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National Democratic Union of Mozambique (UDENAMO)



UDENAMO Statutes and Program (1961)
Danger of New Colonialism in Mozambique by A. C. Gwambe, Voice of Africa, November 1961
MANU-UDENAMO Joint Press Communique [on joining to form FRELIMO] (1962)
Mozambique Political Parties Fuse [to form FRELIMO] (June 1962)
FRELIMO: Memorandum to the Addis Ababa Conference [on FRELIMO's origins and programme] (1963)
Press Communique on the Secret Committee for the Restoration of UDENAMO (May 14, 1963)
UDENAMO and MANU Declare FRELIMO "Dissolved" (May 21, 1963)
Telegram to the Conference of African Independent States and Prime Ministers [on UDENAMO and MANU withdrawing from FRELIMO] (May 22, 1963)
Memorandum on Withdrawal from FRELIMO [by UDENAMO and MANU] (May 27, 1963)
[Restored] UDENAMO Constitution and Programme (1963)
Press Communique [in response to statements by Eduardo Mondlane] (1963)
In Mozambique Today It Is: Road of No Return (1963)
The UDENAMO at the United Nations (1963)
Mozambique, Mondlane and C.I.A. Voice of Africa, December 1963
Ultra-Colonialism in Mozambique by Franz J. T. Lee (1964)
Salazar's Misconceptions by Paulo Gumane, Voice of Africa, May-June 1964
UDENAMO Speech to the Second Summit Conference of Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Movement, African Association Review, October 1964
The Story of Mozambique Voice of Africa, December 1964
O.A.U. Must Probe Frelimo urges Seifak-azis Leo Milas 1965
Press Release: Cry for unity fails as Talks between Mr. Gumane and representatives of FRELIMO Breakdown February 1965
Conclusions of the committee set up yesterday 24th March to consider some common basis for unity March 25, 1965
Unity Talks Ended in a Deadlock Combate, March 1965
Mozambique Unity Charter: "Our Country Now or Death" [Conclusions of the Committee of Nine Set Up to Detail the Conditions of Unity Agreed Upon by Mozambican National Liberation Movements] March 1965
Resolutions of the Extraordinary Session of the Preparatory Committee of COREMO June 1965
Declaration of Dissolution of UDENAMO June 1965


Combate, Number 1, June 1963
Combate, Number 4, January 1964
Resolute: Combat!! [January 1964?]
Resolute: Combat!!, Number 2, October 1964
Resolute: Combat!!, December 1964
Combate, March 1965