Hegel's Encyclopaedia
of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline



(A) The Science of Logic  Ø

Preliminary Concepts
I. The Doctrine of Being
(A) Quality

(a) Being
(b) Determinate Being
(c) Being-for-Itself

(B) Quantity

(a) Pure Quantity
(b) Quantum
(c) Degree

(C) Measure
II. The Doctrine of Essence
(A) The Pure Categories of Reflection

(a) Identity
(b) Difference
(c) Ground

(B) Appearance

(a) Existence
(b) Appearance
(c) Relation

(C) Reality

(a) Substance
(b) Causality
(c) Reciprocal Interaction

III. The Doctrine of the Concept
(A) The Subjective Concept

(a) The Concept as Such
(b) Judgment
(c) Syllogism

(B) The Object

(a) Mechanism
(b) Chemism
(c) Teleology

(C) The Idea

(a) Life
(b) Cognition
(c) The Absolute Idea

(B) The Philosophy of Nature  Ø

Preliminary Concepts

I. Mathematics
II. Inorganic Physics
(A) Mechanics
(B) Elementary Physics

(a) Elementary Particles
(b) The Elements
(c) The Elementary Process

(C) The Physics of Individuality

(a) Shape
(b) The Particularisation of Differences
(c) The Process of Isolation

III. Organic Physics
(A) Geological Nature
(B) Vegetable Nature
(C) The Animal Organism

(C) The Philosophy of Spirit

Preliminary Concepts

I. The Subjective Spirit  Ø
(A) The Soul

(a) Natural Determinacy
(b) Antithesis to Substance
(c) Reality of Soul

(B) Consciousness

(a) Consciousness as Such
(b) Self-Consciousness
(c) Reason

(C) Spirit

(a) Theoretical Spirit
(b) Practical Spirit

II. The Objective Spirit  Ø
(A) Law

(a) Property
(b) Contract
(c) Right vs. Wrong

(B) Morality

(a) Purpose
(b) Intention & Welfare
(c) Good & Wickedness

(C) Ethics

(a) The Family
(b) Civil Society
(c) The State

Works of Hegel available in English

The Tübingen Essay, 1793 (TE)
Berne Fragments, 1793-4 (TE)
The Life of Jesus, 1795 (TE)
The Positivity of The Christian Religion, 1795-6 (ETW)
Love, 1797 (ETW)
The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate, 1798-9 (ETW)
Fragment of a System, 1800 (ETW)

The German Constitution, 1798-1802 (HPW) Ø
Introduction to The Critical Journal of Philosophy, with Schelling (1801) Ø
The Difference between Fichte's and Schelling's System of Philosophy (1801) Ø
Faith & Knowledge (1802) Ø
System of Ethical Life (1802-3) Ø

Realphilosophie I (1803-4) & II (1805-6)  Ø
First Philosophy of Spirit
An Essay on Natural Law Ø

Phenomenonology of Spirit (1807) Ø
Terry Pinkard’s translation

On Classical Studies, 1809 (ETW) Ø

The Science of Logic Ø

Part I: The Doctrine of Being (1812)
Part II: The Doctrine of Essence (1813)
Part III: The Doctrine of the Notion (1816)

Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences (1817 & revised up till his death in 1831)

Part I: The Logic  Ø
Part II: The Philosophy of Nature Ø
Part III: The Philosophy of Mind

1 Subjective Spirit  Ø
2 Objective Spirit  Ø
3 Absolute Spirit Ø

Proceedings of the Estates Assembly in Würtemburg, 1815-6 (HPW)

The Philosophy of Right, 1821 Ø

The English Reform Bill, 1831 (HPW) Ø

Published by his students after his death

Lectures on Fine Art
Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion  Ø
The Philosophy of History  Ø
Lectures on the History of Philosophy  Ø

Published Works in English Translation

Early Theological Writings, TM Knox, University of PEnnsylvania Press, 1948, ISBN 0-8122-1022-0 (ETW)
Three Essays, 1793-1795 (Tübingen, Berne & The Life of Jesus), Peter Fuss & John Dobbins, Uni Notre Dame, ISBN 0-268-01854-5 (TE)
The Difference Between Fichte's and Schelling's System of Philosophy (the ‘Differenzschrift’) [Jena 1801], tr. H.S. Harris and W. Cerf 1977
Natural Law [Jena 1802], tr. T.M. Knox 1975
Faith and Knowledge [Jena 1802] tr. W. Cerf and H.S. Harris 1977
System of Ethical Life and First Philosophy of Spirit, trans. Knox and Harris, State Uni NY; ISBN 0-87395-386-X
The Jena System 1804-5: Logic and Metaphysics [Jena 1804-5], tr. J. Burbidge and G. di Giovanni 1986
Hegel and the Human Spirit [Jena 1805-6], tr. L. Rauch 1983.
Realphilosophie II, 1805-6, trans. Leo Rauch, Publ. Wayne State Uni Press, 1983 ISBN 0-8143-1739-1.
Hegel's Political Writing, TM Knox and Z A Pelczynski, Oxford University Press, 1964 (HPW)
The Phenomenology, translated by J B Baillie (1910) Harper & Row
The Philosophical Propaedeutic [Nürnberg 1809?], tr. A.V. Miller, 1986
Hegel's Science of Logic, translated by A. V. Miller, George Allen & Unwin ISBN 0-391-00675-4
Logic, Part I of Encyclopaedia, translated by William Wallace, Oxford Univ Press ISBN 824512 2
Hegel's Philosophy of Mind, translated by J. N. Findlay, Oxford Univ Press; ISBN 0198750145
Hegel's Philosophy of Right, translated by T. M. Knox, Oxford Univ Press; ISBN 0195002768
Lectures on Natural Right and Political Science [Heidelberg, 1817-18] tr. J.M. Stewart and P.C. Hodgson 1995
Lectures on Fine Art, translated by T.M. Knox, Oxford Univ Press; ISBN 0198238169
The Philosophy of History, translated by J. Sibree, Prometheus Books; ISBN 0879756314
Early Theological Writings, translated by E R. Kroner & T. M. Knox, Univ of Penn.; ISBN 0812210220
Lectures on the History of Philosophy, translated by E.S. Haldane, Univ of Nebraska; ISBN 0803272715:
        Greek Philosophy to Plato, Vol 1
        Plato and the Platonists, Vol 2
        Medieval and Modern Philosophy, Vol 3
Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion:
        Introduction and the Concept of Religion, Vol 1
        Determinate Religion, Vol 2
        The Consummate Religion, Vol 3
Hegel: The Letters, tr. C. Butler and C. Seiler 1984
‘Aphorisms from the wastebook’ [1803-6], Independent Journal of Philosophy 3, 1979, pp. 1-6
‘Reason and religious truth’ [1821], foreword to H. Hinrich "Religion in its Inner Relation to Science", in F. Weiss ed. ‘Beyond Epistemology: New Studies in the Philosophy of Hegel’, pp. 227-244

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