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July 26, 1953: Speech by Fidel Castro Ruz before Leaving for the Moncada Barracks
October 16, 1953: History Will Absolve Me
October 30, 1955: Speech delivered by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz at the Palm Garden Room in New York
April 14, 1958: First Speech by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on Radio Rebelde
January 1, 1959: Address by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz at Céspedes Park in Santiago de Cuba

Moncada Army Barracks on January 1, 1959

January 3, 1959: The Revolution Begins Now
January 21, 1959: When the People Rule
April 14, 1959: Address Speech by Commander-In-Chief Fidel Castro on his arrival in Havana on 8 January 1959
May 2, 1959: Plan for the Advancement of Latin America. (Speech at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Economic Council of the Organization of American States)
May 17, 1959: On the promulgation of the Agrarian Law


March 5, 1960: Speech delivered during the funeral rites honoring the victims from the explosion of La Coubre Vessel
July 9, 1960: Facing U.S. Aggressions
September 26, 1960: To the U.N. General Assembly: Cuba's Revolutionary Policy
September 29, 1960: Establishing Revolutionary Vigilance in Cuba (Abstract)
February 2, 1961: The Nature of Cuban Socialism (L'Unita Interview)
April 23, 1961: Denouncing U.S. Bay of Pigs Invasion
May 1, 1961: May Day Celebration: Cuba is a Socialist Nation

Fidel Castro and Yuri Gagarin

November 1, 1962: Televised speech
November 2, 1962: On the U.N. Demands of Cuba
January 2, 1963: Fourth Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution
January 16, 1963: At the Closing of the Congress of Women of the Americans
May 10, 1963: Fidel Castro Defines the Theory of the Cuban Revolution
February 4, 1964: Haven’t Those People Read Even Machiavelli? (Speech to the Bank Workers)
September 11, 1964: Cuba’s Record in Medical Care
September 11, 1964: The Gains in the Chilean Election
March 13, 1965: Speech delivered at the University of Havana
May 1, 1965: Revolutionary Defense Against Imperialism
June 26, 1965: On the Crisis in Algeria
July 26, 1965: Solidarity with the Vietnamese People!
October 3, 1965: Speech during the presentation of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, at the “Chaplin” theater
January 15, 1966: At the Closing Session of the Tricontinental Conference
March 13, 1966: Chile Needs a Socialist Revolution
March 20, 1966: Rebuttal to President Frei
September 28, 1966: On Moral Incentives in Cuban Revolution
December 9, 1966: On the Role of Women in Cuba Today
December 9, 1966: Bureaucracy Is Always on the Prowl
March 13, 1967: Those Who Are Not Revolutionary Fighters Cannot Be Called Communists
April 19, 1967: A Mighty Ally in the People of the USA
August 10, 1967: Speech to the OLAS Conference
August 18, 1967: A Conversation with Fidel Castro
October 18, 1967: In Tribute to Che Guevara (alternative translation)
1968: A Necessary Introduction [to Che's Bolivian Diaries]
August 24, 1968: Comments on Czechoslovakia


1973: On the Universal University


May 1, 1980: Our Criminals are Leaving to their Allies in the US
October 26, 1983: Press Conference on Grenada
November 14, 1983: The Bells Tolling Today for Grenada May Toll Tomorrow For the Whole World


April 4, 1991: We are a satellite to principles, a satellite to ideas, a satellite to an ideal
June 3, 1992: Blaming Stalin for everything would be historical simplism
June 12, 1992: Speech at the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
September 29, 1999: Speech on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the People's Republic of China


Speech, 2001

April 16, 2001: Speech delivered on the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution
May 1, 2001: Speech given at the May Day rally in Revolution Square in Havana
September 22, 2001: Castro’s Response to Bush’s War
November 2, 2001: The War and the Global Economic Crisis
March 21, 2002: Speech at the UN International Conference in Monterrey
May 1, 2002: Speech at the International Workers’ Day Celebration in Revolution Square, Havana
May 12, 2002: An Appeal to Americans
May 13, 2002: Response to President Carter’s Speech
June 1, 2002: Once Again: Before and After Jan. 1, 1959
July 26, 2002: 49th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada Barracks
December 2, 2002: To An Ecuadorian Artist and Humanitarian
January 23, 2003: NBC News Interview With Fidel Castro
May 1, 2003: Cuba's achievments and America's Wars
June 23, 2003: A Message to the Venezuelan President On Literacy
July 26, 2003: Cuba’s Revolution ‘In Permanence’ (Speech on the 50th Anniversary of the Attack on Moncada Garrison)

Speech, 2004

January 3, 2004: A Better World Is Not a Utopian Dream
October 25, 2004: The New US Aggression Against Cuba
May 1, 2005: Humanity Has a Yearning for Justice!
July 26, 2005: Cuba’s People Cannot Be Cowed or Intimidated!
November 17, 2005: Our Society Will Truly Be An Entirely New Society
December 28, 2005: Message to Evo Morales from Cuba (with Ricardo Alarcon)
January 9, 2007: More Than One Revolution Could Happen in Latin America When the United States Least Expects It (interview)
March 29, 2007: More Than Three Billion People in the World Condemned to Premature Death from Hunger and Thirst
April 3, 2007: The Internationalization of Genocide
April 10, 2007: Reflections: A Brutal Reply
May 1, 2007: An Immediate Energy Revolution is Essential
May 9, 2007: The Biofuels Debate Heats Up
May 21, 2007: The English Submarine
May 22, 2007: Nobody Wants to Take the Bull by the Horns
May 23, 2007: For The Deaf Who Won’t Listen
May 28, 2007: On Global Warming, Biofuel, and World Hunger
June 17, 2007: They Will Never Have Cuba
June 20, 2007: Vilma’s Struggles
June 24, 2007: Another Argument for the Manifesto
July 1, 2007: The Killing Machine
July 7, 2007: World Tyranny – The Basis of the Killing Machine
July 10, 2007: Cuba’s Self-Criticism
July 14, 2007: Bush, Health and Education
July 30, 2007: In Spite of Everything
August 3, 2007: Hard and Obvious Realities
August 4, 2007: Politics and Sports
August 14, 2007: The Empire and the Independent Island
August 25, 2007: Remembering Chibás, 100 Years After His Birth
November 29, 2007: A People Under Fire
December 27, 2007: Message to the National Assembly
February 18, 2008: A Message to the People of Cuba
May 4, 2008: The United States’ Hemispheric Response
May 25, 2008: The Empire’s Hypocritical Politics
July 4-6, 2008: On the Release of Hostages in Colombia
August 27, 2009: A Time to Unite and March Together
September 24, 2009: Hands Off Honduras!
November 6, 2009: The Annexation of Colombia
December 26, 2009: Who Really Was To Blame For The Failure In Copenhagen?
January 3, 2010: The Struggle Now Is To Save Our Species
January 15, 2010: We are proud of Cuba’s doctors in Haiti
October 21, 2012: ‘Fidel Castro is Dying’


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