Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Representative Anti-Revisionist Materials from Albania



Albania Challenges Khruschev Revisionism. Speeches, Reports, Letters, Radiograms June-December 1960 Pertaining to the Moscow Conference of the 81 Communist and Workers’ Parties by Enver Hoxha

We Shall go to Moscow Not With Ten Banners, But With Only One, With the Banner of Marxism-Leninism (Speech at the 18th Plenum of the CC of the PLA Concerning Liri Belishova’s Grave Mistakes in Line)

The Defense of the Marxist-Leninist Line is Vital For Our Party and People and for International Communism (Contribution to the Discussion at the 18th Plenum of the CC of the PLA)

Reject the Revisionist Theses of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Anti-Marxist Stand of Krushchev’s Group! Uphold Marxism-Leninism!


Speech in Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party of Labor of Albania and the 44th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution


The Revolutionary Communists Expect China to Come Out Openly Against Khrushcevite Revisionism

The Line of Our Party Is a Correct, Revolutionary Line, in Conformity With the Teachings of Marxism-Leninism. Letter to all Party Basic Organizations by Enver Hoxha

The Ideas of Marxism-Leninism Will Triumph On the Revisionism



The Modern Revisionists on the Way to Degenerating Into Social-Democrats and to Fusing with Social-Democracy

An Open Letter to the Members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Twenty Years of Socialism in Albania

The Facts About Soviet-Albanian Relations

Togliatti's "Testament", the Crisis of Modern Revisionism and the Fight of Marxist-Leninists


Khrushchevite Revisionists Take One Further Dangerous Step Towards Capitalist Degeneration of Socialist Economy


Some Preliminary Ideas about the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution

For the Continuous Improvement of the Composition of the Party and its Growth – for the Protection of the Purity of its Ranks

Communist and Workers' Parties and Marxist-Leninist Groups Greet the Fifth Congress of the Party of Labor of Albania


The Soviet Revisionist Clique Moves at a Quick Pace Towards the Re-establishment of Capitalism


The Fist of the Marxist-Leninist Communists Must Also Smash Left Adventurism, the Offspring of Modern Revisionism

The Working Class in Revisionist Countries Must Take the Field and Re-Establish the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

The Soviet Revisionists and Czechoslovakia

Where is Czechoslovakia Heading For?

The Albanian Party of Labour on Czechoslovakia by the Albanian Society

The Budapest Carnivals

Let the Storm of Revolution Burst Out Powerfully

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Caught in the Grip of Soviet Revisionist Invaders Cover


Knowledge of the Contradictions in the Capitalist-Revisionist World Serves Marxist-Leninists in their Struggle (from a conversation with a delegation of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) by Enver Hoxha

Letter to the Ninth Conference of the Chinese Communist Party

The Demagogy of the Soviet Revisionists Cannot Conceal Their Traitorous Countenance

Military Pressure – Basis of the Political Dictate and Blackmail of the Soviet Revisionist Leaders

Soviet-US Alliance At Work Against the Czechoslovak People

Open Fire on Revisionist Betrayal!


Leninism – The Banner of Struggle and Victories by Ramiz Alia

The Government of the People’s Republic of Albania will be Guided In All Its Activity by the Marxist-Leninist General Line of the Party by Memhet Shehu


The Congress of Capitalist Restoration and Social-Imperialism

Study Marxist-Leninist Theory Linking It Closely With Revolutionary Practice by Enver Hoxha

An Historic Victory of Marxism-Leninism Over Revisionism

Some Questions of Socialist Construction in Albania and of the Struggle Against Revisionism


The Party of Labor of Albania in Battle With Modern Revisionism. Speeches and Articles

The Theory of “Limited Sovereignty” – A Flagrant Expression of the Imperialist Policy of the Soviet Revisionists


The Tragic Events in Chile. A Lesson for the Revolutionaries of the Whole World by Enver Hoxha

Soviet Working Class – Deprived of the Means of Production


Two Opposing Lines in the World Trade Union Movement by Filip Kota

Revisionist Economic Integration and Its Contradictions

The National Question and Revisionism


The Kremlin Neo-Colonialists Oppress and Plunder the Peoples

The Soviet Economy – A Completely and Definitely Capitalist Economy


A Meeting That Sealed Revisionist Betrayal

The Khruschevites

’The Brilliant Work of Comrade Mao Tsetung is Immortal’



Theory and Practice of the Revolution by Enver Hoxha

The Crisis of Italian Modern Revisionism by Enver Hoxha

Some Fundamental Questions of the Revolutionary Policy of the Party of Labour of Albania About the Development of the Class Struggle by Nexhmije Hoxha

The Revisionist Parties – Typically Bourgeois, Counter-Revolutionary Parties

“Eurocommunism” or Undisguised Revisionism

The Ideas of the October Revolution are Defended and Carried Forward in Struggle Against Modern Revisionism by Hysni Kapo

Socialist Albania Will Never Budge from Its Revolutionary Positions by Mehmet Shehu


Imperialism and the Revolution by Enver Hoxha

Letter of the CC of the Party of Labour and Government of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party and the Government of China

Letter to Comrade Hysni Kapo by Enver Hoxha

Yugoslav “Self-Administration” – Capitalist Theory and Practice

The Organizational Degeneration of the Revisionist Parties and Its Consequences

Revisionist “Theories” of Restored Capitalism

Chinese Warmongering Policy and Hua Kuo-Feng’s Visit to the Balkans

The Capitalist Character of the Relations of Production in the Soviet Union

Broadening and Deepening of the Struggle Against All the Currents of Modern Revisionism – An Historical Necessity


The Marxist-Leninist Movement and the World Crisis of Capitalism Cover

The Experience of Marxist-Leninist Parties Should be Studied and Utilized to Strengthen Our Common Struggle by Enver Hoxha

Soviet Revisionism – The Most Complete Theory of Modern Revisionism

Reflections on China, Volume I by Enver Hoxha

Reflections on China, Volume II by Enver Hoxha

Stalin and his Work – A Banner of Struggle for All Revolutionaries by Ramiz Alia


Eurocommunism is Anti-Communism

The Processes of Capitalist Development of the Chinese Economy


With Stalin: Memoirs from my Meetings with Stalin

COMECON – An Instrument of Soviet Social-Imperialism for the Exploitation and Domination of the Member Countries

The Mechanism of the Soviet Economic Machine

The Capitalist Degeneration of the Collective Farms in the Soviet Union Today

Some Characteristics of State Monopoly Capitalism in the Soviet Union

Complete Integration of the Soviet Economy into the World Capitalist Economy

Soviet Revisionism and the Struggle of the PLA to Unmask It

The Present Socio-Economic Order in the Soviet Union - A capitalist Order


Enver Hoxha Selected Works, Volume 4 [covering the period 1966-1975]

The Titoites by Enver Hoxha


Counter-Revolution within the Counter-Revolution (about the events of the years 1980-1983 in Poland) by Spiro Dede


On the Mechanism of the Extraction and Appropriation of Surplus Value in the Soviet Society

The Marxist-Leninist Theoretical Thinking of the PLA and Comrade Enver Hoxha on the Socialist Development and Transformation of Agriculture


Some Manifestations of National Oppression in the Soviet Union Today

The Titoite Revisionists’ Anti-Marxist Views on the Nation – An Expression of Their Idealist Reactionary World Outlook