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History of the modern
— Women's Liberation Movement —


in their own words

Dora Montefiore and Eleanor Marx's Fight Against Sexism in the Party, 1895-1909

Hidden from History, 300 Years of Women’s Oppression and the Fight Against It, Sheila Rowbotham, 1973

Woman as a Force in History, Mary Beard, 1946
The New Political Democracy & the Rise of the Woman Movement, Mary Beard, 1921

young debeauvoir

On the publication of The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir, 1963
The second sex 25 years later, Simone de Beauvoir, 1976

Women: The Longest Revolution, Juliet Mitchell, 1966

Evelyn Reed

A study of the Feminine Mystique, Evelyn Reed, 1964
Women: Caste, Class or Oppressed Sex, Evelyn Reed, 1970
Feminism and The Female Eunuch, Evelyn Reed, 1971

What is Socialist Feminism?, Barbara Ehrenreich, 1976

Rise and Demise of Women’s Liberation: A Class Analysis, Marlene Dixon, 1977

The importance of women’s paid labour in World War II, Lynn Beaton, 1982

Linda Nicholson

The Contemporary Women's Movement, Linda Nicholson, 1986
Karl Marx: The Theoretical Separation of the Domestic and the Economic, Linda Nicholson, 1986

Feminism & Postmodernism: An Uneasy Alliance, Seyla Benhabib, 1995

Patriarchy Gets Funky, Naomi Klein, 2001


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