MIA: Women's Liberation


Dora Montefiore and Eleanor Marx’s Fight Against Sexism in the Party, 1895-1909


August Bebel

Introduction to Woman and Socialism, August Bebel, 1879

Eleanor Marx

The Woman Question, with Edward Aveling, 1886
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Exchange with Bax on the woman question, 16 November 1895
The Gotha Congress, October 1896, including: Comments on Clara Zetkin's speech.
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The Proletarian in the Home, November 1896

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Rejoinder from Eleanor Marx, November 1896

Dora Montefiore

Excerpts from Clarion, (selected) 1897-1898

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“A Bundle of Fallacies”, May 1901
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Adult Suffrage Letter from Dora Montefiore, March 1909
Adult Suffrage Letter from Dora Montefiore, April 1909

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Study in Socialist Heresy-Hunting. “Why I am Opposed to Female Suffrage”, April 1909
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Women and Communism, 1920
Race Motherhood, Is Women a Race?, 1920