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Workers Monthly

1924 – 1927

First Published: 1924 - 1927
Source: Original copies of the The Workers Monthly Provided by Tim Davenport, Marty Goodman and the Holt Labor Library
Digitization/Markup: Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project and David Walters in 2012
Public Domain: USA History Archive 2006. This work is completely free. This work is in the Public Domain under the Creative Commons Common Deed. You can freely copy, distribute and display this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit the Riazanov Library Project/Marty Goodman and Marxists Interent Archive as your source, include the url to this work, and note any of the transcribers, editors & proofreaders above.

Introduction to Workers Monthly collection

Workers Monthly is the contiunation of The Liberator arguably the greatest radical magazine ever produced in America which began in the spring of 1918 as a successor to the New York left wing political, artistic, and literary magazine The Masses, which had been effectively terminated by postal censorship and Justice Department prosecution during World War I. Workers Monthly continued the cover art-work often created with charcoal and simple paints one found on the covers of The Liberator.

In 1924 The Liberator was merged with the Workers Party’s “Trade Union Educational League” magazine, The Labor Herald, and its “Friends of Soviet Russia” monthly, Soviet Russia Pictorial, to form a new publication. This new magazine, The Workers Monthly, was fundamentally similar to the 1923-24 vintage Liberator and continued as the Workers Party’s de facto theoretical journal until 1927, at which time it was given a new form and title as, The Communist. This magazine continues today, known since 1946 as Political Affairs.

The Workers Monthly project team of Tim Davenport and David Walters has grown to include Dr. Marty Goodman, a parallel project that was digitizing the journals of various organizations tracing their lineage back to the U.S. Left Opposition and the early Trotskyists coming out of the Communist Party USA. Ths project is called the Riazanov Project. The Riazanov Project has joined this effort and, with the input of Dr. Goodman, has resulted in stunning high-resolution scans of the Monthly Worker along with some short text introductions on techniques he used to scanned and digitized these works. See these introductions here: Note on Scanning Techniques, and here: Note on Epson Scanner Settings.

We have included high resolution scans of the covers of Workers Monthly suitable for printing. We have also included a variety of high resolution formats with gray-scale and color scans of the whole issues. These downloads are very large, often running over 30mb is size. The linked issues in the index themselves are optimized PDFs for reading online.

David Walters,
Holt Labor Library,
San Francisco, CA
June 2012

Please note: clicking a linked thumbnail of the cover of each issue with bring you to a high resolution image of the cover, suitable for printing

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To view these files optimtized for on-screen viewing click on any of the linked issues below:


Issue 1: November 1924 (v. 4 no. 1)


Issue 2: December 1924 (v. 4 no. 2)



Issue 3: January 1925 (v. 4, no. 3)


Issue 4: February 1925 (v. 4, no. 4)


Issue 5: March 1925 (v. 4, no. 5)


Issue 6: April 1925 (v. 4, no. 6)


Issue 7: May 1925 (v. 4, no. 7)


Issue 8: June 1925 (v. 4, no. 8)


Issue 9: July 1925 (v. 4, no. 9)


Issue 10: August 1925 (v. 4, no. 10)


Issue 11: September 1925 (v. 4, no. 11)


Issue 12: October 1925 (v. 4, no. 12)


Issue 13: November 1925 (v. 5, no. 1)


Issue 14: December 1925 (v. 5, no. 2)



Issue 15: January 1926 (v. 5, no. 3)


Issue 16: February 1926 (v. 5, no. 4)


Issue 17: March 1926 (v. 5, no. 5)


Issue 18: April 1926 (v. 5, no. 6)


Issue 19: May 1926 (v. 5, no. 7)


Issue 20: June 1926 (v. 5, no. 8)


Issue 21: July 1926 (v. 5, no. 9)


Issue 22: August 1926 (v. 5, no. 10)


Issue 23: September 1926 (v. 5, no. 11)


Issue 24: October 1926 (v. 5, no. 12)


Issue 25: November 1926 (v. 5, no. 13)


Issue 26: December 1926 (v. 5, no. 14)



Issue 27: January 1927 (v. 5, no. 15)


Issue 28: February 1927 (v. 5, no. 16)