French History: France

Pierre Frank

French Trotskyism

The International Left Opposition

United Front Against the Split!, Contre le Courant, Dec. 2, 1927
Open Letter to Opposition Communists, Contre le Courant, June 28 1928
A Crime!, Bulletin Communiste, January 1929
Class Against Class, Contre le Courant, May 1929
Why We Adhere to the SFIO, La Vérité, September, 1934
A Soldier Comrade from Strasbourg Addresses His Pals, La Jeune garde, October 16, 1937
On the Yugoslav Question, La Vérité, February 1949

Trotskyists under the Occupation, 1939-1945


With the Masses, Against the Stream: French Trotskyism in the Second World War, Ian Birchall, Revolutionary History, 1988/89.
Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL)

The 1950s and 60s

Ouradour-sur-Glane in Algeria, Ohé Partisans! No. 4 August 1945
Into Action to Gain the Liberation of Jacques Duclos, May 1952
Stop the Colonialist War!, La Vérité des Travailleurs, 25 November 1954
The Djilas Affair, La Vérité des Travailleurs, January 1955
Review of “Reality of the Algerian Nation” by M. Egretaud, le Quatrième Internationale, October-November 1957
Principles and Refusing Army Service, La Vérité des Travailleurs, November 1960
The Algerian Revolution is Six Years Old, La Vérité des Travailleurs, November 1960
The 121, La Vérité des Travailleurs, #111, December 1960


Pierre Frank, (1906-1984)
Michel Pablo, (1911-1996)
David Korner, (Barta) (1914-1976)
Daniel Bensaid, (1946-2010)
Pierre Broué, (1926-2005)