
"On Strike" Means Shut It Down!
Cop Recruitment Slammed at Temple U.

4 Cutbacks Continue, But Not For Cops--
New York Sit-Ins Smashed
Defend the Hostos Students!

5 Interview With Bay Area Union Militants

6 Why We Do Not Recognize "Free Speech for Fascists"

7 A Short History of Liberalism

8 Only Their Faces Are Red--
Maoist Mouthpiece Admits Betrayal In Chile

9 Defend Anand Kumar!
(Anand Kumar is a U.C. graduate student in Sociology and a prominent supporter of an Indian
Populist movement whose government scholarship was revoked due to his political activities.)
Nixon's Guardian Angel
They're kicking Richard M. Nixon around again
B.U. Cutbacks Provoke Protests
SYL Midwest Educational Meets
11 Clark Sit-In Backs Radical Professor
12 Chilean Workers' Leader Hunted by Argentine Junta
For International Labor Solidarity to Save Mario Munoz!
Committee to Save Mario Munoz
(List of endorsers)

44 Jun 1976

1 Israel Out Of The Occupied Territories!
Zionist Atrocities Provoke West Bank Upheaval
CUNY Admin. Slams Gates On 300,000 Students, Staff

2 Mass Student Strikes Sweep France

3 As New York Cutbacks Continue:
Student Strike Shuts City College
End Cal. Discrimination Against Chicanos!
New York Rallies Defend Hostos

4 Why We Do Not Recognize "Free Speech for Fascists"

6 Support Campaign to Save Hunted Chilean Workers' Leader!

7 Committee to Save Mario Munoz
(Updated list of endorsers)

8 Cops Attack Chicano Workers' Strike

9 In Campus Elections
SYL Candidates Campaign For Community Alternative
10 Defend Radical Professors Purged at Berkeley!
11 S.F. Cops Assault Iranian Students Demo
12 NSCAR Abandons "Mass Actions" In Boston
The Lines They Are A-Changin'
(Discusses SWP/SLA change of position now opposing the use of cops
and troops to protect black people and civil rights activists from
segregationist backlash after a history of supporting it.)

45 Jul-Aug 1976

1 Black Struggles Mount in Southern Africa
Smash Apartheid--For Workers Revolution!
Campaign '76: Fanning the Flames of Racist Reaction

3 "Progressive" Labor Opposes Birth Control

4 South Vietnam:
One Year Of Stalinist Rule

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Part 4/The origins of the Communist League

8 Vorster's Apartheid Atrocities Ignite Black Masses

9 NAM: No "Adversary Relationship" With Cops
Northwestern "Student Voice" Whimpers:
"234 or 430, But Don't Fight"
(A discussion of YSA and YSL's differing positions
on the proposed tuition hikes at Northwestern.)
11 Harvard Pickets Protest Racist Loudmouth Moynihan
Stalinists Whistle For Cops At Harvard
12 Bosses' "Cure" Kills CUNY
Fight For Open Admissions, No Tuition!

46 Sept 1975

1 Black Youth Battle Apartheid In South Africa

2 Jimmy Carter: "Born Again" War Monger

3 Argentine Universities Purged As Junta Repression Escalates
Chilean Workers' Leader Saved From Videla Junta

4 Bureaucrats Betray Strike--
SYL Demonstrates Solidarity With Hospital Workers

5 Collective Bargaining On Campus:
"Student Input" Scheme No Victory For Kent Union

6 From the "Arsenal" of Pacifism
Sunday Socialists Preach
"Bill of Rights Protection" for Fascists

7 The Record Speaks For Itself
Trotskyism vs. SWP/YSA

8 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition/Part 5
Karl Marx Before 1848
12 A Case Of The Tail Trying To Wag The Donkey
"Independent" Stalinist Campaign Backs Democrats
Stalinism--The Tortuous Line of Betrayal

47 Oct 1976

1 The Workers Need Their Own Party
Down With Both Bosses' Parties!

2 The "New" Military Academy:
Coed, Corrupt, Counterrevolutionary
Berkeley SYL Protests Anti-communist Harassment

3 Cops Out of the Union!
SYL Supports Columbia Workers Strike
Campus Strikes From Coast to Coast

4 Lively Debates at SYL Forums:
Lebanon: "Plebian Uprising" or Communal War?

5 Bible Belt Maoists Rant at "Deviant Sexual Behavior"

6 SYL Forums-
Racist Terror...
Bourgeois Decadence...
"The Death Agony Of Capitalism"

8 Tuition In, Open Admission Out--
How to Roll Back Cutbacks at CUNY

9 SYL Protests Carter, Ford
10 Stalinists Cheer Student Government Confab
Free Susan Saxe!
12 Anti-Apartheid Rebellion Spreads In South Africa

48 Nov 1976

1 Yesterday's "Radicals," Today's "Capitalist Roaders"
Bureaucratic Dogfight in China

2 Editorial Notes-
Down With The Confederate Flag!
Being a Rockefeller Means Never
Having to Say You're Sorry
Kim's North Korea:
"Socialism in One Family"

3 Lessons of the Hungarian October
First Workers Political Revolution Against Stalinism

4 As SYL Supports Columbia Strike...
Scab "Socialists" Mock Labor Solidarity
Students Arrested Defending Picket Lines At Brown

5 Fight For Open Admissions!
Reactionary Court Ruling Bars Minority Quotas
"Is everybody on this campus in the SYL?"
Angela Davis Returns To UCLA

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition/Part 6
The Revolution of 1848 in France

8 400 Rally Against Kissinger At Harvard

Anti-Communist Exclusion Sabotages
Wisconsin Strike Support!

9 Thai Coup Follows Savage Slaughter of Students
10 Madison Witchhunt Defeated
Protests Hit Chilean Junta Lackeys
11 Challenge to YSA for National Debate
What Policy to Defeat Fascist Threats and Racist Mobilizations?
12 After Six-Month Dive on Busing...
NSCAR Gropes for New Gimmicks
Chicago Demos Blast Apartheid Repression

49 Dec 1976

1 Chinese Army Occupies Fukien Province
Post-Mao Regime Faces Time of Troubles
For Workers Political Revolution
To Oust the Stalinist Bureaucracy!

2 Editorial Notes-
It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature
(Comments by the Editor about Lysenko, the Russian "scientist" who
denied the existence of genes, believed that environment and
upbringing were greater determining factors than heredity and that
acquired characteristics were passed on to future generations. His theories
are now more or less universally discredited.)
Up Against The Wall Posters
(A discussion of China's "wall posters" which express political opinions, including
criticism and vilification of the "Gang of Four.")

3 Review:
"The Front" Looks Back at the Fifties
(Review of the movie starring Woody Allen: HUAC, Hollywood, Liberals, the CP)
SYL Demos Hit Imperialist Spy Agencies

4 Defend Iranian Students Against Cop/SAVAK Repression!
Condemn Hooligan Attack in Houston! Stop CAIFI Prosecution of ISA!
Civil Libertarians Endanger Iranian Students

5 Imperialists Thrive, Workers Throttled
Angolan "Socialism" Good for Gulf
(Gulf Oil that is.)

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition/Part 6
The French Revolution of 1848

9 NSCAR Flops
Spartacist Youth League Motions to the 19-21 November Conference of the NSCAR
I. For Busing and Labor/Black Defense!
II. No "Free Speech" for Fascists!
Partisan Defense Committee Motion to the 19-21 November Conference of the NSCAR
11 Student Government Elections at Berkeley
SYL Campaigns as Communist Alternative
12 Protest Junta Collaborator Friedman!
Braintruster of Chilean "Shock Treatment" Gets Imperialist Prize

50 Jan 1977

1 Arab Regimes In New Reactionary Lash-Up
What Next For The Palestinians?

2 Editorial Notes-
Jim Crow Judge To Be Top Cop
"Woeful Times" Beset Chinese Bureaucracy
Harvard Protests Confronts CIA Mouthpiece
(Former CIA Director William Colby)

3 Interview With South African Student
Eyewitness Recounts White Protests
Supporting Anti-Apartheid Revolt

4 Faculty Purge Sparks Student Strikes--
Protests Against Anti-Red Law Sweep West Germany

5 Documentary Captures Nazi Depravity
(Movie review of "California Reich")

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition/Part 8
The French Revolution of 1848

8 Student Bureaucrats Attempt Political Censorship-
SYL Defends Democratic Rights at CCNY

9 Detroit SYL Challenges Red Tide To Debate
Chicago and Stockholm Demos Rap Junta Advisor
Friedman's Nobel 'Achievement'- Starvation In Chile!
Radical Black Sociologist Target For Political Firing
12 Where Is The RCP Going?

51 Feb 1977

1 "Demon ans Freak" Haunts Maoists
China: Teng Returns

2 Editorial Note-
Carter's Amnesty Fraud
(The amnesty would be for Vietnam War draft resisters.)

3 Political Cannibalism In Weather Underground
Ann Arbor Campus Union Militant Solidarizes with SYL

4 Lessons of Lebanon
How events after civil war expose myth
of "progressive" Muslim-Left alliance
Palestinian Nationalist Describes
"Confessional Nature" of Lebanese War

5 Liberal Moralizing at YSA Convention
How Revolutionists Approach S. Africa Boycotts

6 The Anti-Marxist Theory of "State Capitalism"

7 Maoist Exclusionism Backfires
Peking Apologist Exposed at Toronto Forum

8 Fight Berkeley Administration Harassment!
Gains of Free Speech Movement Under Attack

9 YSA Votes Against Open Admissions
Confab on Bakke Decision Mired in Liberalism 10 Letter-
YLL Hides Behind Harvard Cops
How Stalinists "Answer" Revolutionary Criticism 12 For a Class-Struggle Opposition in Steel!
Sadlowski: Labor Faker on the Make

52 Mar 1977

1 South Africa:
Smash White-Supremacist Regimes!
Victory to Ann Arbor AFSCME Strike!

2 Editorial Notes:
Stalinist Glorify Dracula
Bible Thumping and Book Banning

3 "Cultural Exchange" Cloaks SAVAK Surveillance
End CUNY Complicity With Shah's Terror!
Public Education: Separate and Unequal

4 Protests Provoked at Northwestern
Racist Prof. Denies Nazi Genocide
Statement of Rudolph Hoess, Former Camp Commandant of Auschwitz
at Nuremburg Tribunal, (April 1945)
(Eyewitness account of Nazi genocide)

5 Con Artist Hikes Tuition at BU
Black Marines Victimized for Clash With KKK

6 On the Class Character of the USSR
The Anti-Marxist Theory of "State Capitalism"
A Trotskyist Critique

8 Solidarity with NYC School Strike

9 Chilean Junta Collaborator Target of L.A. Protest
11 Support Unionization at J.P. Stevens!
Boston Demo Protests Spy Agency Recruiters
Abolish the CIA!
Murderers of Korean, Angolan and Chilean Workers! 12 As Iranian Monarch Massacres Leftists
Peking Urges Arms to Shah

53 Apr 1977

1 As Stalinists Preach "Sacrifice," Push Austerity-
Student Strikes Rock Italy
Protests at Columbia Hit War Criminal
Keep Kissinger Off Campus!

2 Editorial Notes-
Free Shakur!
ROTC: Recruiting For Racist Rhodesia
Cultists and Custody
(Five "children," aged 21-26 remanded to their parents'
custody from a Moon retreat in Booneville)
SYL Denounces Whitewash of Nazi Genocide

3 Not Status Quo Quotas, But Open Admissions!
Thousands Protest Bakke Ruling in Berkeley

4 Flag-Waving Labor Fakers Eye Carter's Army-
Why Socialists Do Not Advocate Soldiers' Trade Unions

5 Defend Victimized Ann Arbor Strikers!
As Liberals Haggle to "Open the Books" at Chicago--
SYL Says: Open Up Elite Universities!

6 On the Class Character of the USSR
The Anti-Marxist Theory of "State Capitalism"
A Trotskyist Critique

8 NSCAR's "Anti-Apartheid" Actions
Routed In Boston, Disco Dancing in Detroit

9 Hat-In-Hand Liberalism Dominates Albany Demo
For Labor/Student Mobilization Against Cutbacks!
"Selective Index" Targets Minorities at Chicago Circle-
Fight for Open Admissions!
10 Sub Drive Tops Quota!
12 How RCP "Studies" History--
Maoists Reaffirm Stalinist Class Treason

54 May 1977

1 Protests Continue at Columbia
No Academic Post for War-Criminal Kissinger!

2 Editorial Note-
No Pupil Paddling!
Press Covers Anti-Kissinger Campaign

3 Letter-
More on Moonies
Campus Elections at Berkeley
SYL Challenges Political Censorship

4 From the Archives of our Movement
How Trotskyists Applied Boycott to Nazi Germany
Ann Arbor:
Rally Protests Gerald Ford

5 YSA Opposes Trashing of Fascist Bookstore
Nazi Provocation Smashed in Bay Area

6 Lessons of the Barcelona May Days
How Popular Front Strangled Spanish Revolution

8 Administration on Union-Busting Rampage-
Ann Arbor Rally Defends Strike Militants
SYL Educational Highlighted By Report of Steel Oppositionist

9 Down With Harvard Kangaroo Court! 11 Letter of Resignation from Berkeley YSA 12 Racist Hypocrites Shed Tears Over M.L.King
Beware Militant Murderers That Weep
Discredited by Jim Crow Stand
RCP For and Against Busing

55 Jun 1977

1 Sit-Ins Demand No Investment in South Africa--
Would University Divestment Attack Apartheid?
Hundreds Arrested in California Protests

2 Editorial Notes-
Second City First In Segregation
"Sunshine Girl" On Anti-Homosexual Crusade
(Anita Bryant)
Worth a Thousand Words
(Showing a photograph of the battle of Deputies Run
during the Minneapolis general strike of 1934)

3 ROTC Off Campus!
Kent Sit-In Commemorates 1970 Massacre
Stop Vigilante Terror in Boston-For Labor/Black Defense!
Black Students Boycott "Southie"
("Southie" is South Boston High School)

4 Letters-
Confiscate Military Profits?
Republican Spain-The Stalin Connection

5 Anti-Kissinger Campaign
Columbia Demonstrations...
...and Press Coverage Continue
Retired Killer

6 Clam Bust at Seabrook
Eco-Faddism and Nuclear Power
Drop the Charges Against the Clamshell Alliance Protesters!

8 Harvard Demo Protests Think-Tank Confab
Debate Highlights Campus Election at Chicago
Trotskyist Candidates Trounce YSA

9 No Ban on Political Groups at Davis!

10 Bureaucrats Back Down on Political Censorship
Berkeley SYL Defies Campus Campaign Restrictions 11 TA Walk-Out at UCLA 12 Spanish Workers Have No Candidate
Bloodshed and Betrayal in Francoist Elections

56 Jul-Aug 1977

1 Black Students Defy Vorster
Apartheid Terror Stalks Soweto
Anita Bryant Vicious and Obscene!
(Photo of demonstration demanding full democratic rights for homosexuals)

2 Editorial Note-
Carter Kills Medicaid Abortions:
High Court Sentences Poor to Back-Alley Butchers

3 Interview With Black Student Leader
How Boston Racists Provoked "Southie" Boycott

4 Anita Bryant: Vicious and Obscene!

6 SYL Conference Sets Theme:
"The Main Enemy is at Home!
--U.S. Imperialism"
Fraternal Greetings
Trotskyist League of Canada
Ligue Trotskyste De France
Spartacist League of Australia/New Zealand
Spartacist League/U.S.

7 No Academic Refuge for War Criminals!
Columbia Protests Block Kissinger Appointment

Anti-War Radical Charged With 1970 Madison Bombing
Free Dwight Armstrong! 12 Pitched Battles Against Police-State Repression
Student Struggles Engulf Brazil

57 Sept 1977

1 What Strategy To Fight Apartheid?
The Third Coming of Teng
U.S. Maoism:
Peking Picks its Flunkey

2 Editorial Notes-
Open Admissions:
The Answer to Bakke
Godfather III?
(John Silber, president of B.U., 140K in Salary plus considerable benefits)

3 The Real Monument to Martyred Kent State Students--
ROTC and Cops Off Campus!

4 SWP's Favorite Sheriff Evicts Elderly Tenants
S.F. Cops Storm I-Hotel

5 Anti-Shah Protests in LA and Michigan
Hands Off Iranian Militants!

6 Karl Marx and the German Revolution of 1848
Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition-Part 9 10 Peking Review
Soviet Social-Imperialism--Most Dangerous Source of War
NATO-Need for Improved Military Forces
United States--President Ford Recommends Increased Defence Spending 12 Red Flag Union Fuses With Spartacist League
From the Gay Left to Trotskyism
Spartacist League/
Red Flag Union Fusion Forum

58 Oct 1977

1 Media Gloats Over Rudd Surrender
New Left: At Peace With Carter's America?
Bakke Ruling Focus for Racist Backlash
Fight for Open Admissions!

2 Editorial Notes-
Jesse Jackson's "Moral Contact" for Sale
No Platform for Nazi Professor Butz!

(An untitled letter criticizing the tactics of the SWP and Sherriff Hongisto
relating to the eviction of the tenants at San Francisco's International Hotel)

3 As Cops Swarm Over Kent State
Liberal Antics Under the Gun

6 Desegregate Chicago Schools!
Troops No Answer to Racist Mobs

7 When Cops and Troops Came to the Ghetto

9 Stop RSB Exclusionism at Chicago Circle!
Boston Demo Confronts Pinochet's "Chicago Boy" Friedman 10 ILWU Local 6 Opposes Bakke Ruling 12 Thousands in South Africa Mourn Anti-Apartheid Student Leader
Protests Hit Murder of Steven Biko

59 Nov 1977

1 Free All Victims of Apartheid Terror!
Police State Crackdown in South Africa

2 Editorial Note-
FBI Claims New Leftists "Cuban Agents"
(Untitled letter from the Partisan Defense Committee thanking YSL for
its support, solidarity and generous gift. It also informs us that the
the charges against two anti-Shah Iranians have been dropped and attributes
this partly to the pressure put on the prosecuting attorney by letters and
telegrams from across the country)
SDS New Left Notes
Bring the War Home

3 October Revolution Sixtieth Anniversary
Prophets of Despair Become Allies of Reaction
Soviet Dissidents Find No "Third Camp"

4 SWP/YSA: Liberals Wanted
Communists Need Not Apply
Coming from the SWP
(Photos of demontrators with picket signs calling for Federal Troops
to Boston, with a quote from Trotsky about being accused of "sectarianism.")

5 YSA Lauds Friedman's "Contributions"
Chicago Demo Hits Junta Braintruster
Resignation from YSA
"Why Does the SWP Claim Trotskyism..."?

6 Karl Marx and the German Revolution of 1848
Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Part 10

9 Anti-Apartheid Demos at University of Toronto 10 Cops, Courts. Tear Gas:
Kent Administration on Rampage 12 Columbia Implicated in CIA "Mind Control" Research
Imperialist Spy Agencies Off Campus!
Victory to the Stearns Strikers!

60 Dec 1977

1 U.S., Iran: Thousands Protest Iranian White Terror
Down With Butcher Shah!

2 Editorial Notes-
Carter/Meany "Gift" to Black Youth:
Sub-Minimum Wage
California Regents Clamp Down on Minority Admissions

3 Is "No Nukes Good Nukes"?
Environmentalism and Socialism: An Exchange

4 Mum's the Word on China at RSB Convention
Maoists on the Road to Oblivion

5 NSA Recruiters Flee Columbia
Demos Hit Imperialism's Secret Police

8 After Bemoaning Kent State "Violence Against Property"...
YSA Accepts Administration Gag as "Free Speech"
Divestment Follies
Ann Arbor
Protests Block Campus Office Evictions
(The offices are of leftist and foreign student organizations, including the YSA.)

9 SYL Letter to Illini:
"This Political Harassment Must Be Defeated" 11 Drop Charges Against Ann Arbor Iranian Militant 12 Defend Sandor John!
UICC Arrests SYL Spokesman as "Outside Agitator"

61 Feb 1978

1 New Left's Socialist Paradise Lost
Sordid Nationalist War in Indochina
Class War in Coal Fields
Miners Strike in Danger

2 Editorial Notes-
Marcos' American Publicity Agents:
...and Liberal Darling Chavez

3 Junta Braintruster Confronted at Hilton Fete
Friedman Lies,
"New York Times" Alibis

5 RCP Splits!

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition
Part XI
Karl Marx and the German Revolution of 1848 10 Young Spartacus Subscription Drive 11 FBI Targets Weather Underground
Sensational Frame-Up of California Radicals 12 Defend Sandor John! Drop the Charges!
Chicago Campaign Counters UICC Witchhunt

62 Mar 1978

1 Militant Class Battles Rock Coal Fields
Carter Strongarms Miners Union
Victory to the Coal Strike!

2 Editorial Notes-
More from the Messengers of Qaddafi
(Editor takes issue with WL/YS/Healyite support of Qaddafi,
as well as other positions past and current)
Silent But Deadly
(Editor comments in the New Jersey State Senate and then
State Assembly mandating a daily period of silent meditation.)

3 Nothing to Debate with Frontmen for Apartheid!
(The particular frontman is South African Consul Gert Grober.
Multi-organization protest demonstrations in Chicago and
Ann Arbor covered in separate articles)

5 Protest Chicago "Outside Agitator" Trial!
Defend SYL Activist Sandor John!

6 Detroit Nazis Slash Woman at UAW Meeting
Labor Must Drive Out Fascist Scum!

8 Debate at Oberlin Over "Human Rights"
SYL Exposes Cold Warrior Bukovsky 10 Defend Chicago Iranian Students! 11 Stanford
Pickets Protest Junta Braintruster Friedman 12 Bogus Peace Talks Collapse
Sadat, Begin Trample Over Palestinians

63 Apr 1978

1 Labor Must Fight Black Oppression
Defeat Bakke!
Israel Out of the Occupied Territories!
Zionist Terror Overruns Southern Lebanon

2 SYL Mobilizes Campus Support for UMWA Strike
Editorial Note-
Jesus Christ!
(Editorial discusses Meldrim Thomson Jr. then governor
of New Hampshire who, among other things, lowered all
government flags to half-staff on Good Friday in memory
of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.)

3 Heroic Defiance in Coal Fields
Miners Strike Starved Out
SYL Supports Harvard Workers Strike
"Picket Lines Mean Don't Cross!"

4 Defend Sandor John!
Chicago "Outside Agitator" Trial Set to Open

5 British Fusion Highlights SYL Educational

6 RCP Split Leaves Maoist Youth in the Dark
Behind the Fake "Communist" Youth Debate 11 Young Spartacus Subscription Drive a Success! 12 1,500 Students Blast Boston U. Tuition Hike
Madman Silber Strikes Again

64 May 1978

1 Sit-Ins, Demos Demand University Divestment
Anti-Apartheid Protests and Liberal Moralism

2 Editorial Note-
"People's Mayor" Axes "People's Cop"
(The mayor is Dennis Kucinich, the cop is Richard
Hongisto, the city is Cleveland.)
Defend SYL Activist Sandor John!
Press Focuses on Chicago "Outside Agitator" Trial

3 Administration on the Rampage
Liberal Nostalgia at Kent Protests

4 Troops Occupy Campuses After Student Protests
Indonesia: Twelve Years After the Bloodbath

5 Protests Erupt in State Prisons
Iranian Students Stage Solidarity Hunger Strikes

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition Part XII
The Dissolution of the Communist League

9 In Campus Elections
SYL Campaigns As Revolutionary Alternative
(Wayne State U., U. of Chicago, U. of Illinois Chicago
Circle, Boston U. and U.C. Berkeley are covered.) 11 Union-Busting Drive at Harvard 12 Affirmative Action: A Liberal Union-Busting Scheme
10,000 Protest Racist Bakke Ruling in D.C.

65 Summer 1978

1 Behind the "Human Rights" Veneer
Carter Mounts Cold War Drive

2 UC Yellow Journalism "Divestor's" Fantasy
UICC Admin Does SAVAK Dirty Work

3 Military Recruiters Off Campus! No to Conscription!
"New" ROTC: As American as My Lai

4 Letter-
Federal Troops "Not My Protectors"

5 Students Protest SEEK, Ethnic Studies Cutbacks
Police Riot at Brooklyn College

6 Bureaucrats Squabble Over Chinese Universities
Maoist Education: Neither Cultural Nor Revolutionary

8 The Dissolution of the Communist League
Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition Part XIII 12 Jim Crow RCYB Squirms
SYL Debates Maoists at UCLA 13 SWP: Picket Lines No Barrier
(The picket Lines Surrounded Teachers College at Columbia)
Chicano Law Students Sit-in at UCLA 16 Defeat the California Briggs Initiative!
Bible-Thumpers Push Anti-Gay Inquisition
No Illusions in "Progressive" Iranian Clergy!
Thousands Protest Shah's White Terror

66 Sept 1978:

1 Iranian Leftists Tail Islamic Reaction
Smash the Shah°¶s Reign of Terror

2 °V Letters
SWP "Not Serious About Revolution"

With Friends Like These

3 “Macho Revolutionaries” Front for Racist Backlash
Workers Viewpoint’s “Separate-But-Equal” Maoism
George McGovern: Vietnam Dove, Cambodia Hawk, Ruling Class Turkey

4 Voices from the Ivory Tower
Genovese’s Anti-Marxist Perspectives

5 Denied U. of Maryland Post
Right Wing Witchhunts Bertell Ollman

6 Mengistu’s Derg: Ethiopian Nationalist as “Red Terror”

8 SWP on Cuba/Africa
If the Boot Fits, Lick It 12 Charges Against Sandor John Dismissed
SYL Victory in Chicago °•Outside Agitator’ Trial
Victory to NYC Press Strike!

67 Oct 1979:

1 Down With the Shah! Down With the Mullahs!
What Stratefy for the Iranian Revolution?

2 - Editorial
"Life" or Death at 13

WVO Cheers on Anti-Busing Racists

3 Spartacist Candidate Speaks at Columbia
For a Socialist Fight to to Save New York!

4 RCP Declares "China on Capitalist Road" - Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here! Mao Tse Tung Memorials Flop

5 Stephen Biko: A Martyred Black Liberal

7 Governnment Preparations for Olympic Spectacle
Mexico City 1968: Student Protesters Massacred

8 SYL Leads Campus Strike Support
On Strike - Shut 'em Down! 10 Who is Ayatollah Khomeini? 12 Protests Hit San Huntington
Vietnam War Criminal Returnbs to Harvard

68 Nov 1978

1 SYL Forums Drive Student/Islamic Bloc into Frenzy
Iran Worker's Revolution or Clerical Reaction?
White Rhodesia at Rope's End
Military Victory to Black Nayionalist Guerillas!

2 - Editorial
Castro Gives Nod to Colonial Borders

3 SWP Hucksters Peddle Phony Jobs Bill

4 SWP Pushes Drake Koka
South African Unionist on Tour for Liberalism
At Chicago Confab
Reformists Bullish on Divestmenmt

6 The Organizational Question in Classical Marxism. 10 Campus Left Under Attack ar Berkeley 12 Vote Spartacist! Stamberg for Assembly!
A Fighting Socialist Campaign in NYC Elections

69 Dec 1978/Jan 1979

1 No to Khomeini's "Just Rule of Islam!"
For Worker's Revolution to Overthrow the Shah!

2 British Spartacist Denounces Anti Nazi League Scabs
Mobilize British Labor to Fight the National Front
Bolshevik Success in NYC Elections

3 The Divestment Conference That Wasn't
Reformists Sell Anti-Apartheid Struggles Short
Spartacist Youth League Statement to NYC Divestment Conference November 17-19, 1978

4 Fake Trotskyists Plead: Love the Mullahhs - Love the SWP!

6 The Organizational Question in Classic Marxism
Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition, Part XV

8 Santa Cruz
SYL Teamster Strike Support

9 Simple Simon SWPer Says Vote Out Unemployment 10 BU Strikers Take On Madman Silber 12 Miners Fever Hovers Over 1979 Contract Battles
Carter Courst Recession

70 Feb 1979

1 Butcher Shah Flees - Mullahs Terrorize Leftists
Iran: The Workers Must Rule!

2 SYL Polls 9 Percent in SF State Elections

3 Letters From History
On the Petty-Bourgeois Boys and Girls

4 Derry 1968
How the Left Failed

6 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition, Part XVI
The Organizational Question in Classical Marxism

8 Report From the YSA Convention
Reformists Without a Cause 11 At Peace and Freedom Party Convention
CP Stung by SYL Intervention 12 Hands Off the ISA!
No Asylum for the Bloody Pahlavis!
A Greeting Fit for a Shah

71 Mar 1979

1 US Collusion Behind the Vietnamese Invasion
China: Don't Be a Cat's Paw of US Imperialis!

2 Maoism Rots Your Brain
RCP Goes Nuts
Hands Off the RCYB!

3 Class War in Southern California
SL/SYL Builds Support for Farmworkers

4 Revolutionary Regroupment:
Spartacists Win Leftists From Social Democracy

6 Spartacists in Vietnam Antiwar Movement
From Protests to Power

8 Stop Silber's Union-Busting Drive!
BU Faculty Under the Gun

9 SF State Rally Demands
ROTC OFF Campus! 12 Dowm With the Mullahs!
Defend Iranian Left Against Khomeini!

72 Apr 1979

1 KhomeinI Targets Women, Left, Nationalities
Workers Must Overthrow the Islamic Republic!
Victory to the Teamsters!

2 Minority Council at Ann Arbor Hears SYL
Black Trotskyists Against Liberalism

3 Spartacist League Forum
No to the Veil!
For Workers Revolution to Defeat Islamic Reaction!

4 Interview - ILWU Militants Fight for Class-Struggle Leadership

6 Behind the Facade
Exploding the Myths of Maoist China

9 RCP Calls CPML's Number

China: Don't Be a Cat's Paw of US Imperialism! 11 Minorities Under5 Attack at UICC
Down With the Selective Index! 12 SYL Debates Chavez Supporters
Support the United Farm Workers Strike!
ILWU Militanats Back UFW

73 May 1979

1 Near Easter Communist Woman on TGout for SYL
No to the Veil!

2 The Fight to Consolidate the Santa Cruz Organizing Committee
SYL Wins Young Chicano Militants

3 SYL Launches Recruiting Drive

4 Iran,China/Vietnam: SL Program Stands Out
"Let's Go Out and Recruit a Couple Hundred More Members!"

6 Forging a Youth Cadre
The "Cloned Youth" Fight and Youth-Party Relations 11 Who's in the SYL? 12 Near Disaster at Three Mile Island
Panic Over Nuclear Power

74 Summer 1979

1 Not One Man. Not One Penny for the Imperialist Army!
No To The Draft!
1,500 Protest McNamara
Ship Him To Vietnam To Be Tried By His Victims!

2 A Centrist For All Seasons
Ernest Mandel: Chameleon

3 Huelga Si! Migra No!
Victory to the UFW!

5 SWP, From "Gay is Good" to "Save Our Children"

6 For Workers Revolution Through Smashing Apartheid!
Behind South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement 12 SWP Bows to Khomeini, Sabotages Defense
Free Jailed Iranian Leftists!

75 Sept 1979

1 Mullahs' Left Wing Apostles Paved the Way for Islamic Reaction
For Workers Revolution in Iran!

2 Imperialist Furor Over "Boat People"

Drop the Charges, But
No Censorship of "Cruising"!

3 The Class-Strruggle Road to Chicano Liberation

4 You Cheered for Khomeoni, But You're Not Cheering Now
Ernest Mandel: We Challenge You to a Debate

5 "I Was furious seeing left wing groups following Khomeini"
Interview With Iranian Militant

6 Outrage!
Carter's Secret Service Drags CWA Delegate Off Convention Floor!

8 "Not One More Cent for Kneeling to the Phone Company" 10 Unconditional Military Defense of Cuba! 11 300 Hear SYL at Columbia 12 Dump the "Republicrats"-Build a Workers Party!
Hate Carter, Hate Capitalism!

76 Oct 1979

1 Defend Cuba and Russia!
U.S. Out of Guantanamo!
KKK Won't Ride at River Rouge Assembly Plant!
Workers Drive Hooded Foremen Out

2 Fake Lefts Paved the Way for Mullahs' Terror
For Workers Revolution in Iran!
Disarm the Bourgeoisie, Not Russia!
YWLL Says "Pass the SALT"

3 Not Sandinista/Bourgeois Junta, But-
Workers to Power in Nicaragua!

4 Harrington's DSOC: Exhuming the Rotting Corpse of Social Democracy

6 Oberlin Confab on South Africa: Platform for Imperialists
SYL Demo Hits Warmonger Brown

7 SYL Routs Mullah Lovers
No to the Draft!

9 Defend Keith Anwar! 10 Stop the Witchhunt at Northwestern!
FBI Off Campus!
Workers Vanguard Sub Drive Success 12 No Academic Posts for War Criminals!
Bloody Bundy Must Go!

77 Nov 1979

1 500 at Detroit Labor/Black Rally
Smash the Klan!
For Mass Labor/Black Action to Smash the KKK!
Avenge Greensboro!

2 WSU Demo Hits Recruiters
FBI: Murder, Inc.
Northwestern U.
DSOC, "Progressives" Witchhunt SYL

3 Out of the Classrooms, Into the Union Bureaucracy
YSA: Young Sadlowskis of America

4 Interview - SYL Speaks Out As...
Racist Mobs Rampage in Boston

5 Jim Crow Ban Defeated
Black Trotskyist Speaks to Pan Africanists
Rutgers Blacks Protest Racist Attacks

6 SYL Protests
(Greensboro NC, also small articles relating to SYL protests in Ann Arbor,
Berkeley, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Francisco)

8 Silent as the Graves
(About murders in

12 Iranian Students Threatened With Deportations
Khomeini's Antics Fuel U.S. Chauvinist Backlash

78 Dec 1979/Jan 1980

1 Madman Khomeini Fuels Anti-Iranian Chauvinism
U.S. Hands Off Iran!

3 Notes of a Black Revolutionary
From the YSA to Trotskyism

4 Right Wing Students Target SYL Anti-Recruiter Demos

5 Apocalypse Now: The Lie at the Heart of Darkness

6 Slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction
(Part 1 of 2) 10 "Fight Klan Terror With a Strategy That Can Win!"
Videotape Available
"The Klan Won't Ride In the Motor City!" 12 800 Say No to Silber's Purge
Support Mounts for the B.U. Faculty Five
"It's a Question of Union-Busting"

79 Feb 1980

1 Down With Carter's Anti-Soviet War Drive!
We Will Not Be Silenced!
(About attack on a German Trotskyist by Khomeini supporters.)

2 Funds Urgently Needed
CWA Militant Sues Carter's Secret Service

3 Crime Doesn't Pay
DSOC Backs a Loser
YSA! If It Hadn't Had a Convention, Would You Know It Existed?

4 Interview With Malek Towghi
Iranian Baluchi Threatened With Deportation

5 Abolish the McCarran-Walter Act
Stop INS Exclusion of Homosexuals!
Chauvinist Anti-Iranian Deportation Order Upheld

6 Why Revolutionaries Defend the USSR
Afghanistan: Hail Red Army! 12 Dump Madman Silber!
Defend the BU Five!

80 Mar 1980

1 No to Carter's Anti-Soviet Draft!
Hail Red Army in Afghanistan
Let U.S. Athletes Go to Moscow!

2 Support Builds for Jane Margolis
Victory to the British Steel Strike!

3 YWLL: Whatever Happened to Detente?
How to Fight Carter's Anti-Soviet War Drive

4 Ann Arbor Cult/Sect Slanders Anti-Klan Demo
An Interview With "The Notorious Comrade H."

5 What is the "Revolutionary Workers Group"?
Militant Quits RWG to Join the SYL

6 Slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction
(Part 2 of 2) 10 SYL Defeats Witchhunt
Anti-McHenry Demo Polarizes Oberlin 12 Chilean Junta Collaborator Offered Harvard Post
Keep Harberger Off Campus!

81 Apr 1980

1 1,200 Protest Nazis in San Francisco
Washington: Fake-Lefts Wallow in Anti-Sovietism
Democrats Dominate Anti-Draft Demo

2 Fanshen's Hinton Embraces Carter's Draft

3 Bay Area Peaceniks Debate ROTC
SYL Protests at Berkeley...
...Excluded at S.F. State

4 Peoples College:
Andrew Young School of "Socialism"
DSOC Calls the Cops Again

5 BU Elections
SYL Campaigns Against Cold War Drive
Racist Witchhunt Targets Wayne State SYL

6 Why We Joined the SYL

9 RWD No Show at Ann Arbor Forum
RWG Loses Another One 10 L.A. SYL Protests Racist Cop Terror
YSp Sales Drive Over the Top 11 ANCAN Needs Funds 12 Shut It Down!
Victory to the Madison TA Strike
Carter Bludgeons, Bribes Olympic Committee
Bust the Olympic Boycott!

82 May 1980

1 Drop Charges Against Victims of Racist Dragnet!
Miami: Jail the Killer Cops!

2 May Day at Berkeley
Keep the Nazis on the Run!
200 Votes for Cal Berkeley SYL
SWP: Dreaming of "Free Speech" for Fascists?

3 No More Greensboros! Labor must Smash the Fascists!
CWP Zigzags Between "Third Period" and Popular Front
Defend the Greensboro Six!

4 "Outside Agitator" Ban Defeated
Carmichael/Toure Tells Blacks,
"Go Back to Africa"

5 Cops Welcomed, SYL Excluded at Kent State Memorial
WSU Protest Hits Military, FBI Recruiters

6 Lessons of the Anti-War Movement
A Militant Trade-Union Leader Speaks on the New Left

8 Harvard Conference
DSOC's Harrington Swears Fealty to Imperialism
SYL Makes People Magazine 10 Why We Joined the SYL 11 Chicagi CARD Backs Volunteer Army, Excludes SYL
Demonstrators Protest Junta Collaborator Harberger 12 SYL: "Picket Lines Mean Don't Cross!"
Lessons of the Madison Teaching Assistants Strike
Banned at Harvard:
Let 'Em See "Deep Throat"!

83 Summer 1980

1 Fight the Anti-Soviet Draft!
Capitalist Politicians Push War With Russia
District Court Rules Draft Discriminatory; But Registration Proceeds

2 SF Anti-Nazi Rally
CP/YWLL Sabotage Foiled

3 Carter's Secret Service Apologizes
Jane Wins!
Executions by Stoning
Mullah Bloodlust
(Concerning U. of Illinois "outside Agitator" Ban)

4 Madison: No Reprisals Against TAA Strike Supporters!

5 SWP on the Draft:
"Consistent Democracy" Equals Race, Sex, Class Privilege

6 Drive ROTC Off Campus!
Merritt College

7 "The Best Type of Bolshevik"
(Article by Trotsky)

8 Black Workers Must Rule!
Smash Apartheid!

Why we Joined the SYL

84 Sept 1980

1 Carter, Reagan, Anderson
Right-Wing Yahoos Race for the White House
A Workers Poland-Yes!
The Pope's Poland-No!

2 After SYL Protests Harberger at UC
Poison Pen Polemic Pollutes Campus

3 Olympic Boycott Flops

4 Why We Joined the Spartacus Youth League

5 Madison Afghanistan Debate

6 Wayne State Arson Frame-Up Targets SYL
Nasty Lies or Murder Set-Up?

7 Protest Petition to South End 11 Cub Reporter's Shocking Expose:
SYL Recruits Humans! 12 Draft Registration Brought Back
SYL Fights Anti-Sovietism at Anti-Draft Protests
Give "Baby Dissident" Back to Parents
State Department Kidnaps Soviet Kid

85 Oct 1980

1 Mobilize Labor and Blacks to Smash the Klan!
Connecticut Cross Burnings
Down With Iraqi Colonels, Iranian Mullahs!
Turn the Guns Around!

2 Steelworker vs. RWG
"Picket Lines Mean Don't Cross"

3 Abbie, Jerry: Yippies Turned Babbitt
What Happened at the Jerry Rubin Talk?

4 BU: Student Government Opposes Anti-Soviet War Drive
ROTC Off Campus!
SYL Anti-ROTC Motions
Star Spangled Banter
Maoists Debate: All the Way With the USA?

5 On Heels of Arson Frame-Up at Wayne State
SYL Narrowly Wins Budget Fight
YSA For Sale?
Madison: Stop Anti-Porn Crusaders!
Is It True...She's Off Men?
(About Anita Bryant)

6 Leninism vs. Stalinism on the United Front
What Strategy to Fight Fascism?

8 April 30, 1980
Changed Your Mind, PL?

9 Protest NBC Platform for KKK 11 Coleman Needs Cash
SWP Builds Platform for Klansman Metzger 12 Join Students for Coleman!
It's Time for a Worker's Party!
Diana Coleman for S.F. Supervisor

86 Nov 1980

1 Carter's Cold War Puts In Reagan
Enough! It's time for a Worker's Party!
Killer Klan/Nazis Acquitted---Protest Racist "Justice" in Greensboro!

2 Coleman Runs for S.F. Supervisor
Trotskyist Campaign Draws Student Support
Over 7,000 Vote for Spartacist Party Candidate!

3 Guardian Angels: Subway Vigilantes of Racist Law and Order

4 Interview With Black Ex-Marine
Down With the Imperialist Armed Forces!

5 Seventh National Conference
Join the SYL
Young Spartacus Gains Hundreds of New Subscribers!

6 Q: How Does the SWP Fight Fascism?
A: It Doesn't!
Detroit, San Francisco, Evanston: Where Were They?

8 Evanston: Mass Demonstration Routs Nazi Scum

9 Democrats Pet Socialist
Harrington Pushes "Miserable Compromise"
RWG Guru Flees Own Debate 11 Free Cathy Wilkerson! 12 Protest Racist Klitgaard Report!
For Open Admissions! Nationalize Harvard!
600 Students Say: "Nuke Duke!"
SYL Solidarity Message to Anti-Duke Protestors

87 Dec 1980-Jan 1981

1 Reagan Reaction Targets Blacks, Unions. USSR
For Labor/Black Mobilization to
Smash the Klan!
Hundreds of Students Protest the Greensboro Verdict

2 - Editorial Notes
Drop All Charges Against Bernadine Dohrn!
"Progressive" Student Conference: Left Wing of the Moral Majority?

From Bra-Burning to Book-Burning

3 SWP Tails Grenada Nationalists
Socialism on One Isle?

4 Protest Racist Justice in Greensboro!

5 CWP Greensboro Anti-Klan Conference
Labor/Black Defense vs. Pop Front "Unity"
Resolution to the Anti-Klan Conference

6 1,200 Students Say:
Oust South End Apologists for Klan/Nazi Terror!
Campus Newspapers Condemn Racist "Justice" in North Carolina

7 Petition the South End Refused to Print
...South End Apologizes for Fascist Murderers!

8 Statement to the Board of Governors
(Of Wayne State) 10 SYL vs. CWP at Harvard
What Strategy to Fight Racist Attacks? 11 Corrections
(concerns the historical origins of SL/SYL) 12 Line Shift on Afghanistan
SWP Joins Anti-Soviet Chorus
The Murder of John Lennon

88 Feb 1981

1 Obscene Imperialist Coronation

2 Inauguration of a Workers State
Shah's SAVAK/CIA Torture
U.S. Hostages in Captivity

3 Report from YSA Convention
Reformist Pep Rally
Ann Arbor Hug-In
Revolutionaries Cream PUHF

4 Classroom No Refuge From Trotskyist Politics
Professor Angela Davis Gets a Lesson

5 Martin Luther King:
Martyred Misleader

6 Revolutionary Will vs. Petty-Bourgeois Despair

7 The Role of Personality
(From a book review by Trotsky)

9 DSOC Youth Proud to be...
"Watchdogs" Against the Left
Nuttle Nailed 10 Letter
(Concerns campus newspaper editorials commenting on Greensboro Trial) 11 Bernadine Devlin Shot-
Outrage! 12 Military Victory to Left-Wing Insurgents!
U.S. Hands Off El Salvador!
Break With Capitalist Politicians!
For Workers Revolution in Central America!
Chicago SYL Demo-
Defense of USSR/Cuba Begins in El Salvador!

89 Mar 1981

1 Reagan/Haig War Lust
Defense of USSR/Cuba Begins in El Salvador!
U.S. Sends Them to Their Deaths
Asylum for Salvadoran Refugees!

2 RWL/OCC Strikes Out in Ann Arbor
For a Campus-Wide Union!
SCAMI Slander Denounced at S.F. State

3 WSU Administration Saves Burnett's Ass
Oust South End Apologists for Klan/Nazi Murder!
Liberal Moralists Besiege "Fort Apache"

4 French Trotskyists Demand:
Workers Defense Guards to Smash the Fascists!

5 Anti-"Extremist" Laws Threaten Left
What's Wrong With CP's "Ban the Klan"?

6 Feminists Join "Moral Majority" Anti-Pornography Crusade
From Bra-Burning to Book-Burning

7 California Anti-Teen Sex Law
Government Out of the Bedroom! 10 Problematic Priorities
United Front Fails to Stand Together 11 Reformist Burlesque at Anti-Draft Confab 12 Hundreds in SYL-Led Demos Demand:
Military Victory to El Salvador Leftists!
Demonstrate at Brandeis March 9
NSA Spies Off Campus!
U.S. Hands Off El Salvador!

90 Apr 1981

1 Defense of USSR/Cuba Begins in El Salvador!
Smash the Junta!
March With the Anti-Imperialist Contingent, May 3!

2 Letters-
Angela Davis Sees Red
Brandeis Students Join SYL

3 Stalinist Bureaucracy Breeds Anti-Marxism
Polish Student Protests
Give 'em Hell, Miners!

4 A Revolutionary Fighter:
Kote Tsintsadze 1887-1931

5 Marching Toward Black Liberation
In Memory of Colonel Shaw and the 54th
Klan Gets Bloody Nose

6 Military Victory to Left-Wing Insurgents!

7 CISPES Sabotages Asylum for Salvadoran Refugees
No Deportations!

8 Madison El Salvador Pop-Frontists Expel Militant
Protest SWP Thuggery for CISPES!

9 "NSA, Killers of Che!
Spies Off Campus!"
(Cartoon) 10 Madison Anti-Porn Feminists "Censor" SYL 12 No Platform for Nazi Carlson!
Black Anger in Atlanta
Cops Are Racist Killers, Not Protectors!

91 May 1981

1 Anti-Imperialist Contingent-May 3
Military Victory to Salvadoran Leftists!
U.S./OAS Hands Off Central America!
March With the Anti-Imperialist Contingent, May 3!

3 Events for Anti-Imperialist Contingent
Tour for the Anti-Imperialist Contingent
El Salvador Eyewitness

4 We Have a World to Win!
Join the SYL
Letters From New Members

6 From the Arsenal of Marxism
Defend the USSR!
SWP Telegram to Stalin

7 Twenty Years After Bay of Pigs
Defend Cuba!
Defend Cuba and Russia!

9 Correction
(Correcting the date of Kote Tsintsadze's death from 1931 to 1937) 10 May 3: Look for the Egg on Their Faces
SWP Violence-Baiters Outmaneuvered
SWP Welcomes Mr. "Reform by Death"
(CIA operative will speak at conference) 11 Maoist/Black Nationalist Campaign Defeated
SYL Wins Student Charter at Laney 12 Victory to the Miner's Strike!
The Miners' Fight is Our Fight!
PL "Picks Up the Gun" for Uncle Sam

92 Summer 1981:

1 Hundreds March in Anti-Imperialist Contingent
Leftists Must Win in El Salvador!

2 Me-Decade McCarthyism at Columbia
Spectator Lies Refuted
Sales Drive Success Builds Anti-Imperialist Contingent

3 "Revolution or Death!"
El Salvador Fact Sheet

5 "Anti-Imperialism Abroad Means Class Struggle at Home"
Speeches at Anti-Imperialist Contingent Rally Washington, D.C. May 3

6 May 3 Anti-Imperialists Join SYL
"Take a Side-Join Us!"
Lenin: "Recruit More Widely and Boldly" 11 Ann Arbor Sect Endorses Pop Front on El Salvador
RWL: We Know Which Side You're On! 12 Trotskyist Debates CWP, AAPRP
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
Smash H-Block! Avenge Murdered Hunger Strikers!
British Troops Out of Northern Ireland Now!

93 Sept 1981

1 Union-Busting and Racist Reaction
Reagan's Anti-Soviet War Drive Comes Home

2 SL/SYL Launch Subscription Drive
Fight for Socialism! Join the SYL!
From "Hail Khomeini" to "Hate Khomeini!"
Iranian Left in Turmoil

3 Angola Invasion Kicks Off Springboks U.S. Tour
Racist Reagan Backs Apartheid Butchers

4 SL/SYL Sue California Attorney General Deukmejian
Spartacist League: Workers Party Has the Right to Organize!
SL Suit Needs $$$

5 Young Spartacus Supplement to YWLL Convention:
We are the Party of the Russian Revolution!

6 From Protest to Power
What Spartacists Fought for in the Vietnam Antiwar Movement
(Part 1)
Telegram to Ho Chi Minh

9 Free Anti-Khomeini Protestors! 10 Drop Charges Against Draft "Resisters"! 11 Stars & Stripes Stalinists: YWLL Courts USSA 12 For a Socialist Fight to Defend Labor/Black Detroit!
Vote Andrews/Weekly Spartacist Candidates for City Council!

94 Oct 1981

1 Reagan: Strikebreaker, Anti-Soviet Warmaker
For Labor Action to Bring Down Reagan!

2 Sam Marcy in Bed with Bella
"All-Peoples" Congress-
Class-Collaborationist Scam
Ex-YAWFer Joins SYL

3 Luxemburg/Lenin Not Walesa/Wojtyla!
Stop Solidarity's Counterrevolution!
Spartacist Campaign in Detroit City Council Elections
"Labor/Black Defense Against Klan Terror!"

4 McCarthyites in Racist Censorship Drive
Free Speech Fight at Wayne State

5 Madison SYL Calls United Front Demo
"CIA Spies Off Campus!"
Madison, September 19
Stalinist Exc;usion Misses the Bus

6 From Protest to Power
What Spartacists Fought For in the Vietnam Antiwar Movement
(Part 2)

7 Telegram:
Defend the DRV-NLF!
(Sent to the embassies of the USSR and China asking them to support N. Vietnam after the mining of Haiphong harbor)

9 Is There Sex After Reagan?
(Cartoon) 10 SYL vs. Univ. of Illinois Chicago Cirvle
Settlement Breaks "Outside Agitator" Ban 11 Stop Deukmejian Witchhunt!
SL California Suit Needs $$$ 12 Smash the Racist U.S./South Africa Axis!
San Francisco: 5,000 Protest Salvadoran Junta Terror
"Duarte Asesino!"

95 Nov 1981

1 Down With Reagan's Anti-Soviet War Drive!

2 Workers Vanguard/Young Spartacus Subscription Drive Success
Sam Marcy Plays Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Report from All-Peoples Congress

3 Smash Apartheid-For Workers Revolution!
SYL vs. YWLL at South Africa Confab
Maoist Running Dogs on El Salvador: "No Comment"

4 Racist Witchhunt Defeated
Free Speech Victory at Wayne State!
Vote SYL at S.F. State!

5 SYL: "Drive DIA Spies Off Campus!"
Ann Arbor "Leftists" Embrace Imperialist Mass Murderers

6 We Are the Party of the Russian Revolution

7 Solidarnosc: Polish Company Union for CIA and Bankers

8 Harrington Harpooned
DSOV vs. Voltaire
Strangling the Last King with the Entrails of the Last Priest

9 Jail the Killer Cops, Murderers of Ron Settles! 12 For Labor/Black Mobilization to
Smash Fascist Scum!
SYL Initiates Anti-Fascist Demo at UMass Amherst
UMass: Reinstate Socialist Organization!

96 Dec 1981- Jan 1982

1 Workers: Bring Down Reagan/Haig!
No Cold War Blockade!
Defense of Cuba/USSR Begins in El Salvador!

2 Defeat DeuKmajian's McCarthyite Smear!
California SL/SYL Suit Needs $$$
The Cardinal School of Falsification
(Relates to the U. Of Wisconsin's (Madison) campus newspaper, "The Cardinal,"
and their coverage, or lack of it, of SYL's role in a demonstration supporting
the Teaching Assistant's strike)
Racist Reagan's Haitian Victims

3 Solidarnosc' Harvard Agents: Moonies, Dems, and Reaganites
SYL Foils Right-Wing Disruption

4 Wayne State, Stanford Campus Debates
SYL Slams Anti-Communist DSOC

5 Amherst, Madison: SYL Confronts Iranian Leftists
No to Bani-Sadr! For Workers Revolution Against Butcher Khomeini!
Berkeley SYL Protests While SAINTES Liberals Hide
"Duarte, Vorster, Pinochet- These Are the Friends of the NSA!"

6 We Are the Party of the Russian Revolution!

8 SL/SYL Calls for Labor/Black Struggle
Carmichael Peddles Pan-Africanist Fantasies

9 CP/YWLL Tails Anti-Soviet Liberals
Report From Madison "Peace Conversion" Conference 10 Eyewitness Accounts Refute Yun
(Statements from participants in SYL's Nov. 12 forum about Solidarity) 12 Wayne State SYL Demands:
South End Racist Editor Has to Go!
Stop South End's Racist Trash!

97 Feb 1982

1 Stop Reagan's Jim Crow Offensive!
Poland: Reagan's Rollback?

2 Editorial Note-
Moral Majority Goes Ape Over Monkey Trial
Jail the Murderers of Ron Settles!
Killer Cops Walk

3 SL/SYL Wins California Smear Case

4 Pilsudskiite Nationalism and Stalinist Treachery
Origins of Solidarnosc Counterrevolution

5 Hungary 1956 vs Solidarnosc

6 The Strange Case of Charles Brockunier '62
Letters to Ms. Yun

7 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
(Student politics at Harvard)

8 The Crimson File
(Excerpts from the Harvard "Crimson" and the "N.Y. Times"
relating to the settlement of a suit against the "Crimson"
by two black students whose pictures were inappropriately
used to illustrate an article about an SL demonstration)

9 The Price of Victory
(Discusses the costs of the SL/SYL suit against CA A.G. Deukmajian) 12 Strange Things Under Harvard's Rocks
(Differing views about Solidarity)
Victims of "Veritas"
(Photos illustrating Harvard's response to dissent)

98 Mar 1982

1 Workers Revolution-Our "Political Solution"
Military Victory to Salvadoran Leftists!

2 SYL: For Revolutionary Integrationism!
Black Nationalist Demagogues at UCLA

3 Toni Randall
8 November 1943-12 February 1982

4 SYL Celebrates Victory at Harvard
More Strange Things Under Harvard's Rocks
Dean Epps Strikes (Out) Again
What's $alient at Harvard?
The Salient
Prisoners of Convenience

5 Madison PSO Caught With Its Pants Down
Drop the Charges Against the Holyoke 45!

6 El Salvador Protests: SYL vs. Pro-Imperialist Doves
"We Call for Rebel Victory! They Call the Cops!
(N.Y. march Feb. 20)
"I Felt I had to Choose a Side Then and There..."

7 "Remember Bay of Pigs! Remember Vietnam!
Democratic Party- We Know Which Side You're On!"
(Boston Protest Rally February 13)

8 Madison
(SYL rally February 25)

9 RWL: Scabs for Solidarosc 10 SL/SYL Launch March Sales Drive 11 Rosa Luxembourg: Poland's Greatest Contribution to Revolution
Solidarnosc: A Man's World 12 University of Chicago
Pinochet Adviser's Son Tries to Mow Down Anti-Junta Protesters
Jail Paul Harberger!
Defend South African Black Activist!
Don't Deport Dennis Brutus!

99 Apr 1992

1 March 27 El Salvador Protest
Our "Political Solution": Workers Revolution!
Cops Seal Off Left

2 Jail Richard Moss!
Eco-Racist Stabs Black at S.F. State
Editorial Notes-
The First Lady's New Clothes
Would-be Hit Man for Chilean Junta
Jail Paul Harberger!

3 NYC Anti-Imperialist Rally
El Salvador: Revolution or Death!

4 "Blacks Don't Cry for Polish Solidarnosc"
Black Marxist Speaks on Fighting Reagan Racism
Iran, Afghanistan
Down With the Veil!

5 French Trotskyists vs. CP on Poland
Anti-Soviet Thugs Foiled at Tolbiac Campus
Ligue Trotskyste Debate Challenge to Tolbiac UEC

6 Take a Side! Join Us!

7 Labor Contingent Marches for Rebel Victory

8 Harvard SYL: "Marines Off Campus!" 12 Victory for SL-Organized Mobilization in Ann Arbor
2,000 Run Nazi Scum Out of Town!

100 May 1982

1 Only Socialist Revolution Can End Imperialist War!
War Criminals Lead Cold War "Peace" Movement
2 Squalid Chauvinism Explodes Anti-Soviet Alliance
Falklands War Blows Up in Reagan's Face
West Coast, Boston Locals Pace Spring Circulation Drive

3 SL/SYL Wins Eyewitness to Salvador Popular Front Betrayal
Still Fronting for "State Department Socialism"
You Haven't Come a Long Way, Gloria

4 Youth Join at Spartacist Educational Conferences
Build the Revolutionary Party!

5 SL/Britain Educational Conference a Success

6 Poland's Communist Tradition
Hail Rosa Luxemburg!

7 Rosa Luxemburg: The Road to Peace 11 March 20 Anti-Nazi Demo a Victory!
Stop Liberal Witchhunt! 12 El Salvador: "AIFLD, Labor Front for the Bourgeoisie"
SYL Protests Reagan's INS Raids

101 Summer 1982

1 Kennedy, Reagan Talk Peace, Make War
Cold War "Peace" Hoax

2 Angela's Alibis
CP No Friend of Gays
CP/YWLL's Divestment Backfires
Protest Reprisals Against Samuel Smith!
Ivy League Racist Outrage

3 Pinochet Punk Tried to Run Down Communists
Criminal Harberger Set Loose
"Ship Him to 'Nam to Be Tried, Laird is Guilty of Genocide!"

4 Mark Twain Against Slavery
From the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

5 Stop Santa Cruz Nazi-Loving Punks!

6 Poland's Communist Tradition
Hail Rosa Luxemburg! 11 Victory at Wayne State
Racist Editor Lee Quits, Cursing SYL
CP Press, August 1945
(Cartoon from the "Daily Worker" hailing Truman's A-Bombing of Hiroshima) 12 Finishing the Civil War
Huck Finn in Racist America

102 Sept 1982

1 Imperialists, Israeli Butchers: Get Out!
No to the Imperialist "Peace-keeping" in Lebanon
For a Socialist Federation of the Near East!

2 Jail Richard Moss!
Protest Racist "Justice" in SF!
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution! Join the SYL!

3 SYL vs. Harvard...Again
Better Red Than Crimson!
From Harvard Fight Song to Nazi March

4 Drop Charges Against Non-Registrants! Free Sasway!
No to the Anti-Soviet Draft!

5 More on the Rotting Corpse of Social Democracy
YSp Reporter at DSA Youth Confab

6 Defend the Gains of the Russian Revolution!
Political Revolution, Hungary 1956 vs. Solidarnosc Counterrevolution
(Part one of two) 10 PL/InCAR in Frenzy Over Chicago Anti-Nazi Demo
PL's Gusano Pal Assaults Black SYLer in Madison 12 SL/SYL Organizes 3,000 in Chicago to...
Smash Klan/Nazi Terror Through Labor/Black Mobilization!

103 Oct 1982

1 Imoperialists, Israeli Troops Out of Lebanon!
Reagan/Begin's Massacre
"Peacekeepers" Genocide
Smash Reagan's Anti-Soviet War Drive from San Salvador to Beirut!

2 Smash Marcos' Bloody Dictatorship
Defend the Right to Strike!
Jersey Teachers Jailed
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution! Join the SYL!
SL/SYL Launch Subscription Drive

3 Behind the Black Students' Boycott
Smash Jim Crow at Harvard!
Boycott Enrages the Establishment

5 SL/SYL Emergency Protest Demand
"West Beirut--Never Again!
Smash Zionist Terror!"

6 Defend the Gains of the Russian Revolution!
Political Revolution, Hungary 1956 vs. Solidarnosc Counterrevolution
(Part two of two) 10 For Labor/Black Mobilizations to Smash Racist Terror!
Jail the Killers of UN Nigerian Student Sani Tela!
12 You Can't Fight Reagan With Democrats!
Spartacist Candidates in S.F.
We Need a Workers Party!
Spartacist to Dellums:
"You're Part of the Problem"

104 Nov 1982

1 Boston: Klan Thrown Back
Smash the Klan!
Cops Riot Against Anti-Klan Protesters

2 Free Sasway, Eller, Schmucker!
The University as Military Fink
Workers Vanguard, Young Spartacus Subscription Drive Success

3 SYL Fights McCarthyism at Chicago Loop College
Oust Derek Shelton!

4 "Rent-an-Ex-Black-Militant" Eldridge Cleaver Shouted Down
No Reprisals Against Madison Anti-Moonie Demonstrators!

5 "Soviet Imperialism" is the Pentagon/CIA Line
RCP: Left Fringe of Reagan's Cold War Drive

6 Root Cause of the Depression
Exploitation, Profit and Capitalist Crisis 12 Spartacist Candidates Bring Class-Struggle Campaign to S.F. State
Detroit Auto Militant at Boston Forum
Black Leadership is Key

105 Dec 1982/Jan 1983

1 We Stopped the Klan!

2 "I Want to be Working With This Organization for the Big One"
S.F. State Women's Center Activists Join SYL
In Wake of Washington Anti-Klan Success...
SYL Thwarts Loop College Witchhunters

3 Escaping "Back to Africa"
AARP to Black People: Don't Fight the Klan!

4 Abandoned Blacks to Nazis June 17
PL "Moral Majority Socialists"

5 Defend the USSR!
Reagan's Anti-Soviet Cold War Drive Fuels Klan/Nazi Terror!

7 Rally Speeches

8 Urgent! Send Money!
(For the Labor/Black Mobilization to Stop the KKK in Washington, D.C.
November 27)

9 Stop the Witchhunt Against PL!
Drop the Charges Against Madison Anti-Moonie Protesters! 10 SL/SYL Protests Butcher Begin in L.A.
Harvard: Epps Backs Off 12 Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
Finish the Civil War!
Class-War Heroes Against Slavery

106 Feb 1983

1 U.S. Strangeloves Plan Nucl

ar First Strike

2 Presence of Malice?
"Daily Cal" Retracts Violence-Baiting Slander
The letter the "Daily Cal" Refused to Print...

3 Spartacist Mobilization Stops Klan; PL "Self-Criticizes"
Why PL/InCAR Can't Fight Fascism

4 Report From the YSA Convention
Race-Baiting and Anti-Trotskyism in Barnestown

6 WL and RWL: Anti-Anti-Klan
Why Do They Sound Like Racists?

7 "Unity" With Democrats Against Anti-Klan Demo
Where Was the Communist Party November 27?

8 SYL Public Events for BlaCk History Month
Labor/Black Mobilization Shakes Washington
"We Stopped the Klan!"
Eyewitness Accounts
Video Showing
Spartacist Labor-Centered Mobilizations Stop Fascist Provocations!
Endorsers, Labor/Black Mobilization to Stop the KKK November 27

9 Anti-Klan Benefit a Big Success! 11 Merritt SYL Demo:
No Tuition! Defend Ethnic Studies! 12 Reagan's Black Front Men Wield the Ax in Washington, D.C.
Defend the UDC 3,876!
Reagan Cuts, Killer Cops, No Jobs, Black Youth Fight for Survival.
Thousands Rallied to Stop KKK in D.C.

107 March 1983

1 For Workers Revolution in El Salvador!
No Negotiated Sellout!
Leftist Rebels Must Win the War!

2 San Francisco State
SYL Rally Ruffles "Phoenix" Feathers
Norfolk State Paper on Anti-Klan Demo
The Echo of Media Lies

3 For a Mass Mobilization of Labor, Minorities and Students
Stop Race-Terror in Madison!

4 How to Fight the Nazis/KKK
For a Workers' United Front Against Fascism
(Article by Trotsky)

6 SYL Fights for Class-Struggle Road to Black Liberation
Wayne State SYL Video Showing
The Klan Doesn't Ride in Moscow!
Join the SYL!
November 27; 5,000 Stop the Klan--
CP Nowhere in Sight
SYL Confronts Angela Davis

7 Ronald Reagan's Cheek
Howard Students: 1
Administration: 0

8 Black History Month
Stop the Deportation of Dennis Brutus!
Anti-Apartheid Activist Denounces Polish Solidarnosc
Stokeley Sees Red 10 Kirkpatrick Run Out; 4,000 Rally Against Fee Hikes
Student Protest Hits Berkeley 11 Spartacist Candidate on the Ballot
Martha Phillips for Oakland City Council! 12 No Jim Crow at UMass Boston!
Stop the Regents Racist Rollback!
Screw the "Squeal Rule"!

108 Apr 1983

1 Nicaragua:
Crush Reagan's Invasiuon!
"Roach Motels for the CIA-
They Check in and There They Stay!"

2 Letters-
On the SYL's Anti-Cutback Strategy
Sometimes Our Comrades Blow It

3 "Ambassador" of Mass Murder
Extradite Kirkpatrick to Salvadoran Liberated Zone!
Kirkpatrick Must Be Tried By Her Victims!

4 Black Machine Democrat Wins Chicago Primary
White Racist Backlash in "Segregation City"
UMass Students Protest Regents' Racist Rollback

5 Fanatsies of the "Talented Tenth"
Pan-Africanism vs. Class Struggle
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!

6 No Negotiated Sellout-Leftist Rebels Must Win the War!
El Salvador Aflame! 11 Herschel Walker Runs Into Bourgeois Racist Hypocrisy 12 Cop Killed 5-Year-Old Child, Now Black Mother is Tortured!
Stop This Racist Outrage!
Spartacist Candidate for Oakland City Council Says "Jail Killer Cop!"

109 May 1983

1 Military Victory to Salvadoran Leftists!
Smash U.S. Imperialism in Central America!
Defense of Cuba/USSR Begins in Central America!
Vietnam Was a Victory! 2,3,Many Defeats for U.S. Imperialism!
Hands Off Vietnam!

2 SYL Launches Opponents of ROTC
"Friends of ROTC" Slither Out From Harvard's Rocks

3 Keep Kirkpatrick on the Run!

4 CP Reformists Launch New Youth Group--But
Real Communists Don't Crawl for the Democrats

6 Lessons of the Russian Revolution

9 Oakland: 1,500 Vote Spartacist
Telegram to Ho Chi Minh 10 Military "Invades" UIC
SYL Protests ROTC "War Games" 11 SYL UCLA Demo: Defend Nicaragua! 12 Labor/Black Struggle vs. Black Democrats
Harold Washington to Black Chicago:
Cutbacks, Layoffs, Cop Terror

110 Summer 1983

1 Two,Three,Many Defeats for U.S. Imperialism in Central America!
Vietnam Was a Victory!

2 Editorial Notes-

Finish the Civil War!
Stop Racist Rampage at Ole Miss!
Yellow Rain: Bee Shit!

3 20 Years Ago Malcolm X Called it "The Farce on Washington"
For Labor/Black Struggle!
Not Democratic Party Rallies!

4 Harvard Loves Walesa, Hates Local 26
Harvard Up Against the Ivy Wall

5 Mass Expulsions in Nigeria, State Terror in Zimbabwe
AAPRP Peddles Myth of Pan-Africanist Utopia
African Liberation Day Flops

6 Spartacist League/Spartacus Youth League
Launch Suit Against Moonie Libel
Libel That Kills
We Need Lots of Money to Fight Moonie Libel

7 Black Press Covers Anti-Klan Victory

8 "Stop Death Cargos to El Salvador"
Militant Longshoreman Beats Witchhunt 11 UC Santa Cruz
SYL Turns Guerilla Theatre Into Anti-Imperialist Protest 12 Smash Apartheid! For Workers Revolution in South Africa!
Avenge Murdered Black-ANC Fighters

111 Sept 1983

1 Don't Mess With Russia!
KAL 007: U.S. War Provocation
Reagan's Story Stinks!

2 Big Bucks and Anti-Communism
Moonie Machinations in Latin America

3 Berkeley SAINTES Bows to Anti-Sovietism
Defense of Cuba and USSR Begins in Central America!

4 You Can't Fight the Moonies Without the Money

5 U.S. Out of Indian Ocean! For the Right of Tamil Eelam!
Anti-Tamil Massacre in Sri Lanka

6 The Russian Revolution and the Fight for Black Liberation

9 On the Soviet Bureaucracy
"All Cats Are Grey in the Dark"
(Discusses the visual profile of the 747 KAL passenger plane
and its similarity to U.S. Reconnaissance jets) 12 Democrats' "Dream"-Nightmare for Blacks
August 27: Farce on Washington II
SYL Protests at Wayne State
"Down With Coleman Young's Racist Curfew!"

112 Oct 1983

1 Reagan Drives Toward World War III
Defend the Soviet Union!
Russia to Reagan: "Don't Try It!"

2 Editorial Notes-
Democratic "Socialist" Austerity
Santa Cruz DSA Sticks it to City Workers
Action, Harvard DSA-Style:
"Go Out and Meet a Millionaire Friend"

3 Exchange With a Howard University Reader
Yes, Harold Washington Betrays Black Chicago
Victory to Chicago Teachers Strike!
Union-Busting Fuels Racist Backlash

4 SYL Fights Anti-Communist Censorship at Howard U.
Who is Bobby Seale and What is He Afraid Of?

5 Cult Leader Moon Unleashes...
Campus Shock Troops for Anti-Soviet Drive

6 Libel That Kills
Are You a Target of the Moonies?
The Libel
What Does Moon Want?

7 The Targets
We Need Your Help

8 Feiffer

9 On "Unconditional Military Defense" 10 With Friends Like These..
(Discussion of the Communist Party's
stance toward the Soviet Union) 12 Down With Jim Crow "Justice"!
Wayne State Rally Demands:
Save the Taylors!
Defend Ray and Lauren!
Bay Area Phone Workers Fight Racist Frame-Up

113 Nov 1983

1 U.S. Hands Off the World!
Reagan is War Crazy!
Defend the Soviet Union!
Anti-Imperialism Abroad Means Class Struggle at Home!

2 PL crazies Run Amok in Chicago
Stalinists Without a Country
Subscription Drive Success

3 James Cheek: Reagan's Black McCarthy
Stop Anti-Radical Witchhunt at Howard University!

4 New Guidelines: McCarthyism With a Drawn Gun
Spartacist League/SYL Sue FBI

5 $$$ Needed to Fight FBI Red-Hunt

6 "No South African-Style Justice in Oakland!"

7 "Picket Lines Mean Don't Cross!"
Labor Backs Lauren and Ray

8 Howard U. Students Defend Lauren and Ray

9 Smashing Performance at Blues Benefit for Lauren and Ray! 11 On the Slogan "Marines Out of Lebanon, Now, Alive!"
Imperialist War, the Armed Forces and Revolution 12 Hundreds March in Oakland Protest
"Freedom and Jobs Back for Lauren and Ray!"
"The Greatest" Backs Lauren and Ray Defense

114 Dec 1983/Jan 1984

1 1984: Reagan Wants War!
El Salvador
U.S. Hands Off the World!

2 Exchange With the RCL-(I)
Trotskyism vs. "True" Marcyism

3 Down With Harvard's Nuclear Family
K-School Think Tank for WWIII Must Go!

4 Fight Against Racist Anti-Labor Frame-Up Continues
Freedom and Jobs Back for Lauren and Ray!

5 Down With "Separate and Unequal"!
Cheek Tries the Iron Fist at Howard

6 Moonie Libel Targeted November 27 Anti-Klan Victory-But We Won!
It Takes Big Bucks to Beat the Moonies
A Record of Victories for Workers' Rights
Deukmajian Retracts "Terrorist" Smear
Secret Service Apologizes to Jane Margolis

7 "Moonies Against Our Children"

9 Epps Kills the Dead 11 "State-Supported Terrorism":
Made in the U.S.A. 12 SL/SYL Win Retraction of Deadly Libel
We Beat the Moonies!
"Satan": 1
The Labor-Black Mobilization march story

115 Feb 1984

1 U.S. Get Your Bloody Hands Off the World!
Salvadoran Rebels: Go For Victory Now!
Smash Reagan's Death Squad Terror!

2 Black History Month Events
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
Black Education and the Civil War

3 No Reprisals Against Anti-Weinberger Protesters!
1984: Harvard Braintrusts World War
Hands Off the SYL!
Globe vs. Crimson: The Harvard "Troubles"

4 Moonie Washington Times Retraction
"A Victory for Truth Over Lies"
Interview With Ex-Moonie Ford Greene

5 Stop the Racist Anti-Labor Frame-Up of Mozee and Palmiero!
Defense Effort Needs Funds
Houston and Etta Bring the House Down
D.C. Benefit Success

6 The Man That Liberals Feared and Hated
Malcolm X: Courageous Fighter for Black Liberation
(Part One of Two)

7 Malcolm X
(Reprinted from Spartacist No 4 May-June 1965) 12 Why Racist Democratic Party Needs Jesse Jackson
Hustling Black Votes for Mondale

116 Mar 1984

1 Drop the Charges Against the SYL Four!
Drive War Criminals Off Campus!
Death Squad "Democracy" Comes to UCLA

2 Fight the New McCarthyism!
Editorial Note-
Report From the YCL Conference
Star-Spangled Stalinists

3 Reply to Howard University "Hilltop"
Marxism vs. Black Nationalism
Cheek's House Organ: "The Big Lie" And the SYL Controversy

4 SYL Tours Virginia Campuses
The Class-Struggle Road to Black Liberation

6 The Man That Liberals Feared and Hated
Malcolm X: Courageous Fighter for Black Liberation
(Part Two of Two)

7 Malcolm X on Racist America

9 Talk About the Rotting Corpse of Social Democracy...
DSA "Die-Ins" Won't Drive Marines Off Campus! 12 Protesters Demand: "Stop the Racist Railroad!"
Freedom and Jobs Back for Lauren and Ray!
Spartacist Educationals
War and Revolutions
Historical Materialism in Practice
From the Great French Revolution to the Paris Commune
World War I and the Russian Revolution
Germany 1919-1933: Revolution and Counterrevolution

117 Apr 1984

1 Smash U.S. Anti-Soviet War Moves in Central America!
Salvadoran "Elections by Death": Made in U.S.A.
Military Victory to Salvadoran Leftist Insurgents!

2 Editorial Notes-
To Hell With School Prayer!
Poland: The Cross of Counterrevolution

3 Dumb Moonie Stunt at Cal
SYL Response to Berkeley Moonies

5 CIA Murder, Inc. Comes to Oberlin
SYL Protests as "Third Campists" Squirm

6 "How We Drove the Confederate Flag From Ole Miss"
Interview With Southern Black Student Leader
Finish the Civil War!

7 Smash the Klan! 11 If the Shoe Were on the Other Foot, Then... 12 Drop the Charges Against the SYL Four!
UCLA SYL Protests Reagan's Butchers

118 May 1984

1 Reagan: Anti-Communist Nut
Russians Stand Up to U.S. Olympics Provocations

2 Letters-
Blacks and School Prayer
Racist Massacre at Fort Pillow, 1864
"Swing Further, Wider"

3 Coup in Fort Honduras
"Free Speech" for Hitler!?!
Yet Another Harvard Obscenity

4 "Drop the Charges Against SYL Four!"

5 SYL Calls for Military Victory to Salvadoran Leftist Rebels!
Berkeley SAICA Calls the Cops!

6 Long Live the French Revolution!
(Part One of Two)

9 Educating the Youth
"The Dirty Dictionary"
(A dictionary of Obscenities in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Rusian) 10 Spartacist Forum
We Tore Down the Flag of Slavery and the KKK!
Finish the Civil War!
Civil War Brewing Over Confederate Flag in San Francisco 11 Spartacists
A viable Alternative?
(Reprinted from the "Harvard Crimson," May 5. 1984)
Lauren and Ray Won't Go to Jail 12 "We Tore Down the Flag of Slavery!"
Hail Ritchie Bradley--Curse "Dixie Dianne" Feinstein!

119 Summer 1984

1 Democrats: Deadly Trap
We Need a Workers Party to Smash Reagan Reaction!
Victory to Arizona Copper Strikers!
Full Citizenship Rights to Foreign-Born Workers!
Down With the racist Simpson-Mazzoli Bill!

2 Editorial Note-
Sinister Farrakhan Met with Racist Backlash at Northwestern University
PL Blocks with Zionists, Racists Against Black Demagogue
International Subscription Policy

3 An American Crook in Cuba
Castro Outsmarts U.S. (Again

4 Exchange with Shactman's Bastard Children
Thank You, LRP?
Young Spartacus Replies

5 Reinstate Willie Ludlow! Dump Fred Starr!
Oberlin Sit-In Protests Witchhunt

6 Long Live the Power of the French Revolution!
(Part Two of Two)

7 Hail the Paris Commune of 1871! 12 "Dixie Dianne" Feinstein Meets Her Vicksburg
Anti-Slavery Flag Flies in S.F.!
Confederate Flag Down For Good!

120 Sept 1984

1 Reagan Wants War-Defend the Soviet Union!
Class Struggle to Smash Cold War Drive!
You Can't Fight Reagan With Democrats!
Build a Workers Party!

3 Letters-
John Brown and Oberlin

4 Reagan to Youth: No Sex, No Booze, No Fun

5 Defend the Separation of Church and State!
On the School Prayer Amendment

6 For Workers Revolution to Smash Marcos Dictatorship!
Down With Bloody U.S. Puppet in Philippines!

9 Lega Trotskista d'Italia Leaflet
And You, Student, Which Side Are You On:
The Bosses or The Workers? 10 SYL Calendar of Events
We Have a World to Win!
Join the SYL! 12 Black Workers Take the Lead:
Bury Apartheid!
Black Revolt Hits Racist South African "Elections" Hoax

121 Oct 1984

1 U.S./South Africa Axis: "Free World" Racism
Smash Apartheid Slavery!
Black Workers Must Take the Lead!

2 Student Protests Say: "Bury Apartheid!"
Solidarity With Black South African Revolt!

3 CIA: Murder, Inc. from Central America to Southern Africa\
Oberlin Protest Demands: "CIA Off Campus!"

5 Workers Vanguard and Young Spartacus Subscription Drive

6 Lessons of the Class Struggle, 1919-1933
Germany: Revolution and Counterrevolution 11 SL/SYL Sue FBI
Fight the New McCarthyism! 12 S.F. Elections: Vote Bradley/Coleman! Vote Spartacist!
Finish the Civil War!
For Workers Revolution!
As Mondale Squawks Like A Hawk
Fake-Lefts Catch "Fritz Fever"

122 Nov 1984

1 U.S. Get Your Bloody Hands off Central America!
Reagan/Mondale Want War!

2 Editorial Notes-
The Moral Majority Takes Over the "Science Times"
Sex: Is there Ever Enough?
Young in Reagan's America
No Booze, No Fun, No Future

3 Victory to the Yale Strike!
Subscription Drive Success

4 Black Revolt in South Africa
Bury Apartheid:
Black Workers Are Key!
"Divestment--Missing the Point"
(Reprinted from "The Harvard Crimson," October 17, 1984)

5 Stop UCLA's Witchhunt Against the SYL!

6 From "Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh" to Walter Mondale
The Rise and Fall of the New Left
Diana Coleman Speaks at Twentieth Anniversary of Berkeley Free Speech Movement

7 1964: Berkeley Free Speech Rebellion 10 Resignation from the Toronto Disarmament Network
Defend the USSR! 12 INS Arrests Former Grenadian Ambassador
Racist Outrage at Howard U.
Hands Off Dessima Williams!
You have a Choice--Build a Workers Party!
Vote Spartacist

123 Dec 1984/Jan 1985

1 Defend the Nicaraguan Revolution!
Smash Yankee Invasion Threat!

2 Juvenal Martinez to UCLA:
You Are the Criminals!
Keep the Butchers on the Run!

3 Down With the Reactionary Anti-Porn Crusade!
Granddaughters of Carry Nation In Bed with Jerry Falwell
Government Hands Off Sex, Booze, Porn!

4 FBI Retracts Its "Definition" Slander

5 Funds Needed Now for British Miners' Families!
The Miners Fight for All Oppressed!

6 Lady Dobermans Bare Teeth for Red, White and Blue "Rainbow Coalition"
"Go Underground with Xandra the Red Avenger!"

7 Red Avengers Say:
Antiaircraft Missiles for Nicaragua!

8 ET Blanches Over Red Avengers

9 Underground SYL Statement to Organizational Review Committee:
"Go Ahead, Make Our Day!" 10 Communique No.1
Beware Lady Dobermans in Anti-Soviet Heat--
Your Ass Could Be Bitten Next! 11 Counter-Communique No. 1 1/2 12 FBI Admits: Marxists Are Not Terrorists
Spartacist Victory Against New McCarthyism!
SL Suit Against FBI "Terrorism" Guidelines Settled
Black Workers Must Take the Lead!
Bury Apartheid!

124 Feb 1985

1 U.S. Going for War--Defend Russia!
Reagan's Rocky Horror Show

2 "Secular Humanism Scare" in "New South"
Ignorance Serves the Ruling Class

3 Down with "Search and Seizure" Ruling!
Supreme Court Mugs Youth

4 Congratulations on SL/SYL Suit Against FBI
A Blow Against Racist Repression

5 The Hound Who Would Be Queen
"Me, Judy"
(Judy Moore, head of the S.F. State Women's Center)

6 Malcolm X Speaks to Mississippi Youth
Stand Up For Your Rights!
SYL Celebrates Black History Month

9 Resignation from Chicago PL/InCAR
"Flag of Communism Says Spartacist!"
Dig Deep for the Miners!
10 Defend the Nicaraguan Revolution!
Berkeley Students Drive Marine Recruiters Off Campus
12 U.S. Rad-Libs Lie for Kennedy as
Black South African Militants Protest Imperialist Swine
Young Spartacus Banned at S.F. State: Get Yours Now!

125 Mar 1985

1 Go to Hell, Uncle Sam!
Defend Nicaragua--Crush the Contras!

2 Editorial Note
"Guardian": The Ready-for-Teddy Club
SYL at Howard University:
Racist INS Thugs Off Campus!

3 Social Democrats on the Red Avengers
An Answer to Views from Fortress Amerikkka
Young Spartacus Comments

4 "Ignorance Never Did Anybody Any Good"-Karl Marx
Reagan Nukes Education

6 Lessons of the Class Struggle, 1919-1944
Germany: Revolution and Counterrevolution
(Part Two of Two)

12 Berkeley Students Demand:
Cops, Marines Off Campus!
Drop the Charges Against Guillermo Bermudez!

126 Apr 1985

1 For Workers Revolution in South Africa!
Smash Apartheid!
U.S. Liberal Democrats Are No Friends of Black Struggle!

2 Organizer of November 27, 1982 Anti-Klan Rally Speaks at Howard University
Finish the Civil War!
(Part One of Two)

3 UC Berkeley: Free Speech Under Cop/Administration Attack
Hands Off Guillermo!

4 What's Next--Grenades Against Students?

5 Down With Deadly Cop Chock Holds!

Partial List of Endorsers
Guillermo Bermudez Defense Committee
Here's How You Can Help!
Drop the Charges Against Guillermo Bermudez!

8 2, 3, Many Defeats for U.S. Imperialism!
Hail the Victory of the Vietnamese Revolution!
Tenth Anniversary of Liberation of Saigon
Telegram, February 7, 1965
(Sent to Ho Chi Minh "supporting the struggle of Vietnamese Working
people" "against attack by United States imperialism."" from the Spartacist Editorial Board.)

127 May 1985

1 From Harlem to Soweto-
The Only Solution: Workers Revolution!
Student Protest Against Apartheid

2 Build a Workers Party!
Finish the Civil War!
(Part Two of Two)

3 Berkeley: "No Choke Holds, No Guns for Cops--
Police Rampage Must Be Stopped!"
Defend Guillermo!

4 Defend the Oberlin Four!
Anti-CIA Protesters Busted

5 SYL Protest at UICC
"Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson--
AZAPO's Got Your Number!"

6 No Administration Reprisals!
Harvard Militants Put Apartheid Apologists on the Run!

7 Partial List of Endorsers
Guillermo Bermudez Defense Committee

8 Reagan Wants War--
Defend Nicaragua!
Complete, Extend the Nicaragua Revolution!

128 Summer 1985

1 Smash U.S. War Moves--Labor Has the Power!
Nicaragua Under Reagan's Gun

2 Editorial Note-
From Philly to Harlem--
Stop Cop Terror Against Black America!
Anti-Apartheid Protesters Defy Cornell Crackdown

3 No Administration Reprisals! Abolish the CRR!
Witchhunt, Harvard-Style

6 2, 3, Many Defeats for U.S. Imperialism!
Vietnam Was a Victory!
(Part One of Two)
From Kennedy to Reagan: "Free World " Terror
The Horror of Napalm

8 "Doonesbury"
(Cartoon by G.B. Trudeau)
Trotskyism vs. Stalinism: Learn the History!
(Pamphlet originally published in 1975, contains 8 articles from
"Workers Vanguard" published June-December 1973.) 11 FSLN Youth Statement of Solidarity With Guillermo Bermudez
(All charges against Guillermo Bermudez are misdemeanors and not
felonies as reported. The charges against the other protesters
are also corrected) 12 New York City: For the Working People!
Stamberg for Mayor and Kartsen for Manhattan Borough President-
Vote Spartacist!
SYL Fund Drive
Take a Side! Defend Nicaragua!

129 Sept 1985

1 Reagan/Botha: "Free World" Butchers
Apartheid Regime Digs In, Black Revolt Spreads
Bury Apartheid--For Workers Revolution!

2 Editorial Note-
Young Spartacus Banned in South Africa
Workers Vanguard and Young Spartacus Subscription Drive
"Yale Six" Demand Hands Off Guillermo!

3 Free Speech Under Attack at Berkeley
All Out to Defend Guillermo!
Defend Nicaragua! Join the SYL!
Upcoming SYL Forums

4 Spartacist Forums
Smash Apartheid--For a Workers Revolution!
South Africa: Razor's Edge

5 From Soweto to Harlem: Smash Racist Terror!
Bolsheviks on the Ballot in NYC

6 2, 3, Many Defeats for U.S. Imperialism!
Vietnam Was a Victory!
(Part Two of Two)

9 "Doonesbury"
(Cartoon by G.B. Trudeau) 10 Atlanta University Students Rally
Anti-Apartheid Protests Hit American South 12 SYL Raises $25,000 to Defend Nicaragua
Thousands Contribute to Crush the Contras
Nicaragua Eyewitness Accounts
SYL Brigadista in Las Colinas
Under Fire in Esteli

130 Oct 1985

1 Reagan's Sanctions: Keeping South Africa Safe for Capitalism
Bury Apartheid Through Workers Revolution!
South African Revolution Awaits Its Lenin

2 Drop the Charges Against Guillermo Bermudez!
Berkeley Militant Goes to Trial

3 Letter-
Why Bolsheviks Are On the Ballot
Workers Vanguard and Young Spartacus Subscription Drive

4 SYL Education on "Left-Wing" Communism
Leninist Tactics and the Road to Workers Power
(Part One of Two)

8 From Harlem to Soweto: Smash Racist Terror!
New York City: Vote Spartacist
Spartacist: Our Internationalist Tradition

131 Nov 1985

1 Reagan, Apartheid Butchers: Anti-Soviet Partners
Smash Apartheid!
Avenge Moloise! For Workers Revolution!

2 New York City Election Campaign
Spartacist: Tribune of the People
Sub Drive Success
YSp Welcomes New Readers

3 Vengeance for Steve Biko!
In Memoriam
(A list of South Africans known to have died in detention
at the hands of the Security Police, from"Biko" by Donald Woods,
Paddington Press, 1978)

4 The Finking Corpse of Social Democracy
DSA: How Much Do Harvard's Fat Bosses Pay You?

5 It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But Some of Us Like It!
(The article concerns the PMRC, (the Parents Music Resource Center,)
spiritual heirs of Bowdler)

6 SYL Education on "Left-Wing" Communism
Leninist Tactics and the Road to Workers Power
(Part Two of Two)

7 From Protest to Power
For a Fighting Communist Youth Movement!

9 Madison Cops Bash Anti-CIA Protesters
Drop the Charges! Cops/CIA off Campus! 11 Columbia Clericals Strike
Picket Lines Mean Don't Cross! 12 Berkeley: Drop the Charges Against All Anti-Imperialist Protesters!
UC Students Fight Big Brother
"Though He's 6-Foot-4"
(Song By protesting Berkeley students April 1985 to the tune of
"When I'm Sixty-Four")

132 Dec 1985/Jan 1986

1 U.S./South Africa: Anti-Soviet Partners
Cuban Troops Defend Black Angola
Smash Apartheid! For Workers Revolution!

2 Oakland Teachers Strike
Shut the Schools Down Tight!

3 Editorial Note-
"Nicaragua Exchange" Liberals Exclude Reds
The Horror of Napalm
Government Out of the Bedroom!

4 "The Main Enemy is At Home!"
Karl Liebknecht and World War I

7 Victory to Watsonville Strikers!

8 Down With UC Berkeley's Kangaroo Court!
All Out to Defend Guillermo!
UC's Racist Cops Beat Chinese Scholar
Peking Outraged

133 Feb 1986

1 "American Dream"--Nightmare for Blacks
Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
Racist Hypocrisy on Martin Luther King Day

2 In Memory of Comrade Kim

3 Kim Kilmer
17 June 1953--24 January 1986

4 Trotsky on Building the South African Revolutionary Party
From Negro Comrades in South Africa
"Closer to the Proletarians of the 'Colored' Races1"
(Letter from Leon Trotsky)

5 SYL Celebrates Black History Month
Finish the Civil War!
For Workers Revolution!

7 UW-Madison Protest
Drive CIA, NSA Off campus!

8 Berkeley: "Try the Cops-Not the Victims!"
Defend Guillermo And All Anti-Imperialist Protesters!
Howard Students Mobilize Against Racist Pig DJ
"The Greaseman" Has Got to Go!

134 Mar 1986

1 Drop the Charges Against Bermudez! No Retrial!
Berkeley Students Fight UC Witchhunt!

2 On the Future of the Spartacus Youth League

3 In Search of the Amazon Basin
(Discusses the need for and value of education and
the YSL educational initiative)
Educational Test Questions

4 "A Dog Starv'd at His Master's Gate
Predicts the Ruin of the State"
(About cruel, pointless and deadly scientific
experimentation on dogs and cats)
Selections From "Auguries of Innocence"
by William Blake
(Includes a line used as the title of the previous article)

5 How to Dump Your Dictator
New Uncounterfeitable Issue
The Reagan-buck: "In Moloch We Trust"
Oberlin Anti-CIA Demo:
"Early to Rise-Kick Out the Spies!"

6 Don't Mess With Russia!
Memoirs of a Soviet General
Telegram 11 June 1985
(To U.S Secretary of State George Schultz condemning the
exclusion of three prominent Soviet Jews from the U.S.) 8 Dumb Stunts on the Waterfront
(Discusses the picketing of a ship carrying goods from South Africa
to prevent ILWU Longshoremen from unloading it as an action
against apartheid. Posits that the action may be unwise because it undermines
student solidarity with labor, despite possibly being well intentioned.)

9 All Out to Defend Guillermo!
Rally Speeches Defend Guillermo!
UC's "Discipline"--"A Kangaroo Court!" 10 Fight South Africa-Style Banning Order!
(Guillermo Bermudez banned from Cal
for distributing SYL literature)
Partial List of Endorsers
Guillermo Bermudez Defense Committee
Brutal Berkeley Bust 12 Spartacist Brigadista Eyewitness Account
Defend Nicaragua!
Crush the Contras!

Special Supplement Apr 1985

1 UC Berkeley: Free Speech Under Cop/Administration Attack
Hands Off Guillermo!

2 Berkeley: Defend Guillermo--Police Rampage Must Be Stopped!
March 28 Rally: "Drop the Charges Against UC Student Protesters!"
What Next--Grenades Against Students?

3 Down With Deadly Cop Choke Holds!

4 Partial List of Endorsers
Guillermo Bermudez Defense Committee
Here's How You Can Help!
Drop the Charges Against Guillermo Bermudez!
(An edited version of Guillermo's speech at the March 28 rally.)