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Asbestos Kills by Buzz Hargrove


Asbestos, the Dust of Death by Arthur J. Miller

New Report on Cuba’s Successful Organic Farms by Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy

The Alchemy of Water by Krystal Kyer

What Have They Done to the Rain? by Roland Sheppard

Saving the Planet by Ignacio Ramonet

Earth Summit: No Solution For The Masses by Mick Brooks

Secret Study Suggests Nuclear Fiascoes Likely by Stephan Koff

Bye Bye Birdie by Bonnie Weinstein


Depleted Uranium Poisons the Planet by Dr. Doug Rokke

Scientists Sound Alert on Climate Change by Patricia Grogg

Civilization Is A Pyramid Scheme by Richard Wright

Energy Crisis Or Capitalist Crisis? by Roland Sheppard

Genetically Modified Food: A ‘Biological Time Bomb’ by Eva Cheng

The Air Is Thick With Lies by Jimmy Breslin


The Ecology of Nazis, Greens and Socialists by Louis Proyect

Pollution and Prejudice in San Francisco by Kevin Williams

A Deadly Plague of Slums by Mike Davis

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us by Mark Townsend and Paul Harris

A Radioactive Nightmare in Concord, Massachusetts by Ed Ericson

Global Warming Spirals Upwards by Geoffrey Lean

Texas Right-Wing Cyanide Bombers Plotted To Kill Thousands by Paul Harris

Poisoned by ‘Friendly Fire’ by Juan Gonzalez

Sick Guard Members Blame Depleted Uranium by Jane McHugh


Global Warming is Twice as Bad as Previously Thought by Steve Connor

Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return by Geoffrey Lean

The Carbon Brokers by Pratap Chatterjee

Mocking Our Dreams: The Reality of Climate Change by George Monbiot

The State of the World? On the Brink of Disaster by Steve Connor

Social Change and Human Nature by Will Miller


Dying for Their Work by Steven Higgs

What Have They Done to the Rain? by Leuren Moret


Global Warming: The Planet's Death Row by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Toxic Waste: The High Price for Producing Our Medicine by Stan Cox


Climate Change: How Poorest Suffer Most by Paul Valley

Indigenous Peoples Shut Out of Climate Talks, Plans by Haider Rizvi

Expanding Tropics 'A Threat to Millions' by Steve Conno

Rich Countries Owe Poor a Huge Environmental Debt by The Guardian, UK

Blind Date with Disaster by David Suzuki

Growing Ocean Dead-Zones leave Fish Gasping by Andy Coghlan

Secret Report: Biofuel Caused Food Crisis by Aditya Chakrabortty

The Methane Time Bomb by Steve Connor

Natural Resources Crisis Worse than Financial Crunch by Juliette Jowit


Biosphere on the Precipice—The Last, Best Plan by Chris Kinder (Part 2)

Will Population Control Solve the Climate Crisis? by Simon Butler

Charles Darwin and Materialist Science by Ian Angus

20th Birthday of the Exxon Valdez Lie by Greg Palast


Bolivian President Evo Morales on Climate Debt and Capitalism A Democracy Now! Interview

Capitalism, Carbon Trading and Copenhagen by Adam Booth

The ‘Toxic-Swap’ Fiasco by Ralph Schoenman and Bradley Wiedmaier

Nuclear Safety Depends on the Social Control of Nuclear Power by Rod Holt

Our Planet, Our People are not Expendable! by Stephanie McMillan


DANGER: ‘Food Safety’ Is Coming To a Farm Near You! by Chris Kinder

‘Aflockalypse’: Huge Bird and Fish Die-off by Tara Lohan

Capitalism, Energy Production and the Environment by Bonnie Weinstein

Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Power by George Monbiot

Dangerously Wrong on Nuclear Radiation by Helen Caldicott

Should Greens Support Nuclear Power? by Chris Williams

Democratic Action by Working People Critical in Today’s Environmental Crisis by Bonnie Weinstein

Fukushima: The End of Nuclear Power? by Dave Walters with an Introduction by Stuart King

Secrets of the Deep Future by Chris Kinder

Fukushima: It’s Much Worse Than You Think by Dahr Jamail

Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities by Janette D. Sherman, MD and Joseph Mangano

Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S. by Robert Alvarez

Stop War and Nuclear Armaments! by Steering Committee of 66th Anniversary of A-bomb

America’s Energy Ethos Do, Regardless of Harm by David Sirota

Coal Seam Gas—Dirtier than Coal, Worse than Shale by Renfrey Clarke

Massey Energy Guilty Democracy Now! Interview with J. Davitt McAteer

Blood in the Amazon by Benjamin Dangl

A Message from Japan by H. Yamamoto

Nuclear Energy—A Worker’s Point of View by Joe Johnson


Anti-nuclear Conference in Japan Reprinted from Climate and Capitalism

Capitalism and the Environment by Declan Murphy

After the Storm: the Mood Turns Angry in New York by Alan Woods

A Great Silence is Spreading Over the Natural World by John Vidal

Full Steam Ahead for Gas, Oil and Coal! by Barry Sheppard


Idle No More by Winona LaDuke

US Destroying Guatemala’s Food Supply by Jeff Spross

Chevron Oil Disaster—One Year Later by Barry Sheppard

What’s the Value of Nature? by David Suzuki

Dangerous Operation by Jacob Chamberlain

The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse by Harvey Wasserman

Overpopulation Is Not the Problem by Erle C. Ellis

Gulf Ecosystem in Crisis Three Years After BP Spill by Dahr Jamail

Critical Issues Deserve a Higher Standard by David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington

Revolt! by Naomi Klein

Fukushima’s Radiation Gusher by John LaForge


Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan Destruction Aggravated by Capitalism by Dikang

‘Sleepwalking to Extinction’: Capitalism and the Destruction of Life and Earth by Richard Smith

Fracking is Depleting Water Supplies by Suzanne Goldenberg

Climate Change is Violence by Rebecca Solnit

Mass Scallop Die Off by Jacob Chamberlain

Environmental Injustice by Jon Queally

Climate Change: Weapon of Mass Destruction by Tom Engelhardt

Pollution Inequality in America by Lynn Stuart Parramore

The Attack on El Salvador’s Water by Pete Dolack


Bowing to Monsanto by Sarah Lazare

Colonial Pollution by Megan Gannon

Who Says a Better World is Impossible? by David Suzuki with Ian Hanington

Flood the System by Sarah Lazare

Keep on Rockin in the Free World by Neil Young

Ecological Crisis and the Tragedy of the Commodity by Stefano B. Longo and Brett Clark

Wellhead and Tailpipe: Reflections on eco-Orwellianism by Paul Street


Countless Children Poisoned in Michigan by Andrew Emett

Green Struggle by Brent Ryan Bellamy and David Thomas

Fukushima Gets A Lot Uglier by Robert Hunziker

Lead Contamination by Philip Bump

Poison, Poison Everywhere by Bonnie Weinstein

U.S. Water Utilities Downplay Contamination by Jessica Glenza and Oliver Milman

Flint Had Many Betrayers by Gregg Shotwell

Social and Economic Causes of Disease by Dr. Nayvin Gordon

High Corporate Crimes In Michigan by Glen Ford

Extinction and Capitalism book review by Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Racism is Toxic by Tom Stephens

Replanting Paradise by Bonnie Weinstein

Let Them Drown by Naomi Klein

No Water For You! by Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

America’s Next Flint by Stuart Smith

Great Canada Fire by Paul Street

Oil and Tobacco by Chris D’Angelo

Major Blow to GMO Labeling by Thom Hartmann

Cuba and Haiti by Sean Joseph Clancy

Silent Skies by Nika Knight

We Are Not Alone by JP Sottile


Lead Poisoning in U.S. Cities by TeleSUR

March for Science Speech by Kathy Setian

Worse Than Flint by Louisa Oreskes

Round Up Seeds Kill More Than Bees by Katherine Paul

The Earth is Not Theirs to Destroy! by

21st Century Barbarism by Cliff Conner

First Dakota Access Pipeline Spill by Deirdre Fulton

Louisiana’s Cancer Alley by Julie Dermansky

Oil and Plastic are Choking the Planet by David Suzuki with contributions from Ian Hanington

America’s Toxic Prisons by Candice Bernd, Zoe Loftus-Farren and Maureen Nandini Mitra

High Cost of Gadgetry Review by Louis Proyect

Hurricane Harvey and the Dialectics of Nature by Louis Proyect

California Burning, Puerto Rico Drowning by Bonnie Weinstein

Hurricanes and Capitalism by Margaret Kimberly

Hurricanes, Global Warming, Environmental Racism and Anti-Immigrant Laws by Barry Sheppard

Eve of Destruction... Or Revolution? by Ron Jacobs


Rights of Nature by Mike Ludwig

Invasive Species by Chris Kinder

Climate Hero Gets Three Years in Prison by Jessica Corbett

Environmental Racism by Miranda Green

Pollution and Death by Pete Dolack

Small Particles with Big Problems by Dr. Nayvin Gordon

Worm Apocalypse by David R. Montgomery

Wolves, Bees, Whales, and Us by Steven Strauss

Capitalism vs. Green Energy by David Klein

Climate of Class Rule: Common(s)er Revolt or Common Ruin by Paul Street

Climate Change: What About the Marxists? by W.T. Whitney

Red-Green Revolution by Victor Wallis

Wholesale Crimes by Victor Wallis


Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change by Luke Darby

Spain to Close Most Coal Mines by Arthur Neslen

Maybe We Should Change the System Itself by Greta Thunberg

Disaster Capitalism in Brazil by Vijay Prashad

Ecosocialism: Dystopian and Scientific by Matt Huber

The Wisdom of Hugo Blanco

Making Capitalism History by Faramarz Farbod

Dare to Declare Capitalism Dead by George Monbiot

You Did Not Act In Time Speech by Greta Thunberg

Climate Crisis and the Pentagon by Jessica Corbett

Dirty Business Behind the Designer Label by Michelle Chen

Global Climate Strikes September 20 and 27, 2019 by Andrea Germanos

No Such Thing as a Green War by Eleanor Goldfield

Youth and Workers Unite Behind Climate Crisis by Jake Johnson



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