Encyclopedia of Marxism: Philosophy


Absolute and Relative Absolute Idea
Absolute Truth Abstract and Concrete
Abstract (Althusser) Abstract Right
Activity Actuality
Agency Agnosticism
Alienation Alienation (Althusser)
Analysis and Synthesis Analogy
Anthropologism Antinomy
Appearance Atheism
Atomists Aufheben
Authority Autonomy
Axiom Being
Break, Epistemological (Althusser) Buddhism
Chance and Necessity Chemism
Chinese philosophy Classification
Cognition Combination / Combinatory (Althusser)
Communitarianism Community
Concept Concrete-in-Thought / Real-Concrete (Althusser)
Conjuncture (Althusser) Consciousness
Consciousness (Althusser) Content and Form
Continuity and Discontinuity Contradiction
Contradiction (Althusser) Contradictions, Condensation, Displacement and Fusion of (Althusser)
Critique Datum
Deduction Definition
Deism Denegation (Althusser)
Determinate and Indeterminate Determinism
Development Development, Uneven (Althusser)
Dialectic of Consciousness (Althusser) Dialectical and Formal Logic
Dialectical Materialism Difference
Discrete Dislocation (Althusser)
Diversity, the maxim of Dogmatism
Effectivity, Specific (Althusser) Eleatics
Empiricism Empiricism (Althusser)
End Enlightenment, The
Epicureanism Epigone
Epistemology Equality
Error Eschatology
Essence Essentialism
Ethics Excluded Middle, Law of
Existence Existentialism
Experience External Reflection
False Consciousness Fetishism (Althusser)
Finite and Infinite For Itself
For Us Form
Formalism Formal Logic
Formation, Social (Althusser) Free Love
Freedom Function
Functionalism Fundamentalism
Generalities I, II and III (Althusser) Genetic Exposition
Genus [or Kind] Gestalt
God Good, Idea of the
Grand Narrative Ground
Hegemony Historical Materialism
Historicism (Althusser) History
Humanism Humanism (Althusser)
Idea Ideal, The
Idealism Identity, the Law of
Ideology Ideology (Althusser)
Illusory Being [or Semblance] Immanent Critique
Immediate knowledge In and For Itself
In Itself Individual
Individualism and Collectivism Induction
Instrumental Reason and Communicative Reason Intuition
Intuitionism Judgment
Justice and Injustice Knowledge (Althusser)
Laws of Dialectics Left Hegelians
Legitimation Libertarianism
Life Limit
Logic Logicism
Master-Slave Dialectic Materialism
Materialism, Dialectical and Historical (Althusser) Matter
Means and Ends Measure
Mechanical Materialism Mechanism
Mediation Metaphysics
Method Mind
Model (Althusser) Modernism
Modifications of Being Monotheism
Morality Motion
Naturalism Nature
Necessity Negation
Negation of the Negation Negation of the Negation (Althusser)
Neo-Hegelianism Neo-Kantianism
Nominalism Non-Contradiction
Non-Violence Notion
Object and Subject Objectification
Objective and Subjective Objective Idealism
Objective Logic Objectivism
Objectivity Observation
Ontology Operationalism
Optimism and Pessimism Other
Overdetermination (Althusser) Pacifism
Pantheism Particular
Phenomenology Phenomenon
Philanthropy Philosophy / 'Philosophy' (Althusser)
Pluralism Positive and Negative
Positive knowledge Positivism
Possession Possibility and Reality
Postmodernism Power
Practical Idea Practice and Theory
Practice, Economic, Political, Ideological and Theoretical (Althusser) Practico-inert
Pragmatism Praxis
Problematic (Althusser) Production / Discovery of a Knowledge (Althusser)
Production, Mode of (Althusser) Productive Forces / Relations of Production (Althusser)
Quality and Quantity Quantity and Quality, Law of Transformation
Rationalism Reading (Althusser)
Reality Reason
Reciprocity Recognition
Reflection Reification
Relative Relativism
Religion Reproduction (Althusser)
Right Scepticism and Dogmatism
Section, Essential (Althusser) Self-consciousness
Self-identical Semblance
Semiology Social Contract
Solidarity Sophists
Species Being Speculative Logic
Spirit of the Times (Zeitgeist) Spontaneity (Althusser)
Stoics Structuralism
Structuralism (Althusser) Structure
Structure, Decentred (Althusser) Structure in Dominance (Althusser)
Subject Subjective
Subjective Logic Subjective Idealism
Subjectivism Subjectivity
Sublation Substance
Supersession (Althusser) Superstructure / Structure (Althusser)
Support (Althusser) Syllogism
Synchrony / Diachrony (Althusser) Synthesis
System and Method Tao (a.k.a. Dao)
Taoism (a.k.a. Daoism) Teleology
Tendency (Althusser) Theism
Theoretical Idea Theory
Theory and Practice Theory, 'Theory', Theory (Althusser)
Theravada Buddhism Thing-in-itself
Thing-for-us Time (Althusser)
Totalisation, Totality Totality (Althusser)
Transition Transition (Althusser)
Triad Truth
Understanding Unity of Opposites
Universal Universalism
Utilitarianism Utopia
Vienna Circle Virtue
Volition Voluntarism
Will Works of Marx, Early transitional and mature (Althusser)
Young Hegelians Young Hegelians (or Left Hegelians)