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Communist Party of Portugal (PCP)

Alvaro Cunhal

The Communist Party of Portugal existed illegally and generally in exile throughout the period of fascist rule until the Caetano government collapsed in April 1974. During this time it was the only opposition force in Portuguese society.

25th April in Lisbon


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Biography of Álvaro Cunhal.

The following documents relate to the period of social turmoil which followed 25th April 1974.

On the Overthrow of the Government of Marcelo Caetano, April 25 1974

On the Military Movement of April 25, 1974

The Communists in the Provisional Government, May 1974

From ETOL:

Revolution and Counter Revolution in Portugal, Nahuel Moreno 1975
The Differences Over Portugal, Gus Horowitz

See the Portuguese Communist Party Website for further information in the Portuguese language.