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The French Revolution



Principal Dates and Time Line

Principal Documents of the French Revolution

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789
Emancipation of the Jews
Danton: To the Tribunals, 1792
Condorcet’s Account of the Events of August 10, 1792
The Sans-Culotte’s Alphabet, or The First Elements of Republican Education, 1792
The Permanent Guillotine, revolutionary song 1792,
The Marsellaise, 1792
All the brigands....are finally exterminated, 1793
Decree on the Republican Calendar, and
Report on the Era of the Republic, and
Babeuf’s Introduction to the Calendar, 1793.
Rules of the Society of Social Harmony of Sans Culottes and Defenders of the Constitution, 1793
Lyon Shall be Destroyed, 1793
The Marquis de Sade: Petition in Support of Temples to the Cult of Reason, 1793
Patriotic Song for the Inauguration of the Busts of Marat and Lepeletier, 1793
“That Wretched City Must Disappear”, Letter from Georges Couthon to St. Just 1793
Le Chant du Départ, 1794

Address of the Brave Sans-Culottes to the National Convention, November 1792.
Decree of the National Convention on the Jacobins, 1793.
Report On the Incarcerated, Saint-Just 1793.
Le Vieux Cordelier, Camille Desmoulins 1793.


The Archives of Writers of the French Revolution

Jean Meslier, 1729.
Julien La Mettrie, 1748.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1753-1762.
Diderot, 1760-1769.
Holbach, 1764-1769.
Anacharsis Cloots, 1792-3.
Joseph Chalier, 1792.
Jean-Paul Marat, 1789-93.
Jacques Hébert, 1790-1793.
Antoine Momoro, 1756-1794.
Jacques Roux, 1793.
Robespierre, 1793-4.
Jean-François Varlet, 1794
Babeuf, 1796
Sylvain Maréchal, 1790-1799.

Albert Mathiez (Historian of the French Revolution) Archive (1874-1932)
History of the Revolution, Jaurès, 1901
Jaurès, Mathiez, and the History of the Revolution, 1979.



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Includes analysis of French History and other writings such as philosophy and political economy.




French Materialism and Communism, Marx 1845

Marx's analysis of pre-Revolutionary French philosophy.

By E. Belfort Bax

Short History of the French Revolution for Socialists, 1890
Jean-Paul Marat. The People's Friend, 1900.


François Voltaire (1694-1778)
Julien La Mettrie, (1709-1751)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, (1712-1778)
Denis Diderot, (1713-1784)
Holbach, (1723-1789)
Jean-Paul Marat, (1743-1793)
Marquis de Marie Jean Condorcet, (1743-1794)
Joseph Chalier (1747-1793)
Maximillien Robespierre, (1758-1794)
Georges Jacques Danton, (1759-1794)
Gracchus Babeuf, (1760-1797)
Jean-François Varlet, (1764-1837)
Sylvain Maréchal, (1750-1803)