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In Defense of American Trotskyism

The Struggle Inside the Socialist Workers Party, 1979-1983

Edited by Sarah Lovell

[by the book's editors]

This volume, chronologically the first in a series of three entitled In Defense of American Trotskyism, is dedicated to:

George Breitman

a revolutionary internationalist who devoted most of his life to building the Socialist Workers Party and his final years to preserving its Trotskyist heritage.


We wish gratefully to acknowledge the assistance of Linda Bryk, who set the type for this volume; Tom Barrett, who did the page layout and graphic design; and Steve Bloom, who wrote the introductory material for sections I-IV.

Published by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency, First Edition: March, 1992


The Meaning of the Struggle Inside the Socialist Workers Party, by Frank Lovell

Preliminary Documents

Castroism: Revolutionary or Centrist?, by George Breitman
Letter on "Loyalty and Party Membership", by George Breitman
"If Ever You Surrender Your Right to Criticize, You're Dead!", by Tom Kerry

The 1981 Convention and Aftermath

Why the Political Resolution Should Be Amended on the FI and Castroism, by George Breitman
Some Comments in Support of George Breitman's Amendments, by Steve Bloom
Minority Report on the NC Draft Political Resolution, by Steve Bloom
Statements Concluding the 1981 Convention:
Weinstein/Henderson Minority Caucus Statement
Breitman Minority Caucus Statement
Barnes Majority Caucus Statement
Proposals for Political Discussion, Letter from Frank Lovell and Steve Bloom to the PC and the NC
For a Discussion of Leninism, Letter to the NC from Frank Lovell
Report on November 1981 Plenum, by Nat Weinstein
Platform of the Fourth Internationalist Caucus, by Steve Bloom and Frank Lovell

The Struggle of the Fourth Internationalist Caucus


Defending the Trotskyist Theoretical Framework

Lenin and the Theory of "Democratic Dictatorship", by Les Evans
Theses on the Workers' and Farmers' Government
The Workers' and Farmers' Government and the Socialist Revolution, by Steve Bloom

International Politics

Poland, the Fourth International, and the Socialist Workers Party, by Steve Bloom
The Iranian Revolution and the Dangers That Threaten It
Problems of the Middle Eastern Revolution
The Revolution in Central America and the Caribbean

Struggles in the United States

The Socialist Workers Party and the American Revolution
Party Tactics in the Unions and Political Tasks
The American Political Situation and Our Perspectives
Tasks of the SWP in the Antiwar Movement
The SWP and the Women's Liberation Movement Today

Organizational Questions

Democratic Centralism and Building a Revolutionary Combat Party
Party Norms and Appeals, by Frank Lovell
The Attempt to Establish a Partywide Tendency: Call for the Fourth Internationalist Tendency
Letter from Jack Barnes
Resolution to Open Pre-World Congress Discussion
Proposal to Secure Party Democracy, Letter from Frank Lovell and Steve Bloom
Two Letters from Frank Lovell for a Party Convention
Call for Formation of Partywide Fourth Internationalist Caucus

The Opposition Bloc

Platform to Overcome the Party Crisis
28 Theses on the American Socialist Revolution and Building the Revolutionary Party
Motions for a 1983 Convention
New Norms vs. Old: The Erosion of Proletarian Democracy in the SWP, Draft resolution by Steve Bloom, Frank Lovell, Nat Weinstein, and Lynn Henderson
Resolving the International Crisis of Revolutionary Leadership Today, Draft resolution submitted by Steve Bloom, Frank Lovell, Lynn Henderson, and Nat Weinstein to the August 1983 plenum
Draft Resolution on Perspectives for the 1984 Election, Submitted by the Opposition Bloc in the National Committee to the August 1983 plenum
The Suspension of the Four Opposition NC Members, Statement of NC members Steve Bloom and Frank Lovell


Materials — reports, letters, motions, etc. — on the same issues but not included in the book

Letter to the Political Committee: For a discussion of Party Work with the Unemployed and for a literary discussion on the meaning of Trotskyism, Frank Lovell, January 18, 1983
Counterreports, Comments and Summary on Bilateral Nuclear Freeze Referendum, July-August 1982 National Committee Plenum, Socialist Workers Party (U.S.A.); Counterreports and Summary by Ackerman and Lovell; Comments by Bloom and Weinstein

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