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Writers on the
Spanish Revolution

Leon Trotsky — A collection of Trotsky’s writings on the Spanish Revolution.

Dolores Ibárruri — Leading Spanish Communist

Georges Soria — An anti-P.O.U.M writer reflecting the view of COMINTERN.

Jesús Hernández — Leading Spanish Communist

Andrés Nin — Political secretary of the P.O.U.M.

Abe Weisbord — An American supporter of the P.O.U.M

Mary Low & Juan Breá — Australian poet and Cuban revolutionary in revolutionary Spain

M. Casanova — A member of the Trotskyist organisation in Spain during the Civil War

Felix Morrow — An American Trotskyist

Pierre Frank, Summary of the Course on the Spanish Revolution, 1956

Pierre Broué — French historian about the Spanish Revolution

Andy Durgan — British historian about the Spanish Revolution

Jose Diaz — Sectretary General of the Spanish Communist Party during the Spanish Revolution