Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Workers Viewpoint Journal

The Workers Viewpoint Journal was a theoretical journal published by the Workers Viewpoint organization. Five issues appeared. It was later superceded by the Workers Viewpoint newspaper


Volume 1, No. 2, September 1974


“C.”L.: Defenders of the Bourgeoisie

RU: Marxism or American Pragmatism?  

Lessons of the Class Struggle in Britain and the Battle Against Revisionism 

Nixon and Ford: Whence the Differences? 

United Front Against Monopoly Capitalism or the United Front Against Fascism – Watergate and Fascism


Street Murals: The Class Consciousness of Our People is Rising! 

The Possibility of the Sixth Postwar Economic Crisis in America 

Unemployment, Building Trades, and the Asian-American Workers Struggle – The Two-Line Strugggle in Building Multinational Working Class Unity 

 Strike Back at the Budget Cuts – Defend the Standard of Living!

“Community Control:” Tailing the Bourgeoisie or Building the Revolutionary Movement?

Urban Renewal – Sham Capitalist Reform 

Reprint: “Great Benefits Derive from a Good Analysis,” Peking Review, Vol. 16, No. 50 

Volume 2, No. 1, May 1975


OL: A Most Dangerous Revisionist Trend

Party Building and Anti-Revisionist Premises 

The Boston Forced Busing Plan: The Dialectics of Formal Bourgeois Democracy and Fascism  

To the Forefront of Struggle: Crucial Tasks of Communists in the Economic Crisis  

April 26th: The “C”PUSA and All Reactionaries say, “It’s terrible” and we say “It’s FINE!”

Culture and Fascism

“Illegal Aliens:” Legal Exploitation

The Palestinian People Will Smash “Mini-State” Plot

What is Really Behind the “CIA Scandal?”

Issue Number 4, [Volume 2, No. 2] n.d.

PRRWO: Anarcho-Socialism U.S.A. Expose PRRWO’s Hustlerism!

PRRWO Presentation in Boston – Expose the Anti-Theoretical Revisionist Premises of WVO (Reprinted from March-April 1976 Palante)

Slipping and Sliding: October League, the Most Dangerous Revisionist Trend in the Communist Movement and Their Call for the Party

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