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Middle East


The Hidden History of Zionism
– by Ralph Schoenman, 1988. History of Zionism and the Zionist State down to the start of the Intifada. – 470K in 24 files

The Iron Wall
– by Lenni Brenner, 1984. History of the Zionist Revisionist current, which has become the dominant force in Israeli politics. – 730K in 19 files

Israel: The Hijack State
– by John Rose, 1986. Short overview of the history and politics of Zionism from the standpoint of the British Socialist Workers Party. – 200K in 12 files

The Other Israel
– edited by Arie Bober, 1972. Collection of articles and documents produced by the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen) in the late 1960s and early 1970s. – 620K in 28 files

Plumbing the Depths: Marxism and the Holocaust
– by Alex Callinicos, 2001. Major attempt to analyse the Holocaust from a Marxist perspective. – 111K in 1 file

Zionism and the Holocaust
– by Tony Greenstein, 2006. Summary of the evidence for collaboration between the Zionists and the Nazis before and during World War II. – 164K in 5 files

Zionism in the Age of the Dictators
– by Lenni Brenner, 1983. Devastating study demonstrating in detail how the Zionists were much more interested in establishing a Zionist state in Palestine than in making any efforts to defend European Jewry against anti-semitic attacks in the period between the two World Wars. – 830K in 32 files


Resolution on Israel and the Arab Revolution
–Resolution adopted at the Twenty-Fourth National Convention of the US Socialist Workers Party in August 1971


From Fourth International
– 1940–1956. Fourth International was the theoretical journal of the American Socialist Workers Party until 1956 when its name was changed to International Socialist Review.

From International Socialism (1st Series)
– 1958–1978. International Socialism was piloted in as the theoretical journal of the Socialist Review Group in Britain. From 1960 it was published regularly and the group eventually called itself the International Socialists after the magazine. In 1976 the group became the Socialist Workers Party. The magazine which was by then monthly ceased publication in January 1978 and was replaced by the monthly magazine Socialist Review and the quarterly theoretical journal International Socialism (2nd Series).

From International Socialist Review
– 1956–1970. International Socialist Review was the theoretical journal of the American Socialist Workers Party from 1956. Our archive contains no articles after March Vol. 31 No. 2, March–April 1970.

From Labour Review
– 1952–1963. Labour Review was the theoretical journal associated with the British political tendency led by Gerry Healy. this became the Socialist Labour League in 1959. Between 1957 and 1960 Labour Review was a major non-sectarian discussion forum for the anti-Stalinist left.

From The New International
– 1934–1957. Until a split in the spring of 1940 New International was the theoretical journal of the American Trotskyist movement. After that date it was associated with the political tendency led by Max Shachtman, first as the Workers Party and then from the late 1940s as the Independent Socialist League.

From Workers’ International News
– 1938–1949. Workers’ International News was the theoretical journal of the British Workers’ International League from 1938 and then of the Revolutionary Communist Party from 1944 until its dissolution in 1949.


Tony Cliff
– 1935–2000. Tony Cliff was a leading Palestinian Jewish Trotskyist during the 1930s and first half of 1940s. Emigrated to Britain in the late 1940s. Founder and leading figure of the International Socialist Tendency until his death.

Hal Draper
– 1948–1990. Hal Draper was a leading figure in the left Shachtmanite tradition.

Moshé Machover
– 1960–present. Moshé Machover was a founder member of the Israeli Socialist Organisation (Matzpen).

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