MIA: History: International: Socialist International: Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party: Second Congress

1903—Second Congress of
the Russian Social-democratic
Labour Party

Stenographically Recorded: 1903
Published: New Park Publications (now Index Books)
Translated and annotated: Brian Pearce, 1978 for New Park Publications
Transcribed, Edited and Formatted: Martin Fahlgren & David Walters;
Copyright: Index Books, London. Used here with permission of Index Books


A Note on the Text
From the Commission
Programme of the Social-Democratic Workers’ Party
Organisational Rules of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party
Congress Agenda
Congress Standing Orders
Congress Bureau and Commissions
Principal Resolutions


First Session
Second Session
Third Session
Fourth Session
Fifth Session
Sixth Session
Seventh Session
Eighth Session
Ninth Session
Tenth Session
Eleventh Session
Twelfth Session
Thirteenth Session


Fourteenth Session
Fifteenth Session
Sixteenth Session
Seventeenth Session
Eighteenth Session
Nineteenth Session
Twentieth Session
Twenty-first Session
Twenty-second Session
Twenty-third Session
Twenty-fourth Session
Twenty-fifth Session
Twenty-sixth Session
Twenty-seventh Session
Twenty-eighth Session
Twenty-ninth Session
Thirtieth Session
Thirty-first Session
Thirty-second Session
Thirty-third Session
Thirty-fourth Session
Thirty-fifth Session
Thirty-sixth Session
Thirty-seventh Session

Appendixes and Notes

Members of the Congress
Notes on the Delegates


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