V. I.   Lenin

Are the Zemstvo “Liberals” Already Turning Back?

Published: Proletary, No. 14, August 29 (16), 1905. Published according to the text in Proletary.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1972, Moscow, Volume 9, page 206.
Translated: The Late Abraham Fineberg and Julius Katzer
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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We have just read a message from the St. Petersburg correspondent of the liberal bourgeois Frankfurter Zeitung dated August 8 (21) to the effect that the Congress of Zemstvo and municipal leaders, which by decision of the July Congress was to have met immediately after publication of the Bulygin scheme and was already fixed for the end of August, will not take place. What would you think the reason is? It is because on August 6 the tsar withdrew his ukase to the Senate, dated February 18, 1905! The correspondent goes on to say: “This absolutely inexplicable [??—Editorial Board ofProletary”] cowardice on the part of the Zemstvo representatives has aroused general amazement in political quarters here, since at a moment like the present nobody was inclined to expect such flabbiness in the Zemstvos. That is why the news I have sent has not yet been given full credence, and people are cautious in their attitude towards it.” We long ago foretold that the government would not find it hard to win the liberal bourgeois over to its side and make them “recoil from the revolution”.


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