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Ferdinand Lassalle

1825 — 1864


Poster of Ferdinand Lassalle Now, gentlemen, remember this: It is to you, you the suffering, the patient and enduring class, that the State belongs; not to us of the higher classes; for the State is the consolidated people. I asked you what was the State, and you have found through a few figures, a more comprehensive answer than many books could give; I repeat it, you, the people, make the State. (...)

Universal and direct suffrage!

This is the sign and symbol by which you conquer. There is no other for you.

From Open Letter to the National Labor Association of Germany (1863)


1862: Concerning the Theory of the Constitution (excerpts)

The Artificers of the Constitution

The Deliverers of the Constitution

1862: What Now? A Second Lecture on the Nature of the Constitution (excerpt)

No Compromise

1862: The Working Man’s Programme 📖

Excerpted alternate translations:

The Unclear Thinkers

The Night-watchman State

The Sunrise of the Future

1863: Open Letter to the National Labor Association of Germany (PDF)

Excerpted alternate translation:

Be Not Deceived

1863: The French National Workshops of 1848

1863: Workers’ Reader (excerpts)

Starvation and Starvation

Coalition or Revolution?

The Class Struggle

1863: To the German Workers (speech excerpt)

1863: The Festivals, the Press, and the Congress of Deputies at Frankfort (excerpts)

The Press

Spartacus or Saturnalia

Black, Red and Gold, or Black, White and Red?

1863: To the Workers of Berlin (excerpt)

Lassalle a Reactionary!

1863: Indirect Taxation and the Situation of the Working Class (excerpt)

To the Supreme Court

1864: What is Capital?

Collection: Voices of Revolt: Speeches of Ferdinand Lassalle 📖

Writings about Ferdinand Lassalle:

1889: Ferdinand Lassalle: A 25-year memorial, by Karl Kautsky

1893: Ferdinand Lassalle as a Social Reformer, by Eduard Bernstein

1904: Lassalle and the Revolution, by Rosa Luxemburg

1913: Lassalle’s Legacy, by Rosa Luxemburg

1925: Ferdinand Lassalle’s Centenary, by Hermann Duncker

1925: Introduction to Speeches of Ferdinand Lassalle, by Jakob Altmeier