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Contents By Year

November 23 Zinoviev, The Last Illusion Gone
January 4 Murphy, Programme Making
February 15 Murphy, The Labour Government—What We Must Do
January 2 Murphy, The Co-ops and the Trade Unions
January 9 Unsigned, The “Arrest” of Trotsky!
January 9 Murphy, Trade Unionism and the Co-operatives: Need for United Action
January 16 Campbell, Leninism and the Party
January 16 Hannington, British Terror in India and Egypt
January 16 Murphy, Leninism in Britain
January 23 Turner, What Leninism Means to Women
January 23 Unsigned, Keen Discussion on Trotsky
January 23 Rothstein, Trotskyism: A Peril to the Party
January 23 Turner, Our Task on International Women’s Day: How Women Can Organise Against Capitalism
February 13 Jackson, A Mass Party
April 17 MacManus, Zinoviev on Trade Union Unity
April 17 MacManus, International Trade Union Unity
April 24 MacManus, Trotsky on Lenin
May 1 Murphy, The Prospects at May 1, 1925
July 3 Krupskaya, Young Pioneers: How Women Can Help
August 14 Murphy, John Wheatley and Civil War
September 25 Murphy, Splitters: In International Co-op. Alliance
October 16 Murphy, A Dangerous Situation: Confusion About Councils of Action
December 4 Murphy, Straight from the Dock
January 21 Lenin, To Comrade Bell (Originally written August 13, 1921)