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The Trotsky Encyclopedia

An On-Line Resource Center for the Study of the International Trotskyist Movement


Bolshevik Tendency/International Bolshevik Tendency

1917 – The journal of the IBT.

Introducing 1917 – by the International Bolshevik Tendency.
– An explanation of the IBT’s politics – 16K.

Bulletin of the IBT. – A bulletin published around various topics of the day.

BT/LTT Fusion Document: For Trotskyism!

Imperialist Troops Out of Haiti
Bulletin of the External Tendency No. 1: Declaration of Tendency
Bulletin of the External Tendency No. 2
Bulletin of the External Tendency No. 3
Bulletin of the External Tendency No. 4: The Road to Jimstown
Bulletin of the External Tendency No. 9
Stop the Liqudidation of Trade Union Work
Solidarnosc: Acid Test of Trotskyist
The Road to Jimstown [in .doc format]

Brazil / Brazilian Trotskyism

Trotskyism in Brazil (19281964) – by Osvaldo Coggiola


James Burnham

James Burnham Internet Archive


James P. Cannon

James P. Cannon Internet Archive

James P. Cannonism – By Owen Gager


Fourth InternationaL – Misc Documents

Victor Serge and the Fourth International [1939]


France / French Trotskyism

With the Masses, Against the Stream: French Trotskyism in the Second World War – by Ian H. Birchall
– from Revolutionary History, 1988/89


Frank Glass (Li Fu-Jen)

The Communist League of China – by Frank Glass
– from Revolutionary History, Volume 2 No 4, Spring 1990

Li Fu-jen (Frank Glass, John Liang) 19011988 – A two-part obituary
– from Revolutionary History, Volume 1 No 2, Summer 1988



Trotskyism in Greece
– from Robert J. Alexander, International Trotskyism 1929-1985: A Documented Analysis of the Movement. Copyright 1991, Duke University Press.


Gerry Healy / Joseph Hansen / George Novak / Campaign Against

The Verdict: Is a Shameless Frameup! – A Statement on the Slanders Circulated by the Healy Group Against Hansen, Novack and the Socialist Workers Party
– by the SWP, 1976?


Holland / Dutch Trotskyism

Dutch Trotskyism During the Occupation –(Parts I-III) – by Wim Bot, 1987
– 187K altogether


Moscow Trials

The Red Book: On the Moscow Trial – Documents edited and collected by Trotsky’s son, Leon Sedov, available at Index Books.

The Case of Leon Trotsky: Report of Hearings on the Charges Made Against Him in the Moscow Trials – Held April 10 to 17, 1937, John Dewey, Chairman.

Not Guilty: Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials. John Dewey, et al. 1937.


Trotsky In Norway

With Trotsky in Norway – a memoir by by Nils Dahl
– from Revolutionary History, Vol.2 No.2, Summer 1989 – 86K in two parts

Walter Held – Biographical sketch of Walter Held 1910-1941), concentrating on his stay in Norway, titled “Walter Held” by Pierre Broué
– from Revolutionary History, Vol.1 No.1, Spring 1988

Walter Held – More memoirs of German Trotskyist Walter Held, concentrating on his stay in Norway
– from Revolutionary History, Vol.1 No.1, Spring 1988



Revolution and Counter Revolution in Portugal – the 1975 document that laid the groundwork for the founding of the Bolshevik Tendency of the USFI and later the IWL(FI) – by Nahuel Moreno
– from Revista de América, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a journal of the Socialist Workers Party of Argentina. Transcribed from the March 1977 International Information Bulletin, published by the Socialist Workers Party of the United States. – In five parts plus an introduction for a total of 321K.

The Differences Over Portugal – A Response to Nahuel Moreno and a Group of Former Members of the Leninist Trotskyist Faction – by Gus Horowitz
– critique of Moreno’s Revolution and Counter Revolution in Portugal from the point of view of the SWP (US)


Reviews Of Trotsky’s Works

Trotzky’s Diary in Exile – 1935 – Erich Fromm (unpublished)

Trotsky’s Diary in Exile – 1935 – Pierre Frank

Trotsky On England – John Maynard Keynes, 1926

An Epic of Revolution: Reflections on Trotsky’s History – A.L. Rowse, 1933

On Their Morals and Ours – John Dewey, 1938


Socialist Action [US]

Dialectical Materialism, by Cliff Conner


Socialist Workers Party [Britain] / International Socialists

More Years for the Locust: Origins of the SWP – by Jim Higgins, International Socialist Group, London 1997
– Complete, 14 chapters, 6 appendices, 1.3M altogether


Spartacist League/International Communist League/iSt –Major collection of documents from this current

Declaration of Principals and Some Elements of Program of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalists).

Reforge the Fourth International! Internationalist Group Founded – Founding statement of the Internationalist Group.
– Approved on 24 August 1996 and finalized on 31 August 1996


Transitional Program & Method

The Transitional Program. – The 1938 founding document of the Fourth International.
– This version is from the Trotsky Internet Archive, the text of which came from a Labor Publications pamphlet and rechecked for accuracy against the original Russian version by Martin Schreader

The Transitional Program: Introductory Notes to a comparison between the Russian and English texts. – Essay on the discrepancies between the original Russian-language draft and the subsequent English and French translations.
– Written by Luciano Dondero, 1996 – 9K

The Transitional Program: Discrepancies between the Russian and English texts. – This comparison is based on the Russian-language text as published in the Bulletin of Left Opposition (issue no.66/67, 1938) and the English-language text from the 1974 Pathfinder edition.
– Written by Luciano Dondero,1996 – 8K

Thinking about the Transitional Programme – A contribution to a discussion on the now dufunct “LeftUnity” internet email list.
– Written by John Plant, 1996

The Transitional Programme in perspective – by Richard Price.
– From Workers’ Action No.2 April 1998


Trotsky’a Assasination

How it Happened, – Natalia Sedova Trotsky, 1941


Trotsky’s Family

Trotsky’s Grandson in Moscow, An Interview with Esteban Volkov
– 1989

Leon Sedov: Son, Friend, Fighter – by Leon Trotsky
– Trotsky’s farewell to his son and collaborator


Women’s Question / Feminism

On The Woman Question – a panel discussion, 1951. Johnson-Forest Tendency
– 135K in two parts

The Liberation of Women – Michel Pablo, 1960


Workers Party

Correspondence Concerning the Workers Party Unity Proposal – 1945


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