Philosophy Subject Archive


The Philosophy of the Second International


Antonio Labriola, 1843-1904

        Essays on the Materialist Conception of History

Paul Lafargue, 1841-1911

        Lafargue Archive

Franz Mehring, 1846-1919

        Mehring Archive

Karl Kautsky, 1854-1938

        Ethics and the Materialist Conception of History, 1906
        Materialist Conception of History, 1927

Georgi Plekhanov, 1854-1938

        For 60th Anniversary of Hegel's Death, 1891
        The Materialist Conception of History, 1897

Rosa Luxemburg, 1871-1919

        Rosa Luxemburg Archive

Benedetto Croce,

        What is Living and What is Dead in the Philosophy of Hegel, 1906