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The Philosophy of the Third and Fourth Internationals


Leon Trotsky

and the Trotskyists.

Leon Trotsky, 1880-1940

        Communist Policy Towards Art, 1923
        The Social Roots and the Social Function of Literature, 1923
        What Is Proletarian Culture, and Is It Possible?, 1923
        Their Morals and Ours, 1936
        ABC of Materialist Dialectics, 1939

Raya Dunayevskaya, 1910-1987

        Philosophy and Revolution, 1973

George Novack, 1905-1980

        The Long View of History, 1956-68
        The Logic of Marxism, 1942
        Empiricism and Its Evolution – A Marxist View, 1963

C L R James, 1901 - 1989

        From the Master-Slave Dialectic to Revolt in Capitalist Production, 1946
        From On Karl Marx and the 75th Anniversary of the Paris Commune, 1946
        Dialectical Materialism and the Fate of Humanity, 1947
        Notes on Dialectics, 1948

Geoff Pilling, 1940-1997

        Marx’s Capital, Philosophy and Political Economy, 1980

Cliff Slaughter,

        Lenin on Dialectics: Introduction to the Philosophical Notebooks of Lenin, 1962
        Marxist theory and class consciousness, 1975


Josef Stalin

and the Comintern.

Josef Stalin, 1879-1953

        Dialectical and Historical Materialism, 1938
        Marxism and Problems of Linguistics, 1950

Mao Zedong, 1880-1975

        On Practice, 1937
        On Contradiction, 1937