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J. T. Murphy


“The problem before society to-day is not a financial problem. It is a property problem. The banks belong to the superstructure of capitalism. Private property is the foundation. The financial crises, consumption crises, credit crises and the like are nothing more than the reflections of the fundamental economic crisis arising from the fact that the private ownership of the means of production has become an anachronism in a society where social methods of production have superseded individual methods of production. No amount of credit supply to manufacturers, no amount of currency manipulation which leaves the question of property ownership untouched, can do other than aggravate the crisis of capitalism.” – Review of Dyson’s An Artist Among the Bankers

“I am a Marxist, a member of the Labour Party, and a sympathizer with the U.S.S.R.” – Russia on the March


1932: J. T. Murphy’s resignation letter from the CPGB
1932: J. T. Murphy’s Desertion to the Class Enemy, CPGB comment on Murphy’s departure from the Party
1932: Another Communist Leader Walks the Plank, SPGB comment on Murphy’s departure from the CPGB

Works by Year



The Workers’ Committee: An Outline of its Principles and Structure


The Issue


On the Question of Parliamentarism


The “Reds” in Congress: Preliminary Report of the First World Congress of the Red International of Trade and Industrial Unions
Report of Red Trade Union Congress


The Road to Power
On Leading the Masses
Control Your Job
The Single Front
Stop the Lot
Cut Off the Juice
End the Confusion
Stand by the Boilermakers
“De Profundis”: The Return of the Engineers
Untitled Book Review, Review of “Left Wing Trade Unionism in France”
After the Retreat, What?
The Miners at the Cross Roads
American Coal War
The Great Red Drive into the Miners Federation of Great Britain
A Reply to Comrade Brodsky
Trade Union Congress
The Great Red Drive: Miners’ Minority Movement
The Critics Answered
The Critics Answered


Viscount Milner’s Dilema
Milner Becomes Irritable
Milner’s Ghost
The Unemployed Movement in England
The 4th Congress: A Special Report on the Recent World Congress of the Comintern
Ireland and the International Working Class
The Labour Party Conference
The European Crisis and British Labour
The Empire Conference of the Workers
The General Election, 1923


The Party Conference
Ten Years Ago and After
They Betrayed the Workers with a Lie
Programme Making
The Labour Government – What We Must Do
The Political Mind of Ramsay MacDonald
On the International Programme
James Connolly
The European Crisis and British Labour


Introduction to Lenin on Co-operatives
The Co-ops and the Trade Unions
Where is Labour’s Opposition?
Trade Unionism and the Co-operatives: Need for United Action
Leninism in Britain
How a Mass Communist Party will come in Britain
The Coming of the Mass Communist Party in Britain
The Prospects at May 1, 1925
Introduction to The Errors of Trotskyism
John Wheatley and Civil War
Splitters: In International Co-op. Alliance
A Dangerous Situation: Confusion About Councils of Action
The Drive into the Factories: How to Begin
Straight from the Dock


The British Trades Union Congress at Bournemouth, (written with R. Page Arnot)
Socialism by Kind Permission, Review of I.L.P. pamphlets
An Angel’s Dilema, Review of Angell’s Must Britain Travel the Moscow Road?
The Political Meaning of the Great Strike


After the British Empire Conference
The Reformists’ Report on the Strike
On the Death of Arthur MacManus
Celebrating Tenth Year of Revolution
Arthur McManus
Stop the Troops
An Astonishing Speech: Zinoviev Attacks the Russian C.P. Central Committee
Lenin’s Widow
How to Fight the War Danger: Comintern Executive Meets in Moscow
Tomsky’s Appeal to Workers: Anglo-Russian Questions That Are Being Asked
Malicious Rumours: Russians Do NOT Wish to Break Up Anglo-Russian Committee
Communists in China: May Leave the Wuhan Government
Miners’ Helpers Attacked: Disgraceful Outburst of I.F.T.U. Leader
Bauer’s Pacifism: Communist International’s Manifesto
Menshevik Trial: Light Sentences for Anti-Soviet Plotters
“Sacco-Vanzettis” Everywhere: Dramatic Scenes in Moscow at Funeral Hour
Reflections on our Party Congress at Manchester


A First Meeting With Comrade Lenin
Introduction to Russian Prisons
Yellow Politics in a Yellow Book
Workers’ Challenge in London
MacDonald – The Christian Tory
The Communist Party and the “Bloody” Revolution
A Budget for the Bosses: “Concessions” Add to Workers’ Load
The Rationalisation Budget
J. T. Murphy’s Reply to Gutter Attack: “Forward,” MacDonald, Scotland Yard, and “Mr. Brown”
Labour Completes Flight to Liberalism
Co-Ops. and Empire: The Shame of a Great Working-Class Movement
Is There a “Right” Danger in Our Party?


A Revolutionary Workers’ Government
There is a Right Danger
Towards the Tenth Communist Conference
Do Communists Want Reforms?
Trotsky the Temporary Bolshevik Exposed
What a Revolutionary Workers’ Government Would Do
The World Campaign for Communism
The Outlook
What Next for Cotton?: The Way Ahead
Against Cops. and Bosses: “Red” Struggle Supported by Cotton Workers
Choosing Our Leadership: Revolutionary Theory and Clear Political Line
The Fight against the Right Danger


New Unions and their place in the Revolutionary Struggle
Growth of Social-Fascism in Britain
The Right Danger in New Clothes
Significance of Llandudno Conference


A Remarkable Book, Review of Mirsky’s Lenin


Resignation Letter from the Communist Party
The Significance of the Bradford Conference of the I.L.P.


The Future of the Labour Party
The Conference of the Socialist League
Review of Jeans’ The New Background of Science and Worrall’s The Outlook of Science
Socialism and the Public Corporation


Review of Dyson’s An Artist Among the Bankers
The Moral Roots of the Crisis
Review of Benjamin’s Distribution in the Transition Stage to Socialism
Labour’s “Peace” Policy


Review of Scott’s Self-Subsistence for the Unemployed
Modern Trade Unionism: A Study of the present tendencies and the future of Trade Unions in Britain
Fascism! The Socialist Answer


Trade Unions and Socialism
Why I Am for a People’s Front


Confusion on the ‘Left’


Russia on the March: a study of Soviet Foreign Policy


The Communist Party of Great Britain


Stalin: 1879-1944


The Last Great Split in World Communism


Twilight or Dawn?
Tom Mann: ‘Courageous man of vision’


Forty Years Hard – For What?



1921: With Tomsky preparing for the first R.I.L.U. World Congress
1927: 10th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Moscow
1927: With the Seventh Samara Cavalry
1928: Portrait


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