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Karl Marx

Karl Marx: 1875

Karl Marx
    from M.I.A. Glossary
Marx’s “Confession”, 1865
Biographical overview (until 1869)
    by F. Engels (1869)
Karl Marx
    by F. Engels (1877)
The Death of Karl Marx
    by F. Engels, various articles (1883)
Marx and the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (1848-49)
    by F. Engels (1884)
Biography of Marx
    by F. Engels (1892)
Karl Marx
    by Eleanor Marx (his daughter; May-June 1883)
On the love between Jenny and Karl Marx
    by Eleanor Marx (his daughter; 1897-98)
Reminiscences of Marx
    by Paul Lafargue (1890)
Karl Marx: Biographical Memoirs
    by Wilhelm Liebknecht (1896)
Karl Marx: Brief Biographical Sketch with Exposition of Marxism
    by V.I. Lenin (1914)
Karl Marx: The Story of His Life
    by Franz Mehring (1918)
My Recollections of Karl Marx
    by Marian Comyn (1922)
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An Introduction to Their Lives and Work
    by David Riazanov (1927)
Karl Marx: His Life and Works
    by Otto Rühle (1928)
Karl Marx
    by Karl Korsch (1938)
On Karl Marx
    by Ernst Bloch (1968)
Karl Marx: His Life and Work (Chronology)
    Progress Publishers

Karl Marx: His Life and Work: Documents and photographs (selected images)
   Progress Publishers (1988)
Karl Marx. A Life (excerpt)
    by Francis Wheen (2002)
See also the Letters of Jenny Marx

Recollections of Marx’s Literary Interests

Biographical Notes on Marx’s Literary Interests
    by Eleanor Marx-Aveling
Small Traits of Marx’s Great Character
    by Franzisca Kugelmann
From Reminiscences of the First International
    by Anselmo Lorenzo

Frederick Engels

Frederick Engels: 1861

Engels Bicentennial

Biographical Article
    by Marx (1880)
Biographical Article
    by V. I. Lenin (1895)
Engels’ “Confession”, 1868
Encyclopedia Article
    Handwörterbuch der Staatswissenschaften (1892)
Encyclopedia Article
    Brockhaus' Konversations-Lexikon (1893)
Frederick Engels: His Life, His Work and His Writings
    by Karl Kautsky (1899)
Engels at Home
    by Edward Aveling (1895)
Personal Recollections of Engels
    by Paul Lafargue (1905)
Frederick Engels
    by Franz Mehring (1905)
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An Introduction to Their Lives and Work
    A book by David Riazanov (1927)
A Great Socialist - Frederick Engels
    T.A. Jackson (1935)
Frederick Engels: life of a revolutionary
    Lindsey German (1994)

Recollections of Engels’s Literary Interests

My Acquaintance with Engels
    by N S Rusanov
from Reminiscences
    by Fanni Kravchinskaya


Various media interviews on both Engels and Marx
    (1871 - 1893)
Recollections on Marx and Engels
    by Mikhail Bakunin (1871)

Marx's Family

Jenny von Westphalen
    (Jenny Marx) – wife of Karl Marx
Edgar von Westphalen
    Brother of Jenny
Jenny Marx
    Daughter – Various Articles by her
Laura Marx
Eleanor Marx
Charles Longuet
    Husband of Jenny Marx
Jean Longuet (Johnny)
    Son of Jenny, Marx's daughter
Paul Lafargue
    Husband of Laura Marx
Edward Aveling
    Husband of Eleanor Marx
Helene Demuth
    Family friend and maid


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