Works by Author - Germany

Brentano, Psychology
Bublitz, Reconciliation & Rejection
Carnap, Philosophical Foundations of Physics
Dilthey, Human Sciences
Feyerabend, Against Method
Fichte, Doctrine of Knowledge
Hegel, On Kant
Heidegger, Existence & Being
Heidegger, Phenomenology
Heisenberg, Quantum Theory
Heisenberg, Copenhagen School
Heisenberg, Philosophy
Helmholtz, Facts of Perception
Hilbert, Foundations of Maths
Honneth, Struggle for Recognition
Husserl, Crisis of Science
Husserl, Phenomenology
Jaspers, My Philosophy
Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
Koffka, Gestalt Psychology
Leibniz, Monadology
Lorenz, Scientific Humility
Mach, Analysis of Sensations
Schelling, History of Philosophy
Schelling, Transcendental Philosophy
Schlick, Epistemology & Physics
Schopenhauer, World as Will
Weber, Sociology
Wundt, Psychology