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   Jan, 1916: The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
   Jan, 1916: Draft Resolution on the Convocation of the Second Socialist Conference
   Jan, 1916: Opportunism and the Collapse of the Second International
   Jan, 1916: For the Conference To Be Held On April 24, 1916 (Proposal of the Delegation)
   Jan, 1916: The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations To Self-Determination (Theses)
   Jan - July, 1916: Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism
   8 Feb, 1916: Speech Delivered at an International Meeting in Berne, February 8, 1916
   10 Feb, 1916: The Tasks of the Opposition In France (Letter to Comrade Safarov)
   18 Feb, 1916: Have the Organising Committee and the Chkheidze Group A Policy of Their Own?
   29 Feb, 1916: Peace Without Annexations and the Independence of Poland as Slogans of the Day In Russia
   29 Feb, 1916: Wilhelm Kolb and George Plekhanov
   25 Mar, 1916: The Peace Programme
   March, 1916: Letter From the Committee of Organisations Abroad to the Sections of the R.S.D.L.P.
   25 Mar, 1916: The Peace Programme
   22 Apr, 1916: Proposals Submitted By the Central Committee of the R.S.D.L.P. to the Second Socialist Conference
   April, 1916: Split Or Decay?
   31 May, 1916: German and Non-German Chauvinism
   July, 1916: The Discussion On Self-Determination Summed Up
   Aug, 1916: The Junius Pamphlet
   1916/sep/00.htm: The Nascent Trend Of Imperialist Economism
   1916/sep/00b.htm: Reply To P. Kievsky (Y. Pyatakov)
   Sept, 1916: The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution
   1 Oct, 1916: From ’The “Disarmament” Slogan’
   1916/oct/00.htm: Lost In a Wood of Three Trees
   1916/carimarx/index.htm: A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism
   Oct, 1916: Imperialism and the Split in Socialism
   1916/oct/15.htm: Greetings To the Italian Socialist Party Congress
   1916/nov/04.htm: Speech at the Congress of the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland, November 4, 1916
   1916/nov/06.htm: A Separate Peace
   1916/nov/06b.htm: Ten "Socialist" Ministers!
   1916/nov/15.htm: Tasks of the Left Zimmerwaldists In the Swiss Social-Democratic Party
   1916/dec/00f.htm: The Chkheidze Faction and Its Role
   1916/dec/00c.htm: On the Defence of the Fatherland Issue
   1916/dec/00e.htm: Efforts to Whitewash Opportunism
   1916/dec/00b.htm: Principles Involved In the War Issue
   1916/dec/30.htm: To the Workers Who Support the Struggle Against the War and Against the Socialists Who Have Sided With Their Governments
   1916/dec/00d.htm: The Youth International. A Review.
   1916/dec/15.htm: Theses On the Attitude of the Swiss Social-Democratic Party Towards the War
   1916/dec/15b: An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine
   1916/dec/25: Theses For An Appeal to the International Socialist Committee and All Socialist Parties. Rough Draft.
   1916/dec/26: A Letter to V. A. Karpinsky
   1916/dec/27: An Open Letter to Charles Naine, Member of the International Socialist Committee In Berne