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MIA: CP Great Britain Archive: CPGB Subject Section: The General Strike (1926)

The General Strike


Communist Party of Great Britain

1926: The Political Meaning of the Great Strike, J. T. Murphy
1926: The Meaning of the General Strike , R. Palme Dutt
1926: Were the Miners Let Down?, J. R. Campbell
1926: The Reds and the General Strike, C. B.
1926: Teachers are Learning, Marjorie Pollitt

1927: The British Trades Union Congress at Bournemouth, J. T. Murphy & R. Page Arnot
1927: The Reformists’ Report on the Strike, J. T. Murphy


The Unions

1926: The Great Mining Crisis, A. J. Cook
1926: The Rank and File and the General Strike, Jack Tanner


Other Communists

1926: Britain’s Balance-Sheet for 1926, John Pepper
1926: The Anglo-Russian Unity Committee, J. V. Stalin
1926: The General Strike, 1926, J. V. Stalin
1926: The British General Strike: Its Place in History, August Thalheimer
1926: Problems of the British Revolution, Leon Trotsky

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1926: Letter to the Amsterdam International calling for unity with the miners, A. Lozovsky