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The Legacy of Hegel

Hegel's Life time

1770 - 1831: See Biography of Hegel
1802: Hegel drafts System der Sittlichkeit & delivers Jena lectures on Realphilosophie.
1806: Publication of the Phenomenology.
1812 - 1816: Publication of The Science of Logic in three Books.
1815: Congress of Vienna ending Napoleonic Wars
1817 - 1830: Encyclopedia published in successive revisions
1821: Publication of Philosophy of Right.

Hegel dies in 1831

1831 - 1841 is the apogee of "Hegelianism"

Expurgation of Hegelianism 1841

See “1841” on “expurgation of Hegelianism”

1841: Feuerbach' attacks Hegel in Essence of Christianity.
1841: Engels joins Feuerbach in "Left Wing".
1841: Schelling attacks Hegel with Philosophy of Revelation from the Right.
1844: Kierkegaard's Concept of Dread is also directed against Hegel.

Marx & Engels

1843-4: Marx's Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts
1857: Marx's Grundrisse written 1867: Marx's Capital
1878-9: Engels' Dialectics of Nature, & AntiDuhring
1882: Engels' Socialism, Utopian & Scientific

Marx dies 1883

1886: Engels' Ludwig Feuerbach & End of classical German Philosophy
1888: Engels publishes Marx's Theses on Feuerbach

Engels dies 1895
Kautsky is leader of world Marxist movement, with Plekhanov, Luxemburg, Bebel, ...

1892 — Dyde translation of Philosophy of Right, 1910, Baillie translation of Phenomenology — English Hegelians.

1908: Lenin's Materialism & Empirio-criticism;
1914-5: Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks written

Stalin is leader of world Communist movement, with Mao, Bukharin, ...

Rediscovery of Hegel

1923: Lukacs' History & Class Consciousness and Korsch's Marxism & Philosophy.
1928 - 1933: Walter Benjamin - "Frankfurt School".
1929: First Publication of Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks in Russian
1930: Dunayevskaya deciphers Marx's 1844 Manuscripts (date uncertain)
1932: First publication of Marx's 1844 Manuscripts in German
1933: First publication of Hegel's Realphilosophie

1934: Kojeve presents Lectures on Hegel, widely known only after the War.
1938: Lukacs’ The Young Hegel.
1941: "Frankfurt School" re-forms in US, with Marcuse's Reason & Revolution and
1944: Dialectic of Enlightenment, by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer
1952: Hyppolite's Logic & Existence

1953: Althusser repudiates Hegelian influence on the ‘Young Marx’ in On Marxism.
1953: First publication of Marx's Grundrisse in German.
1957: Raya Dunayevskaya's Marxism & Freedom.
1959: First publication of 1844 Manuscripts in English.
1960: Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason.
1961: Publication of Lenin's Philosophical Notebooks in English.
1960s: "Western Marxism", e.g. Marcuse's Hegelian One Dimensional Man
1973: First publication of Grundrisse in English, making Marx's debt to Hegel, throughout his life, undeniable.
1974: Ilyenkov's Dialectical Logic

See Hegelianism in the 20th Century by Mario Rossi, and an excerpt from an email discussion on “Hegelian Marxists”.