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National Minority Movement

1921: Constitution of the British Bureau of the Red International of Labour Unions


On the Minority Movement

1924: What The Minority Movement Stands For, Republished during the 1984-85 by the Miners Support Group.

1924: Resolution on the Minority Movement, from the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party

1930: Economic Struggles and the Minority Movement, G. Allison
1930: New Unions and their place in the Revolutionary Struggle, J. T. Murphy


National Minority Movement

1926: The Militant Trades Council: A Model Constitution for Trades Councils
1926: Is Trade Unionism Played Out?
1926: One Mineworkers’ Union—Why?

1927: Peace (But not with Capitalism)

1928: What is this Minority Movement?
1928: Pollitt’s Reply to Citrine

1932: The Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain


Metal Workers’ Minority Movement

1926: What’s Wrong in the Engineering Industry?


National Miners’ Minority Movement

1922: The Great Red Drive: Miners’ Minority Movement

1927: The British Mineworkers’ Struggle


Textile Workers’ Minority Movement

1926: What’s Wrong in the Textile Industry?

1929: The Struggle of the Lancashire Textile Workers