Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Anti-Revisionism in Greece

After World War II: The Greek Civil War

General Historical Materials

A Note on the Greek Civil War

Primary Background Materials


Greek Liberation by Frank Gervasi, Panos Morphopolos, Lisa Sergio, Johannes Steel and Leland Stowe

The Truth About Greece by Stelios Pistolakis

Churchill's "New Order" in Greece

The Truth About Greece by the Greek Unity Committee

Challenge to Freedom. The Story of What Happened in Greece by Leland Stowe and Constanine Poulos

Report on Greece by Gerald Barry

Tragedy in Greece: An Eyewitness Report by Norman Dodds, M.P., Leslie Solley, M.P., and Stanley Tiffany

Murder Inc. in Greece by Olive Sutton

Greece Needs Peace

Cry from Greece

The Case of the Greek Children

Primary Documents

White Book: May 1944–March 1945 by the National Liberation Front E.A.M.

The Youth of Greece Is Fighting for Freedom, Independence and Democracy by the Unified Panhellenic Organisation of Youth (EPON)

Peace and Greece: Speeches of Dr. Ales Bebler [Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Acting Chief of the Delegation of the FPR of Yugoslavia to the Third Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations]

Articles from For A Lasting Peace, For a People’s Democracy!

The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Greece by Nikos Zachariadis

Creation of a Provisional Democratic Government in Free Greece

The Greek People Fight Anglo-American Intervention

Collapse of the Monarcho-Fascist Offensive in Greece

Yugoslav Nationalists Ally With Greek Monarcho-Fascists

Tito Clique’s Stab in the Back to People’s Democratic Greece by Nikos Zachariadis

People of Greece Will Achieve Victory by Nikos Zachariadis

Articles from World News and Views

Two Sides in Greece by Pat Sloan

Tito Against the Peoples of Greece and Albania

Only a Democratic Peace for Greece! by Pat Sloan

Greece on Path to Open Dictatorship by Pat Sloan

The ’Abducted’ Greek Children

Greece’s “Independence Day” by Theodore Doganis

The Tito-Plastiras Wedding by Theodore Doganis

* * *

We Sympathize with the Efforts of the Greek People for Freedom and Democracy by Enver Hoxha

Confrontation in the Presence of Stalin by Enver Hoxha [on disputes with the Greek Communist Party]

Greek Communists in Exile

Background Materials

Exiles in Exile: the Case of the Greek ’Marxist-leninist’ Political Refugees in the Eastern Bloc in their own words Christos Mais

Primary Documents

The Tragedy of the Greek Communists in Exile in the Revisionist Countries by Enver Hoxha

50 years since the massive rebellion of the Greek communists in Tashkent against the Khrushchevite revisionism by Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece

The Struggle of the Greek Communists against Revisionism by Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece

The struggle of Nikandros Kepesis against Khrushchevite revisionism by Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece

From the Birth of New Anti-Revisionist Currents in Greece to the fall of the “the Colonels”

General Historical Materials

’The Rule of the Colonels’ – the military Junta 1967-1974

A Note on the 1973 Polytechnic Uprising

The Marxist-Leninist publishing field during the 1960s-70s in Greece by Christos Mais

Primary Background Materials

The Revisionists Have Sabotaged the Struggle in Greece [from Vanguard, published by the U.K. Committee to Defeat Revisionism For Communist Unity, Vol. 1, No. 11, December 1964]

Ending and Beginning Together by Anagennisi

The influence of the Chinese Revolution on the Communist Movement of Greece by the Communist Organization of Greece

50 years from the 20th Congress of CPSU. 40 years from the GPCR: A “current” political issue by Vassilis Samaras

A Short Outline of the Life of Comrade Yannis Hotzeas by A/synechia

Primary Documents

Greek Reaction is Assuming Power by Enver Hoxha

Message from the Marxist-Leninist Group of the Greek Communist Party [from Peking Review, #47, 1968]

Statement from the Marxist-Leninist Group of the Greek Communist Party [on Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia] [from Peking Review, #48, 1968]

On the Struggle Against the Activities of the Agent-Provocateurs

Message from the Central Committee of Organization of Marxist-Leninists of Greece [on the death of Mao] [from Peking Review, #44, 1976]

The Hostile Act of the Chinese Government Against Socialist Albania Has Aroused the Indignation of the World

Greek Anti-Revisionists: Crash and Renewal

Background Materials

Greece’s Communist Organization: Learning to Swim in Stormy Weather by Eric Ribellarsi

Young Revolutionary Members of Syriza Interviewed by Eric Ribellarsi

The Making of Syriza by Panos Petrou

Primary Documents


Yannis Hotzeas and the Programme by A/synechia

Our Organization is Preparing its First Conference by A/synechia

Mao’s Contribution to Marxism-Leninism by the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)

On People’s War and the Contribution of Mao Zedong by A/synechia

Greek Communists are for an International Council by A/synechia

Letter from the Revolutionary Marxist Organization A/synechia

Contribution to the 4th International Seminar by A/synechia

International Newsletter of the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) #3, May 2000

Who We Are by the Communist Organization of Greece

Ten Years Since the Founding of the Communist Organization of Greece